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April 1 – Believe and Receive

March 31, 2010

I get the question asked almost every where I conduct seminars, and that is, “How do I receive God’s love?” It’s a good question and one to be explored. Because truthfully, if you are a Christian, you know the Bible says, “God loves you.” So you can “know” it. But do you believe it? How do we know when we believe? It’s when we have received it and it has become a part of our nature and character. Just knowing it isn’t enough, we also have to believe.

As I woke this morning thinking about this, God gave me more insight on this. When we “finally” believe – and you know what I mean by that, you got a revelation, an “Aha moment.” It finally clicked, made sense, and became real. Now you finally received. Receiving comes as a by-product of truly believing. It’s like the words “Abandonment and Rejection.” They seem to go together. Why? Because Abandonment is the act and rejection is the manifestation of that act. You “feel” rejection. You don’t “feel” abandoned necessarily, that is the actual thing that could have happened. So as with Believe and Receive. Once you TRULY believe, you are now receiving.

We can only believe when we truly trust the one whom we believe in. As with the question, “How do I receive God’s love?” We have to get our relationship so tight with the Lord, and know him intimately and personally, to truly get that He loves us through and through, unconditionally. When we get that down in our inners, then we are preparing the ground for “receiving.” And the sky is the limit (or no limit) to what can happen in your life. When you finally believe and receive God’s love for you, you won’t fear. Your decisions will reflect this. Your choices in relationships will be different. Those who know you will see a difference in you, they will see peace, and you will draw those that are peaceful. Ever wonder why you may attract certain people? My dad used to call me a bum magnet. And that’s exactly true. If you have fear, anger, resentment, rejection, hurt, or you are needy, confused, and given to lusts, etc., guess who you attract? The same! But as we come clean before the Lord and confess and receive forgiveness, and cooperate with Him to clean us up, and “receive” all His nature and character in our lives, you will then begin to attract the same. You will experience peace and decisiveness. You will be bold and courageous and do ALL you desire to do in the Lord. Because you “know” really know, God has you handled. That he has your future in his care. That He has your provision in the storehouse. So that you won’t worry or get anxious or get frustrated. A person who truly “believes” receives patience, peace, longsuffering, goodness, gentleness, and the rest of the fruit. It becomes the “blessing” which is the receiving part. It just comes! You don’t have to fake it to make it, you are “it.”

So if you find yourself having problems believing, then just have a little talk with the Lord. He wants us to be honest with Him. Tell Him right now if you have trouble receiving, because it means you need to start believing. He said, “Ask and it shall be given.” Are we going to believe that? Because frankly, we cannot make ourselves believe, it comes by faith. And Jesus is the author and finisher of it. So don’t beat yourself up because you don’t quite believe. BUT.. ask God to help you believe and receive. Did you know that the Devils believe but they cannot receive? Receiving seals us to the Father’s Heart. They cannot repent, they cannot receive forgiveness, but we can. Be sure to believe AND receive.

Begin being thanking to God for helping you believe. Begin thanking God for loving you. Begin thanking God for the answers to your prayers. A thankful person is a person who can and will receive!


March 28 – What Was I Thinking?

March 28, 2010

Have you ever wondered why you ended up where you ended up or did the things you did that weren’t so good? Well, I have, many times. When I think of this title, I see a person juming out of an airplane (with a parchute of course) yelling in mid air, “WHAT WAS I THINKING?” Or someone standing behind jail bars saying, “What was I thinking?” Or someone running from the bulls (you know that thing they do in Mexico?) screaming, “What Was I thinking?”

We have all ended up in places we wished we never ended up. Some are now saying that because of some decisions you just made! Sometimes we have even said this to our children, “What were you thinking?” as they stand there with glazed eyes not even knowing that answer themselves. Why should they come up with an answer when we as adults struggle with that.

Well, I hope to help you with that question. See, whatever we think, our body follows! Yep… You know I can be sitting in the living room, not even hungry, but then find myself standing in the kitchen looking for something to eat? Then I realized that something on TV promoted food, and my mind began processing it, then without even consciously thinking, I’ll be standing in the kitchen looking for something to eat. See, we have to pay attention to our thoughts, because they do DRIVE us. That is why we end up places we can’t believe how we got there.. Well, the truth is, you DID believe, that is the problem. Where your mind goes, your body follows, without you even realizing it.

2 Corinthians 10:5 says that we are to take every thought captive under the obedience of Christ, and cast down anything that is not of Him. So if we were paying attention to our thoughts in any of these given times, perhaps the outcome would have been different. For example, I would actually catch myself getting up off the couch to go to the kitchen, then I would say, “No, I am not hungry.” Then I wouldn’t go to the kitchen! I began paying attention to my thoughts and on purpose making decisions what I would do or not do.

But this can only happen when we are truly listening to our thoughts. We have to take EVERY thought captive and decide if it’s a good thought or a bad thought. Did you know that bad thoughts just fall into our heads but good thoughts take determination and practice? Yep. It’s because we were born in a fallen world, we are made of the dust of this planet , so our natural way is sinful. So that is why we get into a mess more easily than staying out of one. That is what being a Christian is all about, to transform OUR MIND to the MIND OF CHRIST. And not to be mad at ourselves for not doing everything right all the time, that is why Jesus is our Savior, because He knew we were going to need help.

So truthfully friends, when we make a mistake, it’s really not a mistake because God uses even our mistakes to work things for good. The Bible says that “God works all things for good to those who love him and are called according to His purpose.” It doesn’t mean we go out and on purpose do wrong things, but that when we do accidently do a wrong thing, He works things out for good because we love Him. That is the condition for things working out good… loving Him. (You can read about how to love God on my website – as this is crucial). God sent Jesus to pay for all our wrong things, sins, and mistakes BECAUSE of His love toward us. He gave us a “redemption coupon” so that when we do make a bad choice, or sin, etc., we have a “get out of jail free” card.

