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May 23 – Return to Your First Love

May 23, 2010

Hello friends. I’m going to take a couple of weeks off, but there are a lot of blogs to read if you haven’t had a chance to. Each of them are timely, and speaks directly to your spirit.

But I will leave this with you.

Return to your first love, and do the first works God asked you to do ….  Revelation 2:4-5 and Revelation.

Until next time!


May 19 – Who Cares?

May 19, 2010

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and as you were ordering food, started telling the waitress why you were ordering that food? Or when you bought something, and decided to return it, you went over and over in your head how you were going to explain to them why you wanted to return it?

For example. Let’s say you bought something and realized you really don’t have the money. And when you returned it, you began explaining all your financial woes to the person. Did you know that they really don’t care? They just want to do the transaction and go on to the next. There are those small chances from time to time that someone really cares, but 90% of the time they don’t.

I believe that we try to explain everything to people because of our own need of approval. To be “okay” with everyone and every decision. But the fact is, people don’t really care, and most won’t understand. So I got some freedom one day when the Lord showed me this. Because when I would go out to eat with my husband, I would explain myelf to the waitress. And Tom would say to me, “Why do you have to explain anything?” And that was when I started going to the Lord. Then one day, all I did was order food! Oh my… how freeing was that.

Just the other day I bought something. I went back to my friend to tell her that I didn’t want it. But I started explaining that I had other things I needed to spend my money on right now, etc.,  then stopped mid-track, realizing I was trying to explain myself. Then said, “I just don’t need it right now.” And left it at that. Now that is freeing!

If we make a decision, we don’t have to explain it to everyone, only those that may be part of that decision, there is always balance.  But you see what I’m saying. We try to explain ourselves to perfect strangers when they don’t really care…  just get the thing returned and go on your way.

I have seen it over and over again. I went to the bank the other day, and she was trying to explain the reason for her withdrawal to the teller. I sat there are realized so many people do this. It shows me how many are hurting. How many people have broken lives! This is evidence of a person in need of love and approval. When we see this, it’s because God wants us to pray for them. Maybe no one is even praying for them?

So, perhaps today as you go about your business, you will not crowd your mind with “justifications” and “explanations” and “excuses.” Just do it…  no fear of man, no fear of rejection, no fear at all. Take that step today toward more freedom.

May 18 – You Have Power

May 18, 2010

This morning I awoke thinking about the times I have been around people who have lots of power. Individuals who own large companies, CEO’s, Pastors, anyone in authority. These individuals have “power.” Our government, they have power. But you have power too. Perhaps not the “world’s” power which is fast and fleeting, but you have THE Power, that is now and eternal.

You need to know that! If you have received Jesus into your heart and life, you have access to that power. If you are living a ho-hum life as a Christian, you may  need to tap into the power of the Holy Ghost. Simply ask God, “Father, I want the anointed power of the Holy Ghost.” Ask and you shall have. And now begin thanking Him for it. That is how you receive! And this is done by faith. You may feel or not feel anything, it’s all done by believing. You need to start believing you HAVE the power. If you want someone to pray over you about it, find a church that ministers the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. But you can do this yourself.

Now you have THE power to be as or more powerful than the most powerful man on earth. And we guage people on earth of how much money they have is how much power they have. We gauge people in the Kingdom of God by how much love they have, for that is the power. We don’t get that power of the Holy Ghost for self-consuming things, we get it so we have to give to others.

The other day I was talking to the Lord and I said, “I have some issues Father I need help with. I have some nagging health things going on. But I’ve been busy working for others and ministering to others, when am I going to get what I need?” This was one of my “moments” with the Lord…   Then immediately He responded: “Linda, you take care of the sheep, I’ll take care of you.” And with that I got my peace. This is power! Power to remain in peace because I trust Him. How many don’t have this kind of power? How many want it? Well, it’s there for you. First ask Jesus into your life, and then ask for the power of the Holy Ghost to manifest in you.

May 16 – You Have Permission!

May 16, 2010

I conducted another session on Fearless Living at my church last Wednesday, and made it available on my website. (If you want to check it out, go to and click on the teachings link.) Anyway, a friend of mine listened in and said. “You need to write a booklet on this because what you said in that class was key to so many people being stuck in their lives. You gave them “permission.” So many never got permission and are still looking for permission from their parents, bosses, spouses, etc.”

