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September 29 – Just “Be”

September 29, 2010

How many of us really are free to just “be” ourselves? Who are you really? Do you know who you are so that you can just “be?” If you find yourself changing for others around you, then you may have a problem just “being” and because of that, struggling in your life.

For example: If you are hanging around church friends, you may act one way. Then around some other friends or family, you act another way. We need to learn who we are, and just be who we are no matter who we are around. That is freedom.

So how do you do that? Here is a one liner that will help you find your self, and find freedom to live. And that is, “be honest” about everything.

Now, there are many of us still working through issues, changing, etc., as the Lord purges and changes us, but in the moment we are “in” that is who we are. That is why it’s important to mix who we are now, with who God wants us to be. That is the only One we are to want to change for. However, He never wants you to come to Him under some other character or pretense. He wants you to come to Him “Just as you are” as the old hymn goes, so that He can work with you. If we go to Him with an attitude of  “I’m okay and don’t need any help or changing” then we’ll remain stuck in our selves. But, if you go to Him daily and say, “I want to change more in your image Father, help me.” Then you are destined to becoming the person you desire to be.

Then, as you continue to be honest, a truer more noble person will come forth.

But in the meantime, we are commanded to be honest. God hates liars, and if we continue to lie about who we are because of “fear of man” then we are in sin. We need to repent, and cooperate with God, even at the risk of losing your reputation or even your friends. Jesus said that anyone who cannot forsake friends, family, etc., is not worthy of Him. So we have to put all our fears of disappointing people aside, and begin to walk in truth, honesty, as we confess our heart daily to the Lord, for Him to change us more in His image.

That is when you’ll really find out who you are so that as you continue learning to “be” you will BEcome more like Him.


September 28 – Voice of Thunder

September 28, 2010

When Jesus was baptized in water by John the baptist, a voice from heaven said, “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.” However, did you know that some didn’t hear that? That some only described it as “thunder?” Have you wondered why? Well, as I asked God, He told me it was because they didn’t recognize His voice. In other words, they weren’t believers, not saved  – yet!

This is also true for people who ARE saved, yet when they hear God’s voice, they only hear “thunder.” Which is judgment, anger, and wrath. But that is also the wrong voice to listen to. God’s voice is gentle, easy to hear, loving and kind. If you don’t hear those words coming from the throne of Grace, then you need to have a little talk with the Lord and repent for listening to the other voice.

There is also another account in the Bible where a prophet was listening to God’s voice, but it wasn’t in the rain, it wasn’t in the whirlwind.. it was a “still small voice.” We have to start listening more to God’s words, not a bunch of noise.

I had a friend here visiting not long ago, and after a bit of conversation, I grabbed my face and drug it down and said, “Oh my… you are listening to so many voices!” We need to have the “one mind” of Christ… one voice, one heart, one God, one baptism, one Father, one, one, one….

It’s like tuning a radio in to a specific station. You get a lot of static and other programs as you tune in.. but then once you find that specific wave, it locks in and it’s clear. That’s the same with God. Locking into His voice, because it is very clear, there is no confusion, no static, no fear…  Only truth, conviction for change, integrity, peace, joy and love.

September 16 – It’s who you know!

September 24, 2010

I was talking with a friend the other day who was getting me a deal on some tickets. She said that she could get me one of two discounts. Because she only knew her her contact somewhat, she got me a friends and family discount. Then told me if she knew her better, she could have gotten me a manager’s deal.

This actually got me thinking about God, and how much we really “know” Him. Some of us have only received “somewhat” from God. Perhaps it’s like this story I just shared, we only receive what we “think” we deserve?? If we really truly “knew” God, this ratio would be totally different. So, how much do you really know of Him? Do you know He is love? Do you know that His love for you is unconditional. Do you know how much he wants you well and healthy and happy? Do you realize that all these blessings in the Word are for you to have today? Did you know that you can’t earn his approval if you are His? If you have any doubts in these areas, then you are cutting your own self off.

This makes total sense because the Bible says, whatever you believe, let it be done unto you. So if you think that you shouldn’t be blessed, then guess what?  You won’t.  Or if you believe God loves others more than you.. then guess what? That is what it will seem like to you. The scriptures also say that “we must believe that He is, and is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” First, we need to believe He is… and all that He is… we believe!!  And then to truly seek Him… diligently… that means on purpose and with focus and determination. Do we do that every day? I think if we did, this world would be so different.

People, we have got to get to know that the Lord has so much for us, and is even trying to force feed us sometimes, but until we are willing to receive, and believe what we are being fed, we won’t come into that place of perfect peace and abundant joy.

So I encourage you to take inventory of your life right now. Are you missing out on any of the blessings written in the word? Then talk to God, your Father right now, and mention this to Him. That you are sorry for not trusting Him like you should, and you open your heart and life to receive every abundant gift He has to offer.

If you still have problems in this area, you can contact us for ministry and prayer at our new office phone #: 530-622-1647.

Go in the name of the Lord…

September 15 – Reason We Are Forgiven

September 15, 2010

I was having a little chat with the Lord the other day on my drive to work. I was thinking of all the trouble in the world. The many people with issues, sins, evil in the world, etc. And as I said to the Lord, “Father please forgive us!!!!” My heart cried out, and I heard Him say. I have.

Then He showed me something I’ve never seen nor heard before. He said, “It’s not only what Jesus DID on the cross that saves, it’s what he SAID on the cross that saves– Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

If Jesus didn’t give us pardon on the cross, we wouldn’t have the mercy today to live and choose and without “immediate” consequences. What I mean, is that mercy is God giving us time to catch up to His truth. That is why so much seems irratic and sometimes doesn’t make sense. But, there is a reason, it’s His mercy because of what Jesus Said…  So God remembers the words of His Son, and every day gives us more time to figure things out.

Thank you Jesus!!!  For your Word is power, and overcomes the world.