Then there are individuals who just habitually sin, they know it’s wrong but keep doing it anyway. Did you know there is hope for you too? Did you know that it’s the mind getting you into those wrong habits? What if you woke up tomorrow and had selective amnesia (now I’m not speaking this on anyone so don’t take it that way… see how our minds think?) what would you feel? You would have peace because all that old mind junk is gone! You may not even grab for that cigarette, that drink, that drug or think of all those who hurt you or that you hurt. See, our mind is emotionally attached to these things. So it’s quite true that this is really how we come clean before Him, we get rid of all those feelings that are “tied” to all our junk! We cannot actually remove all our thoughts, but we can get rid of the soul-ties and hurts associated with them. Did you know that we make decisions out of our hurt and pain? No wonder we end up in more messes sometimes. No wonder our choices in relationships are bad. We are thinking through our pain! But when we get rid of that pain, we are now able to make good clear choices and our life changes. So if you have a desire to live for God, yet still make lots of bad choices, God will honor that IF you have received Jesus as your savior and choose to love and follow Him.

So really, what we need to ask our selves each day is, “What AM I thinking?” Because that makes it present tense, and will help us make better decisions so that we don’t end up with “What WAS I thinking?” where we find ourselves in a mess. God said my name is “I AM,” a very present God in our lives. We are to then also live in the present, and when we do that we won’t get into trouble and have to back peddle later.

This is a good opportunity to tell you about a book I’ve written with a friend of mine who landed a book deal with Destiny Image, and the book is called, “What Was I Thinking?” It talks about what I just shared, but in more detail and brings in some medical documentation as well, along with scriptures, stories and revelations to help us truly understand how our thoughts work and what we can do to get them on track so when a thought comes, we don’t find ourself in a mess, but we find ourself continuing in peace. We do reap what we sow, even in our thinking! I just put the book on my website for pre-orders at It’s only $15.95 and with your pre-order you get a free DVD teaching that I’ve put together especially for you. Once the book is released in October, I’ll send it out directly. I hope you take advantage of this opportunity now, and anticipate getting your thoughts in order so that your life will find order and produce good fruit.

March 26 – Pure in Heart

March 26, 2010

I want to share something that perhaps will help you in your own life. And if you have been keeping up with my past blogs, you will see that I am honest and transparent, and true with you, the readers, at what God is doing in my life. This one is no different, except it goes a bit deeper and could cause judgment! I hope that it doesn’t, but that this encourages you and builds you up in truth, because as a minister, if I had issues in this area, perhaps you do too? Remember, I am human just like the next person, and have things to continue working through as I follow the Lord.

This morning I woke up and something flooded my mind that isn’t something we will easily want to do, but if we want to live a pure life with a pure heart, and if we truly love the Lord God, we will need to re-evaluate some things in our life. The Bible says that “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” Now, I know we are under grace, but do we go around killing people? No. Do we go around committing adultery? Well, no. Do we go around coveting the neighbors things? Hmm…  Some of us are doing these very things and not even knowing it!!  How? Because what we bring into our house, we partner with and agree with. So you ask, “When do I allow this in my home?” What do you watch on TV? Ouch!

The past few weeks I’ve been staying up late at night, sometimes past midnight, catching up on shows I recorded from the TV. First, that’s not wise anyway, I need to go to bed at a decent hour. But I was justifying it by saying, “I worked all day in ministry, writing books, reading the Word, I need some relaxing time.” But what I’m getting at is that the shows I recorded may not be the best for me to watch. (I know this, but I still did it!) I find it interesting that when I do ministry, sometimes I cast out spirits such as fear, anger, adultery, death, hell and destruction… then only to watch movies and shows with all these things IN them! Yikes! I didn’t see it clearly until this morning!!  (The truth is God has been talking to me all along, but it took NOW to get the revelation for change.) Man, I was being deceived, and self-deceived in thinking it’s okay to watch things on TV that I wouldn’t even DO myself! I’m sure you can think of things you are watching that actually pierces your heart, but because you like the story and other parts of it, you continue watching it anyway.

So I am going to be aggressive today and clean off my recording choices, clean out my video collection, which I have been wanting to do for a long time anyway. However, never knew the “measure” to know what shows to keep or not. Every time I would clean out my collection, it was like I had soul ties or something to some of them and didn’t want to let them go – even though I hadn’t watched them in years. Well, just perhaps some of my health issues or problems could be associated with not being “pure in heart.” But I had tried to clean them out in the past, but still kept most of them, justifying in my head to keep them. I suppose I could just clean out all R rated, etc., but that’s not enough, because there are even evil things going on in G rated too! I am going to let the Holy Word be the “rating” not Holly Wood!  Hmm… a play on words here…  Holy Word, vs. Holly Wood!

This really hit home after I attended a church service last night as a scripture was quoted: Philippians 4:8 “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”  I had memorized this scripture years ago, but never saw it in this light before.  Up until now, I had already been seeking the Word and memorizing scriptures so that my mind would think on these things. I was finding freedom, peace, and joy, good things began happening in my life, opportunities to teach and share my heart with others, awesome things going on now. I have received so much healing by getting my mind on things of God, not things of this world! Without really realizing it, only to fill my mind with “junk” each evening that could be hindering things God wants for me. Not really focusing on the fact that the shows and movies I watch contradict these things. After all, there is only a little sex, a little violence, a little evil and perversion.. But we become “numb” to those things, but at one time we were abhorred! After submitting to these things long enough, our conscious gets “seared by a hot iron” and we don’t flinch any longer, it’s just not a big deal any longer. We have been duped! And sucked into the lie. It actually waters down any compassion too… but that’s another story…

This reminds me of a story I heard once. A teenager asked her father if she could go to the movies with her friends. He asked, “What is the rating?”  She said, “R” but daddy, there isn’t any sex actually, just pretense, and there isn’t too much cussing.” He said, “Sorry, but that’s a big No.” She went away to her room where her friends were waiting, and told them she couldn’t go. A bit later the dad goes into her room with a plate full of brownies. He said, “I know you wanted to go to the movies, so I decided to make something to cheer you up. These are the best brownies ever, I only used the best and freshest ingredients. However, I added something a little extra. Just a teeny tiny teaspoon of dog poop. But all the other ingredients are good! Did those girls eat the brownies? Hmmm….  what are we eating?