So I decided to follow up on that with this blog. Giving someone permission is just like saying, “I approve of you.” We need to hear that. Even Jesus heard those words coming from His Heavenly Father. The first time He heard these words was when he was water baptized. As He came out of the water God’s words from heaven spoke, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.” After that, Jesus began his ministry. He didn’t do anything BEFORE!! There is a principle here. How many of us are trying to live for the Lord, have a ministry, walk in love etc., without truly hearing those words from God. “You are approved, You are my beloved and I am pleased with you, You have permission to be free and live and be you.”

This is critical for your life! We are to be firmly grounded and rooted and planted in His love. Not only know it, but receive it. He has approved of you. You have permission to be you. He is pleased with you. Receive those words right now into your heart. If you have a hard time, tell your Heavenly Father. He knows, but this way He can help you believe so you can receive.

My final word to you is, “You have permission….”  Whatever that means to you, you have permission. Be blessed today in His love and mercy.

March 14th – How People Change

May 14, 2010

This topic is something that may be of great help and support to you as you deal with people who really need to change, including yourself. You know what I mean. There are people who you have told things to that you have seen in them, to help them. But they don’t receive it, or you get a “wall up” or whatever. Let me help you in this area by using my husband as an example.

We’ll be married 21 years this July, and for the first 14 years my husband didn’t tell me what to do, how to do it, and what he sees in me to change. And believe me, there was so much in there! I remember talking to him a couple of days ago saying, “Tom, you haven’t really changed so much, but I changed tremendously.”

Now I understand what happened those first 14 years of marriage. Tom trusted God with me. He would see things that needed to be changed and then he spoke to his Papa God about them and me. Only on a rare occasion did he say something, but not even in a way to tell me what to do, just his observation through his love and support.

Now for me, when I would see something, I would blurt it out! How many of us see something in others and feel it’s our job to go tell them? I thought so too, but God told me that is pride. First of all, people change from the inside not from the outside. And more than not, people have to hear from God in order to truly change, not someone harping on them about something. Anyway, the more we try to change that person, we are pushing them more into the wrong direction, so we might as well stop now and let God do His work.

And the reason Tom was able to keep those things in his heart and ponder them was because he didn’t have pride!!!!!  And frankly, he still doesn’t. I mean we all have it to a degree, but his degree is very low. And because there is a need in me to be “right” I would easily fall into this trap. But God continues to grow me up in Him, in only the way He can, and has been delivering me from that need! Because when the Lord is Our Shepherd (Psalm 23) we have NO NEED!! A person who wants to change everyone else is a person in need! Okay, let me get off my soap-box.

It may take some time, like it did for my  husband and I, but Tom kept his peace in all this too because I was God’s job, not his job to fix me. He enjoyed me those times when I was stable, and the other times I was off…  he entrusted God and stayed in peace about it. And lo and behold, out popped Linda… the real Linda. Tom’s silence in these areas actually allowed God to mold me and massage my heart from the truth God had put in me, from within. That kind of inward change, sticks!! The outward change is there on determination only and will not last.

Recently I found myself in a situation where I saw something a person did that I wanted to correct. Who am I to correct anyone? I realized that we are told things or see things in others so we can pray for them.. just like Tom did for me. Not necessarily go and say anything. Now I’m talking about character defects, etc., not life threatening things. Because there are times of intervention, because we are God’s ambassadors. But I’m talking about the day-to-day things we see. And again, there were times when Tom would express his heart and concerns for me, and that would also help lead me into the right direction. But let me say this clearly, he never told me what to do or how to do it or what was wrong with me! I believe this has been the key for our successful marriage. Not just “sticking” power, but “true loving and forgiving and praying and trusting” power.

So, let me get back to my story. So as I saw this thing in that person, I wanted to tell them, so I did. It was devastating, but God did work it out in the end. But I didn’t have to go there. Then I saw something else in this same person, a character flaw that could actually be corrected easily, but this time, I am going to do what Tom did, and pray and trust God with it. And can I say that this person won’t be devastated? Because when God speaks to the human heart it’s in care, love and compassion, without a hidden agenda… and for their good and purpose, and it’ easy to entreat and it sticks.

Tom now says, “I would marry you again right now.” He truly exercised “long-suffering” but it paid off. I remember the day that I finally got to the place where I got a tremendous break through and change, I said to Tom, “You are my dream.” And he said, “It was worth the wait.”

May 13 – Healing Testimonial

May 13, 2010

Recently I did a conference in LA, and a woman that came was healed and has now begun ministering to others. No one laid hands on her or prayed for her healing, what we did pray is God’s power to live in her, and released her from being stuck in a trauma in her life when she was a child.  She went through a Holy Ghost transformation and now is getting others set free.