This sounds like a pretty good measuring tape against what I watch! Then so many other scriptures come to mind like: “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but power, love and a sound mind.” There are many christians who thrive on being scared! It’s a thrill…  But it’s sin! And I would imagine some of these individuals have issues in their life that they can’t seem to get free from! Sin is sin, and we have to take accountability for it. Matthew 22:37-40 says to love God with my whole, heart, mind and strength. What am I doing when I fill my mind with these things? Am I loving God? Do you know how many people ask me, “How do I love God with my whole, heart, mind and strength?” Well, that’s what I’m talking about here. Because anything contrary to the Word of God, is sin. It seems like the shows we watch is a small thing to have to deal with, but remember where the Bible talks about the little foxes that spoil the vine? Even one DROP can leaven the whole lump. One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch. One drop of dog poop can ruin a batch of brownies?  You get the picture? I have.

So as I just started thinking of the movies I have in my shelf, I can already see so many I don’t need to have there. And this is even harder to do, throw them away not sell them or give them to the thrift stores for a tax write off! Yikes!!!

It reminds me of a story in the Old Testament where all those who had books and materials and tools that taught you how to read the future, cast spells, etc., and they repented, brought all those things to a big gathering where they threw it all into the fire. They said that the costs of those things were in the thousands of dollars! Yet, they didn’t sell those things for profit, they destroyed them so others didn’t fall into that same trap.

This is aggressive my dear friends, cause I know how much each DVD and VHS (well if you still have those) costs!! But, do we want to DO the Word or just hear it and go about our business? In James 1:22 “But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.” I had been self-deceived thinking it was okay to have these things going on in my own home! Again, whatever you watch on TV, would you do? Would you have relations with another person’s spouse? What do we watch on Desperate Housewives? How about brothers and sisters? What about “2 and a half men?” I hear some saying, “What’s the harm in that?” Can I be frank? (well you know I’m Linda) What you don’t know can hurt your! We are opening our hearts and minds to sexual impurity and not even knowing it. America has so much sexual crimes and it ought not to be so. But many of these individuals have been fed from the TV!

Now here’s a hard one! Would we have people being murdered in our own home? What do we watch on all those crime shows, etc? Ouch! Now again, I said this was aggressive! How about some of the news stations? They talk only of the BAD in the world, there are news stations that may talk about it, but then give hope in their messages, like 700 Club, Jack Van Impe Presents, Bill Ramsey, etc.

Now I’m not against entertainment, I love entertainment, but at what cost? In my last blog I talked about murmuring and complaining? I wonder if these shows have fed me “murmuring and complaining” too? We have to get rid of all things that we have in our power to get rid of out of our lives. Now, we don’t need to get rediculous because that can only lead to judgment and pride. There are certainly things we simply cannot avoid seeing, and in those cases, we pray for those individuals IN the show, or on the billboard, and their creators. We are to love and forgive! Not judge and condemn. Otherwise, we are sinning there too!

But you see what I’m saying. It’s a choice we have to make. We need to “do” the Word as James says. Will we? or will we continue dwelling (habitually choosing to) in these things? We are to keep our mind and heart on things above not on things on the earth. I have some repenting and changing to do, do you?

I do know that God wants us to be pure in heart, but if we are being filled every day with this stuff, how can we?

March 23 – Murmuring and Complaining

March 23, 2010

Eegats! Is all I have to say. Even though, as a teacher and minister, I still have things to work through, and sometimes we don’t even see them until another person “lovingly” helps expose them to us.

I recall when I went to a women’s retreat and shared a cabin with 3 other ladies. They were awesome people, enjoyed them immensely, well, until night fall. That’s when the SNORING began! Oh my, lots of snoring, various degress of sounds, etc. I don’t snore, and I was totally put-out, if you know what I mean. I was unhappy with the situation and I didn’t get much sleep because of it. I was determined to get my own room for the following night, so I did find a hotel room nearby to stay at. I was joking with them, but with truth mind you, about my sleeplessness that night because of all the snoring. I complained to them, in a round about way, and that’s when I said I would be getting my own room. Later I found out that they nick-named me “The princess and the Pea.”

So when I got home from the retreat, my husband had to push me several times to roll me over because I snored!!! He was shocked, because for as long as we have been married (20 years)  I never made a sound, a whimper, or even moved. Sometimes he would push me to see if I was still alive! That is how sound I slept. I was telling my story with my friend, Pastor Ish Payne, from S. Carolina who was with me ministering in Los Angeles. I continued saying that I never snored! But that I got the “spirit of snoring” on me through fear. For what I feared the most came upon me. Then Ish looked at me and said, “It wasn’t a spirit of snoring that came upon you but the murmuring, complaining and discontment that brought on that manifestation.” Yikes!  He was right! A light bulb went off in my head. I couldn’t connect the fear and the snoring, but this is the link. Fear comes from murmuring and complaining. I knew there was fear involved, but behind the fear was the murmuring and complaining, and so the very thing I was upset about, came upon me!

This opened my eyes to so many other things in my life that I have been complaining and murmuring about. You know what I mean, saying things like: “I wished that dog next door would shut up.” “I hope they don’t go too long at church today.” “Boy, I hate my hair today.” “Why God why, when God when…” Things like that that just fall into our head. We don’t even know they are there, and these are the very things that prevented the Isralites from going into the Promised Land. So I ask you this: What Promises are you trying to Land?  I wonder if murmuring and complaining is preventing you from receiving those promises?

I’ve come through a lot in my life and have experienced abundance like never before, but I still have areas that just aren’t doing well.  I had been battling with small aches and pains, etc., and couldn’t figure out what the deal was. Well, not until I realized very clearly that I had been murmuring and complaining, which could be the very thing that has been keeping the door opened to dis-ease. If at the least, I’ll find even more peace!

I heard Joyce Meyer once say, “To complain means to remain.” So the longer we complain about our boss, the job, our home, our spouse, our kids, our situation, the government, et. al., the more we remain IN it!! Yikes!

I’ll tell you what I did. I repented right then and there for speaking and thinking like this. Instant recall came as situations arose in my thoughts of times I had complained and murmured against others, myself and even God. He has now forgiven me and cleansed me, and I have a new vision and a new mind-set. Sure, it will take constant “practice” in this because it’s become habitual. But I choose to break this habit and only speak things that are of “good report” or “uplifting to another.” That is my plan anyway, and so glad God is gracious so that “when” I do blow it, He forgives me and helps me the next time. But the cool part is, I’m going to see it when it happens. I won’t be deceived any longer by the enemy keeping the revolving door open to my heart, allowing dis-ease to plague me. I hope you see this too, and shut that door once and for all through confession and forgiveness.

March 19 – Spirits of Fear, Abandonment and Rejection

March 19, 2010

I am currently in Los Angeles at a church, ministering with a Pastor and his team. We have all partnered together to help people find their freedom from whatever it is they are dealing with. Many have already been healed and delivered, and I want to share this particular story of a mother and a daughter. For confidentialy sake, I’ll call the daughter Karen, and the mother Eve.

Here is that account. (If this story rings true for you, apply the same thing to your life as we did for them.)

I was talking to some ladies, and the Pastor (one of those I minister with)approached me to ask for help in ministering to a14 year old girl who was stricken so badly with anxiety that she couldn’t even go to school. She was in tears when I came to her.

I told her some good news. That this anxiety she was having wasn’t even her! That it was something IN her that is using her body to make these feelings come. That it is a spirit, a creature, tormenting her, and that she can be free right now. So I asked her, “Do you want to be free from this?” She said Yes, through tears streaming down her face.

 I led her in a prayer of repentance and renouncing, something like this:  “Dear Father in Heaven, I recognize, take responsibility and repent for partnering with fear. I allowed it to rule in my life, when only you are supposed to. I am no longer going to submit to fear, I realized now it’s not me or my personality, but it’s a creature. You did not give me the spirit of fear, but power, love and a sound mind, and so it has to go. I have the power in the name of Jesus to tell it to go. So I tell you fear, GO in Jesus name. Leave me now, you are not welcome here any longer. I also renounce everything you stand for. So Go Now! (Then we began speaking to God in Heaven) Father, forgive me, I’m sorry, I didn’t even know what I was doing. I believe God loves me. His love is in me that will cast out all the fear and torment. So I receive Your love right now Father God in Heaven. Father, Thank you for loving me. I receive your love. I choose to love and forgive even myself, and I choose to love and forgive anyone who has ever hurt me. I thank you for your love and restoration and healing in my heart now, in Jesus name.”

 After she said a prayer like that, I then prayed for her, something like this:  “Father, you have given us power to cast out all unclean spirits, and this is the chiefest of them all, the spirit of Fear. It’s been tormenting Karen too long now, but it has been exposed. So Fear, I tell you to Go Now in Jesus name. You have to obey me, because God has given me the authority and power to cast out unclean spirits and Karen no longer want you there. I tell you now, Fear GO in Jesus name. Release  her heart, her mind, her body, and Go. Release her, take a hike, and never come back. Go to the abyss and stay there! Father, we thank you that the devils are subject to your name, and we thank you for replacing this fear with your love. Thank you for loving her, I ask you to flood her heart with your love, unconditional perfect love that casts out and keeps fear out, and your compassion, mercy, grace, and peace. I pray her body balance out in perfect homeostasis, that her mind be renewed in truth and peace. Help her to focus on you, and you alone, for in that you will KEEP us in perfect peace. Help her get to know you truly and intimately. I ask you to minister to her. Help her to learn to love herself, help her to learn to walk in your perfect love.  Father, Heal her little broken heart, IN Jesus name, Amen.”

After we prayed, both this Pastor and I asked at the same time, “How do you feel.” She shook her head and said, a little better. Then looking at me with tear filled eyes, “But is it really gone?” And she began crying even more. I said, Yes, it is, and then I prayed for her to be free from spirits of doubt and unbelief, I had her pray that God help her to believe. She cried even more, as the Lord was working in her, healing her broken heart and restoring her to peace.

Both of us hugged her and confirmed our love toward her. I even told her she could call me any time and gave her my cell number. She had already began changing. Her eyes were brighter, she had a smile on her face. Something happened.

Note to Ministers: See, as ministers, we need to partner with each others as ministering saints. No one person has it all figured out, we are not a “one man show” but a “showing of the Holy Spirit” in power and His might. Using a community of believers to help the captives become free. We were ministering together, as a team. This Pastor knew that I had come out of fear and anxiety and knew I could help her. So we tagged team. If you have problems sharing in ministry, then you may need to pray for the spirit of fear, abandonment and rejection to be released out of you… hmmm.)