I say this to encourage you that God is faithful. We just have to be honest with Him. This particular woman was so honest with me. She basically said that the meeting we were doing wasn’t working and was totally disappointed in the whole thing. Then I had her sit down and I began having her repent for blaming and accusing God of not meeting her needs that night. She said she prayed, but didn’t really mean it, just to get me satisified. But little did she know at the time, that was a huge step in the right direction. Because when we are honest – when she confessed her disappointment – that’s when God meets us. Even if that honesty is ugly…

The next 2 nights of the conference, I saw her, but the last night was when things happened for her that manifested outwardly. She had been bleeding daily for almost 30 years.. not just a little, sometimes so much that she couldn’t go outside. Doctors couldn’t help her. It reminds me of the woman in the Bible that had an “issue of blood for years” and all she did was touch the hem of Jesus’ garment and she was healed. That is what happened to this woman. She came face to face in her heart with truth, with the Lord, and He healed her. No more bleeding!

Many noticed a difference in her right away, and when they would ask, she said, “I have a Daddy and He loves me.” Of course she’s talking about our Heavenly Father. Not having had a loving father on this earth, she met her REAL Father that weekened, and it changed her life. Then she continued by saying, “You have to read this book,  A Matter of the Mind – Journey from fear to faith.” And she has taken it upon herself to sell them! This is my autobiography. She said that book was the key in her healing and health and now she has seen several people who she sold the book to find release too.

See, before the conference, I mean 2 years before, I had visited this church. She picked up the book then, but never read it. It sat in a closet buried in a box, until one day, just during the time I was there, she decided to read it. She couldn’t put it down, and it hit her square between the eyes! She even told me that when she first bought it and read the first 2 pages she just wanted to throw it across the room. And she laughs now because she says, “I wanted to throw it across the room, now I’m selling it!” Things in that book hit areas of her life she didn’t want to see, but if you know anything about healing, we need to “see” some things before we can be healed.

She is so supportive of this ministry – Life Application Ministries – and all it stands for that she is supporting it any way she can, and she’s doing it by telling people about her healing, and about the book. Others who over hear her conversation, join in and they too pick up the book. So far in one month she has sold 30 books  just by her sharing her life and how it impacted her forever. Several are now sharing what is happening to them, many are finding freedom from their issues even now I have several emails of these types of testimonials.

If you want to get on board with this and find some healing and peace in your life, you may want to pick up the book, “A Matter of the Mind.”  You can email me at using the comment space below, or go to my website at: and go to the DVD and BOOKS page. For under $20.00 your life can change forever!!  What an investment.

If you like these blogs, you will like the book. It’s as though I am sitting in your living room talking with you. It’s about my story, yes, but is filled with practical applications on how God delivered me so that you can apply the same truth. I cannot promise you things will turn out like it did for me, or for these others the same way, but SOMETHING will happen!

The bottom line is this, that we learn to live in a state of PEACE and JOY, not FEAR and TORMENT. And if you are in fear and torment, it’s also likely you are not very happy, healthy, and probably depressed, confused, and isolated. I encourage you to pick up this book. And I look forward to hearing your testimonial too.

May 8th – What Keeps Coming up?

May 8, 2010

Have you ever had a thought that keeps coming up  whenever you would see something that triggered it?  For example, my husband is going through his parent’s garage where a lot of his stuff growing up was boxed up. As he opened the boxes, he would “recall” a memory. Most of the memories weren’t all that great, but others were good. See, we have a chemical in our brain that takes snap shots of events that connect to our emotions, and they stay with us forever! So when you see something that could cause an emotional response, all those thoughts then flood your mind.

This is where we need to do some work. Because I would suspect that most of our thoughts tend to go toward the “not so good” memories. These memories bring torment, and that’s not what God had intended for us. He said to look ahead, not look behind. And when we go through out old stuff, old stuff will come up. So what do we do? Do we just close the box and ignore it? Some do, but if you want to be free, this is what you do.

When you see something that triggers a wrong emotional reaction, stop and think about the situation you were in, who were involved, and forgive!  Repent for any thing you have to repent for, and watch that emotional response to that memory go. You may not ever forget the thing, but the emotional response (which is where your pain is) won’t come!

Here’s a personal encounter I had with this. I would go into one of the bedrooms in my house and would see a picture. It was a picture of Jesus, a very old one. But it triggered guilt in me. And I would feel “bad” thinking about something I did. And it went on for several years, up until last week!! What happened was this. I had a garage sale some years ago, perhaps about 3 or 4, and in that garage sale I sold almost all my Jesus type pictures. There was one in particular that was my husband’s,  he had it for years before I met him. And I really loved it, it was a large picture of Jesus holding his hands out towards you. So I went and spent a lot of money to get it framed. It hung in our living room for over 15 years.