Okay, back to the story: We rejoiced with her, and thought it was over, so did the Pastor, because he went on to talk to others. Then I  turned to the mother and asked her, “How long this has been going on with your daughter?” She said that 2 years ago, when this started, they moved from a small church where she was really involved. Then she and her husband began fighting, and this girl was feeling the strife in the home. (And with strife comes every evil thing.. including spirits of fear.) But they did have enough wisdom to know that they knew they needed to find another church. That’s when they found the Rock – where they are going now and where we were having this conference.

I interrupted her and said, “Your daughter doesn’t feel safe. She feels exposed, and unloved.” She said, yes, that is right! Then she said, she also has had asthma and allergies since she was a baby.

Then I said, “Can I ask you a question?” she said yes.  “Did someone abandon you?” She got tears in her eyes and said, Yes…  Then I said something quite bluntly. “Did you know that your abandonment issues produced the asthma in your daughter?” Her eyes welled up with tears, and feelings of guilt were being exposed. Then I said, well, let’s take care of it right now and break it off your daughter so that she is free and you are free. Would you like to do that? Through tears in her eyes she said, “Yes.” (See we need to ask people if they want to be free before ministering, some do say no!) So as we began talking, she said her father abandoned her. So I led her in a prayer to forgive her father, and confess all bitterness, resentment, anger, depression, resentment, hate, confusion, etc., that she had in her heart that she took on out of that relationship.  Then I began casting fear out of her, and witchcraft… that’s when she began manifesting with moaning and groaning. I knew there were principalities and powers here and needed some help.  I saw this Pastor out of the corner of my eye and since he was in arms reach, I grabbed his arm to come help me. (Again, we are a team – we complete, not compete – and our main goal is that people are set free.)  I continued ministering to her as the enemy was tormenting her and making her body twitch, etc., and I began casting out the spirit of witchcraft and control, and she began manifesting even more. Then Ish began having her renounce generational witchcraft. She began manifesting again…  The whole room was quiet as they all watched, waited and prayed for what was going on, you could hear a pin drop if it wasn’t for her wailing.. I knew in my heart that she didn’t need to keep being tormented by this spirit, so I began to speak God’s love in her…  His compassion, His perfect love, Forgiveness, peace. After a bit, we asked her how she was. And she said she could turn her head back and forth, she said it was tight earlier, and her arms were weak. We said that the fear and witchcraft was gone, and that she just needed to go home and get a good nights sleep. They were both coming back the next night, and even bringing the father/husband!

These two ladies left that night FREE from spirits of fear, occultism, control, witchcraft (generational witchcraft), abandonment and rejection. And it didn’t take but one step! The Word of God and His love.

March 18 – We were healed!

March 18, 2010

Hello friends. I’m out of town this week, working with a church conducting ministry and teaching. It’s been truly tremendous watching people set free right before my eyes! So, what I wanted to talk about today is healing.

Many of us who are Christians, know the scripture that says, “By His stripes we were healed.” Then, we ask, why aren’t we healed? I bet that many people out there are still dealing with health issues…  we all will to a degree until the Lord takes us home, because we are always battling the “Sins” within. But I can confidently say you can find more healing and health when we understand what that passage means.

Let me explain. As I was thinking of this scripture, the revelation came to me that opened my understanding and now I can share it with you. See, sometimes this puts people into fear and condemnation because if it says we “were” healed and we are not, it could make us think God doesn’t want us healed,  or doesn’t love us, or something like that. But what if I were to tell you that “as a Christian” you have what you neeed TO be healed!

As you look at that part that says, “By His stripes (the lashes and beatings and eventual death that Jesus went through for us) we were healed.” Because of what He did on the cross we have access to that healing. So let’s really see what the word “healing’ means. And that’s when you’ll finally understand what this passage says. The word healing doesn’t mean a physical healing. it means freedom from sin, which produces healing. See, there are scriptures that link sickness and poor circumstances to sin. But when Jesus paid the price for your sin, that means sin no longer has dominion over you. But… it can have dominion when we let it, when we entertain it, and when we agree with it, and when we participate with it. We have the power to overcome it when we realize it can be overcome! And when we apply the forgiveness that Jesus came to give over all our sins. Love covers a multitude of sins.

But if you are still harboring anger or hatred or unforgiveness, you remain IN your sin and sin when it is finished brings forth death. (James 1) We have to realize that sin produces death at the cellular level, and reaks havoc in our lives and in our bodies.

So, the truth is. You have what you need to be whole and healthy, by confessing your sin, accepting what Jesus did on the cross, and receiving full pardon and forgiveness. This will balance you out because when we do this, peace comes. And don’t forget to complete the process by receiving God’s perfect love for you. Love and forgiveness and receiving love and forgiveness completes the work that Jesus did on the cross.

So, “By His stripes we were healed” should bring new meaning to you. Get your heart right with God so you body can be healed.

So the word healing means simply that all our sins were nailed to the cross. So if that is the truth, and we come clean before God in our heart, then our bodies will be purified and healing and health will come.

March 15 – Love and Hate

March 15, 2010

I woke up this morning thinking about how much fear people really have and dont’ even know it. If we don’t know it, how can we get free? Sometimes what we are going through is rooted in fear, yet we think it’s something else so we never get free. Why am I talking about fear when the topic is love and hate, because fear is behind both! Let me explain.

When we love, it means we are going to defeat fear. The Bible says that “Perfect love casts out all fear and torment.” If that is true, then we need lots more love in our lives. The perfect love we need only comes from our Heavenly Father. People’s love fail us, but His never does. It’s nice to be unconditionally loved by people, but frankly, they can’t love perfectly and will fail us, so we have to count on God’s perfect love to complete us.

And the word “hate” is used in the place of fear. This is how you know if you have “hidden” fear in  your life. Do you ever say things like: “I hate doing that.” “I hate that food.” “I hate when people act like that.” “I hate myself.” “I hate how beautiful she is.” “I hate having to go to the dentist.” “I hate commuting.” Any time you use the word “hate” in sentences like this, it is really fear! Yep, reread these and replace the word “hate” with the word “fear.” For example:  “I fear that food.” “I fear doing that” “I fear when people act like that.” “I fear myself.” “I fear that she is so beautiful.” Okay, you say, wait a minute, how do I fear myself? You fear yourself when you don’t love yourself! Remember, only love can cast out all fear. And the other statement that says, “I fear that she is beautiful.” It’s because you don’t think you are! You have low self image and even perhaps hate yourself! Again, it’s about YOU!

So what is the remedy? To acknowledge each and every time you make these statements, confess to God they are fear and repent for allowing them to have access to you and allowing “fearful” thoughts to be yours, and ask for His love to flood you at that moment and be filled with His thoughts. Thank Him for loving you, and thank Him for showing you the enemy (fear) so you can get free. Then receive God’s love, receive His forgiveness, and tell “fear” to take a hike.

This kind of fear is hidden behind hate…  Don’t be fooled any longer. It’s these very things that are messing with you and you don’t even know it. What you don’t know can hurt you! As a Believer, you have what you need. You have been given the authority to cast out these things! Exercise that authority today.

March 11 – Women, you are loosed!

March 11, 2010

I have to encourage all you women out there who think you are “less than” because you are a woman. Oh my, is that a wrong mindset! Of course, we only got that way because of what we have experienced in our lives. So let me set the record straight! You are loosed from those old thought patterns, you are loosed from feeling “less than,” you re loosed from evil words spoken over you, you are free!

As a minister myself, and a woman, I have my thoughts on the subject. But I have a friend who is a pastor who just did a teaching series on this very subject, and He’s a man! I would encourage you to listen to it at: And click on “Woman thou art loosed.” He goes into the Bible and shows you where woman are teachers, preachers, prophets, etc., and explains what those passages mean where it says women are to be silent in the church, etc. There are so many women with amazing gifts but because they don’t “think” they are allowed to do anything, they don’t. Hogwash! Go and do and be all you can for the Kingdom. Remember in Heaven, there is no gender. The only reason we have it here is to make babies! We were made in the image of God, all of us, and yes, Adam was formed first then Eve. But she became a partner, a help mate, not a rug or a slave. God pulled them apart so they could come back together to replenish the earth.

Did you know that it’s better being a woman because the man in the home is responsible for everything that happens to her or to the children? He will be accountable. And it also says that if a man doesn’t love and respect his wife, his prayers will NOT be heard! His job is to support,  love, nurture the woman so she can do her job well, being a mother, a wife, and friend. But if the men have the mentality that women are lower than then and they rule the roost, you will have a problematic relationship. The word “submit” that is used in relationship with men and women doesn’t mean to be bullied or pushed around or controlled. It means to respect and honor that person. It also says, we are to submit ourselves one to another… so men are also to submit to their wives. Let’s read ALL the Bible, not just take things out to suit our views and desires.

Do you know how many women hate being a woman? Thousands! And did you know when you hate yourself for not being a man, you are opening yourself for sickness? Auto-immune type sickness, including cysts and tumors. Because when we hate ourself we are sinning against God. He made you, you are not a mistake. We need to stop right now women, and repent for not accepting ourselves and loving ourselves properly. Once we begin to love ourselves, our bodies respond too, and we begin to enjoy the skin we are in.

I read a book on marriage one time that really made sense. The man’s job is to protect and provide. He is to “lead” the home, not rule with an iron thumb, but serve with love and compassion. What is Jesus’ example? He lead by example, he came to serve not be served. But the husband’s job is to stand watch! It’s like he’s at the front of the property line keeping watch while the woman and children are in the home making a happy and healthy environment. I like that! In Proverbs 31 it talks of the ideal woman. But in order for her to be this way, her husband has to love and nurture and respect her! Hm… Okay, let me get off the soap box.

My husband is awesome. He has never once told me what to do nor corrected me. He has always supported me, talked through some of my plans to help me make wise decisions, helps me be all I can be. If he sees something that could get me into trouble, that’s when he and I discuss it. And because I trust Him because I know, really know he loves me and has my good in mind not his, I listen and respond accordingly. If it wasn’t for the way he has been in my life, I wouldn’t be talking to you now like this, I wouldn’t have a ministry where thousands have found freedom, peace, and salvation!

There are several women I have ministered to that when I first met them they were rag dolls. No spine, no strength, thinking they can’t do “it” because they are women. But now, after setting them straight and what the Bible says they can do and are required to do, they are now powerhouse women. Ministering and teaching and seeing others set free. One lady is going on mission trips to Israel now, something she never ever dreamed possible, but was one of her life long ambitions. It’s come true for her. Things happen when we begin to believe God wants the highest for us, not just for men, but for women too.

To be honest, I did have a problem myself. I would hold back on things because “I am a woman.” It was because I was mistreated and used and abused, so my worth was established in that, not to mention some of the scriptures that made women look subserviant. But we have to  look at the WHOLE Bible! There are tons of women in there (well many) that ministered, and to men too! Imagine that.

So, I would stop right now and take a moment to watch my friends teaching. I hope it blesses you! By the way, Pastor Caspar is also the co-author of my new book coming out in October called, “What Was I thinking?” Keep a watch out for that too.

March 10 – Do You Know God’s Will For Your life?

March 10, 2010

This is the million dollar question (well one of several anyway). And I hope that you’ll get a better grasp on that as I share what the Lord showed me.

I was reading in 1 Peter 2:13-25 and Ephesians Chapter 5, it came to me what the will of the Lord is. Go about doing good, and loving and forgiving everyone.