I received a teaching from someone who renounced these pictures. That they are not to be in our home, these are not what Jesus looks like, and we are not to have any image of Him in our homes. So that’s when I decided to sell the pictures. Now every time I look at one of them I didn’t sell, so I put it in the back bedroom, it reminded me of that big picture I sold. It was because it was my husband’s. And that picture made me remember what I did, and made me feel guilty for selling it. It wasn’t that it was a picture of Jesus, it was that it meant something to Tom and I sold it without his approval.

Well, enough was enough I said to myself. And I began to address those thoughts. Why was I really feeling guilty. I do recall forgiving myself for selling it, etc., but the guilt was still there. So I dug deeper. Then I asked myself why did I sell the picture. I sold it because the preacher I respected said we shouldn’t have those pictures in our home. Bingo… I had to forgive the preacher! So when I did, all the guilt left. Now when I look at that picture, there is no emotional response, it’s just a picture.

We all need to make decisions for our own lives, not take anyone’s word for it. I submitted to this preacher, and later realized that he was wrong in this. That what he demonstrated was fear and a religious legalistic response. So, I forgave him then forgave myself for submitting to him in this area.

When we recognize what is going on with that particular emotional response, and forgive all those who were involved in detail as I did, you will find your freedom. I encourage you to “unearth” things in your life that you have buried in boxes, etc., or something that you avoid looking at in your home because it hurts too much, and begin to get victory over it today! Nothing should control you, and if anything, or anyone controls you, those things also need to be dealt with in this same way.. through forgiveness.

May 2 – When You Don’t Like Yourself

May 2, 2010

When you don’t like yourself, everything about you is wrong. And then because of how you feel about yourself, you don’t feel like doing anything, except those things that are wrong…

This blog goes along with one I did a few days ago called, “Don’t let it get on you.” Because friends, every day we have opportunity to “receive” other people’s stuff. Have you ever heard someone say, “Don’t give me your crap?” We need to really understand that, and when someone does give it to us, we don’t take it. So be sure to go back to that blog and read through it, I believe it will really help you live freely every day, as it has for me.

We don’t realize how much other people’s stuff influences us, but it’s not up to them, it’s up to us to recognize it and do something about it.

First let me say that people who do not like themselves are confused all the time, they don’t seem to feel good about the way they look, how they act, etc. Then they wonder why they don’t have any friends, then they feel rejection, because the friends they do have just want to use them. Then self-pity starts in… reminding you of the how things used to be, or what you have missed, or no one loves you. Well, I started feeling all these things myself, just yesterday, and on top of it, I wanted to eat all the chocolate I could find, or potato chips, just junk! I was not loving myself very much, and even feeling a bit rebellious.

I realized that this wasn’t me. What changed that day to make me “feel” so awful abut myself? I was demonstrating all these things like a person who has self hatred, yet I do love myself. Then the Lord showed me. I was with someone who was feeling these very things, and they took root in me. I took on their stuff without even knowing it, because when I got home and just wanted to go to sleep, or eat a lot, or do anything except what was good, I knew something was wrong. So I asked the Lord. And He showed me I had allowed spirits of fear, anger, jealousy, confusion, unloving spirits, and self-hatred and self-pity to come upon me.

We have to remember we are in a spiritual battle. As a matter of fact, my friend got delivered from these things and attitudes that day, but for some reason there was a reason I took them upon myself. So after my “melt down” I then said, “Wait a Minute.. this is not me, this is not God, this is the enemy.” So I took authority over those spirits of anger, unloving, fear, death, hell and destruction, self-pity, rejection, and so on, and told them to GO.. in the name of Jesus. I then began to receive the Father’s Love, because it’s his love that casts things out and keeps them out.

And twala… I was back! All those awful feelings and thoughts were gone!!!

So I knew then they were spirits.

The Lord allowed me to experience these things because He told me that this is what is going on in almost every person’s life. We are contagious. And what we have, we give, and if there is someone susceptible, it could land on them. But the problem is, they don’t know what just happened, and they think it’s them. So they start feeling bad, and then treating other bad, etc., and it catches like fire.

But now that you know, you can stop that fire from burning or from going onto the next person. You can get your peace back, you can live free from other people’s stuff just by: 1) Recognizing when you start to feel bad 2) Forgive whoever is involved 3) Casting out anything that is not of God, 4) Receiving God’s love in place of what just left.

It works folks!  I encourage you to start paying attention to your own condition, and aware of those around you, and then do something about it.