How do we do that? Well, there are several things the Bible teaches us, and in order to do good or even give and receive forgiveness, we need to have the “good one” in us – and that is Jesus Christ.  That is the will of God, to receive His Son as your Savior – first and foremost. So as I began meditating on these passages, several other scriptures flooded my mind, which are actually God’s will. And here are a few: God’s will is to love and forgive everyone (Luke 11:4). God’s will is to walk in peace within ourselves (Isaiah 57:2). God’s will is sharing ourselves with those less fortunate. The will of God is to visit those in prison or those who don’t have parents, or the widows (James 1:27). God’s will is to seek first HIM (Matthew 6:33). God’s will is to exalt others over ourselves and selfish desires (Philippians 2:3). God’s will is to cast out devils. God’s will is to heal the sick (Mark 16:17). God’s will is to lay down your life for the brethren (1 John 3:16). God’s will is not always our will (Luke 11:2) God’s will is to take up your cross and follow Him (Matthew 16:24). God’s will is to love Him with all of your heart, your soul, your mind and strength (Matthew 22:37-40). The whole Bible is full of God’s will.  Have you ever asked someone for a “word” of the Lord for you? I would suggest not looking for man’s word but go to the Word of God by reading the Bible for yourself. The Bible says that we have everything we need, that we don’t even need a teacher! That the Holy Spirit living inside you has all the answers you need, we just need to listen (1 John 2:20).

Okay, I hear some say, “But what about the decisions we have to make daily ” Like making a career change, or picking a church, picking a mate, making decisions for your kids, moving, or starting a ministry. We’ll, actually, there are several things you can do to help you make these decisions. As I taught in an earlier Blog, God doesn’t “make” you do anything, He puts before some choices for you to choose. But the following are some good things to consider when making your decisions.

1. When making the decision, is this decision going to be for selfish gain or is it going to the best for everyone? Here are several examples:

Example 1: Let’s say you want to buy something, but not sure your spouse will agree with it. You are battling in your mind how to bring it up. Because you “know” it may not be met with the kindest regards. So then you decide to talk to them. And you find that they are not at peace about it – for whatever reason. You are to follow after peace with all men! If you cannot even have peace with your spouse in a decision, then you need to go back to “loving your spouse 101.”

Example 2: A friend of mine had an agenda. He didn’t want it to be hindered in anyway, not even from his new bride! He then had to change his thinking, that he was no longer a single man and his agenda had to change to include his wife. Peace was restored in that home, there is hope for a successful marriage. We just need to consider those involved in our lives, but not in fear or control or co-dependent. Because we may be “considering” others out of fear of rejection. There is a fine line here.

Example #3: A friend of mind really  needs to move into a better home and location. Right now now her mother and her son, and sometimes grandson, lives there. If she moves into this new place, there is no room from her son. He will have to find other housing. So, is this person going to do what she knows in her heart to do or stay where she is because of her son? We are to consider all involved, but if she’s taking care of him and enabling him, then that’s also something to consider. It’s going to be a hard decision but she does know what to do, it’s just doing it!  Not all good decisions are easy, some are hard, but if we don’t take a stand and make those decisions we know to make according to what we truly believe, we are setting ourselves up for more hurt and pain and causing us to stay “stuck.” Sure, in this case the son may get mad at the mom for moving, but she cannot “fear him” or allow him to control her or bully her (which he has done in the past). In this case if she decides to move, it will make her son grow up and take responsibility and at the same time give her a clean safe place to live. Whatever she decides to do, God will work all for good. Sometimes the journey gets complicated if we don’t make the “correct” decision, but it will always work out in the end.

2. What is the motive for the decision? For man’s approval or God’s approval. To be loved by men or to please the Lord? Sometimes we make decisions because “everyone else is doing it” or “they expect us to do it.” Wrong motives! This is fear of man. We need to “fear God” as the scripture says. And we do that through loving Him and following His lead. Are we making decisions out of fear? We need to stop and repent and then ask for clarity from His throne of Grace.

3. Does it bring you peace? I recently put this into practice in making a decision on doing my taxes. I spent 2 months now preparing the paperwork, and “wondering” if I should take it to my tax person. The only reason I didn’t want to is that they charge so much for tax preparation. So I battled between paying the fee, and doing it myself. Then when I would think of doing it myself, could I be missing something? So I was going back and forth. Then I asked myself what my motive is? I was being cheap! I didn’t want to pay the fee for preparation. So I repented for “fearing” and decided to take it to the tax professionals. With that, I got my peace back and I haven’t gone back and forth in my mind since.

4. Did you ask God’s advice? Remember, the Holy Spirit resides in you to lead, guide and direct you in all truth. The Bible says we have not because we ask not, and when we ask, we ask for selfish gain (James 4:2).

There is another scripture that is really clear on God’s will for your life. Ephesians Chapter 5 talks all about what the will of the Lord is. And the bottom line is it’s all about loving and being in relationship with people. (Take a moment to read it.)

So if you are about to make a decision, do a “soul” check as I shared in the steps above. Then just “do it.” The Lord will honor your decision, even if you find out later it wasn’t the best decision you could have made. Remember, God is a GPS, he recalculates according to your decisions and moves you forward. He works all for good, no matter what! You are His, He wants you to succeed!  He loves you, His ways are higher than your ways. No matter what wonderful things you can imagine for yourself, God’s imaginings for your are far greater than those! We have to truly believe this and allow Him to work things out in our lives – with our cooperation.

Afterawhile, you will live your life according to His will without much effort. As you get to know Him and his thoughts, His heart, His mind, they become your own. And from there you will make decisions according to God’s will for your life. It does get easier, however, not to use that as a way of not asking God any longer. We need him every hour! We need Him in all our decisions. When we “acknowledge” Him in ALL our ways (decisions) He will direct our paths! That is “a will of God” for you. To help you!

And because we are human and don’t hear God 100% all the time, and maybe we make more of a mess than good, he makes a way where there is no way. With God all things are possible to those who believe all things are possible. Jesus is our “connection” our “way out” of our messes. When we fall short, he picks up the slack. He completes where we lack. He is the “way , the truth and the life” to the Father in Heaven. So give yourself a break! Don’t fear making a “wrong” decision, just make it and watch God use it for good. We are to go about doing good, that puts ignorant men to shame…  The scriptures said that’s what Jesus did – He went about doing good. Let’s follow His lead. When we follow the leader, we will rarely make mistakes, especially if we follow in His footsteps. (1 Peter 2:21) Yet if we do make a mistake, we can confess our sins, and weaknesses, and be forgiven and restored immediately because of what Jesus did on the cross. He bridged the gap! Because dear friends, we have gaps!

March 9 – Do You Need Financial Help?

March 9, 2010

I believe that everyone at one point, even some right now, are needing some financial help. Perhaps they don’t have a job. Perhaps they aren’t making enough money. Perhaps they want to make more to help others. Whatever the case, we have to put our faith into action otherwise it will turn into fear.

We have to confess our need for God’s help in this area, and then do what He says to do. Because so many are waiting for some magic check to come in the mail (which it can), or hoping a person gives above and beyond for your need (which it can), or a long lost relative leaves you a load of money (which it can), but not likely. There is a scripture that says that we are to work or we don’t eat. He says not to go after “get rich quick” schemes. Did you know that the Bible talks more about money than faith? It’s because He knew what this world’s economy was based on, and the pitfalls concerning it. He wants us to have “great gain” but we need to know what that is. Godliness with contentment is great gain – the Bible says. Yes, we need money, that’s what makes our world go ’round, but we have to look at it as a tool to use, not it use us. We need to know that having contentment is worth more than all the tea in china. And truthfully, contentment actually helps you make better business decisions. Think about it. We wouldn’t be in the financial crises in America (or even personally) if we were content with what we have!  But too many want more, and a “free” ride. Hey, I wouldn’t mind it, but that’s not what God has intended for us. We won’t grow in faith if everything is handed to us. And we need to be content with what we have and take care of what we have before we get any more…  (Okay, I got off the subject for a moment, but great stuff to think about.)

When we commit our financial needs (and other things) in prayer to the Lord, I believe He wants our participation. For example: I am going to be facing a large expense coming down the road, I know exactly how much money I will need. For weeks I have been worrying about it, how am I going to get it, where will it come from. I was hoping for a “magic check” to come in the mail. It hasn’t happened. So as I committed my prayer to the Lord last night, saying that I trust Him and His provision, and I began confessing believing Him to meet this obligation, I got my peace back. Fear was creeping in and making me feel anxiety about it. But I realized I wasn’t putting my whole faith in God to see me through. Once I wrote down my financial needs, it was very freeing, because now they are in God’s hands. I am still responsible for this because it’s my life, but now I have peace about it and will trust God to show me the way. With that, I went to sleep like a baby!

This morning I realized my prayer was answered. I got some clear direction on achieving my goal. But it’s going to take a little effort on my part as well. When we commit our prayers to the Lord, it doesn’t mean He’s going to do things for us, it means we may have to get involved in the answers to our prayers. If you need your car fixed, you aren’t just going to sit and go over and over in your head about what to do, you will take your car to the shop! Many are just sitting around going over and over stuff in their head, and they are still stuck there even now. We have to commit our heart to the Lord, and listen when He talks, and do what He says.

He reminded me that I had a skill of writing. Yes, I’m writing books, but I also self-published several of mine, and have helped others as well. I have been able to make a little income and at the same time help others achieve their dreams, at a fraction of the cost. This is what I’m talking about.

So that’s what I’m doing today. I’m going to advertise my service of helping people self-publish their book. I am going to write up an issue paper explaining the pros and cons for self-publish and publishing companies. I’ll be sharing the costs for both, and the returns on both. I think people should know what they are getting themselves into so they make a wise decision. The service I offer is going to be by donation, and a fraction of the costs done by other self-publishing companies or publishers. Anyway, I’m putting myself into action today. It’s like I got a new lease on life, my hope in this has restored, I feel like I got a shot of Vitamin B. Because God gave me an answer. A way to participate in getting this prayer answered. Now now do I know if this was God talking to me and not just another “idea.” I don’t. But the only way I’m going to find out is when I step out and do! Much more exciting than sitting around waiting. And anyway, when I step out in faith, even if it’s in the wrong direction, God always is there to woo me on course!

It’s all Him, but I have to make the choices to go forward. I know it’s going to “cost” me something, and that is my time and creative energies to get this thing going. I have to act upon what I know to do and what I don’t know, to trust God with those things. I will believe in what I’m doing and not give up. I’ll do all I can do, and then wait on God to do his part. But we have to “do all we can” and with excellence and integrity.

I bet there are some of you who have a dream, something you have wanted to do for a long, long time yet you are waiting. Waiting for what? Put into action what you know in your heart you want to do. At the least you will find out if it’s a God thing or not…  So you can move on to something else if this isn’t “it.”

Life here on planet earth is really quite exciting and fun. God has so many ways for us to grow, and achieve, and to be all we can be. But we have to participate! We have to cast out all fear that makes us NOT want to do things. We have to jump into faith with both feet. Are you willing? Then just do it!

My granddaughter told me something when she was 5 years old that kicked me out of my lethargy.  I was telling her about something I wanted to do but hadn’t done it yet for whatever reason. She said to me, “Just do it gramma.”  Boy, out of the mouth of babes.