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October 25 – Sarcasm.. what is the root of that?

October 25, 2010

Have you ever wondered why people are sarcastic sometimes? I believe sarcasm means saying something jokingly, but really meaning it. Did you know that this is sin? The Bible says not to “jest” (Ephesians 5:4) Why? Because most jesting is “about” someone… Have you noticed that comics always talk about people that hurt them? Or offended them? They freely talk about Aunt Marge that did this or that. It’s their way of saying the truth without having to be straight about it or take responsibility for it.

Recently I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine. She said something and I responded with sarcasm. Then it bounced back and forth.. and I believe the enemy sat on the side lines and just watched the game!  It seemed like we were playing, but it wasn’t. We were treading in the enemy’s playing field. So then the Lord stopped me in the middle of it and showed me what was going on, I then realized sarcasm is not from Him.

See, when my friend said something, it actually offended me. It was a small offense, nothing to really get upset about, but enough to respond to – which is sarcasm.

What should have happened is instead of entertaining thoughts of being offended, to have simply said in my heart, “I forgive you.” Then the sarcasm never would have happened.

How many times do you talk to others like this? How many talk to you like this? All this is deceit. We aren’t being honest with our feelings, and we think by shrugging it off being silly is the answer. But it only covered the initial pain, gave it a right to stay, and will only wreak havoc later. Believe me, if things like this aren’t dealt with right away, they will build up. That is why so many “blow” up because it just kept piling up, and someone gave you the “last straw”.

So what is the root? If you haven’t guessed… it is offense. Someone pushed your button, or ticked you off that dropped offense in your spirit. So what is the antidote? Forgiveness.  If we forgive quickly, nothing will take root in our heart to cause this ping-pong game to start. John 20:23 says to forgive others lest we take on their junk… And love overlooks an offense, as found in scripture as well.

In the case with my friend, I was able to share this revelation with her, I forgave her, and she forgave me. We were back to square one again, without any hidden pain or resentment. Cool eh?


October 23 – You Lie You Die….

October 23, 2010

I remember watching a TV show the other day, and a character, I think it was a child was saying, “You lie, you die..” over and over as a game. But I grabbed hold of that and began thinking about it.

God is true, and every man a liar, is what I read in scriptures. So, if every man is a liar, then we are subject to die. Well, that is in fact true, so that is why God sent His Son, so we could be “covered” of all our sins and be presented holy before the Lord.

But what I’m wanting to get at is, the everyday things we do and say. Remember the couple in the Bible who lied to the Holy Ghost (found in Acts)? They were struck down dead on the spot because they lied. And that was the New Testament! So what does that mean to us? Will we be struck down dead “when” we lie? Don’t know of anyone that happened to like that. But how many of us are battling sickness that is incurable? How many are dealing with poor circumstances? I have to wonder if this is God’s mercy prolonging the inevitable giving us “time” to get things right. To come to Him and repent for what we are carrying around. He said He is coming back for a church without spot or blemish. Could these things be spots and blemishes? We wonder why we have to go through so much pain. It’s not that God doesn’t love us, it’s that He does. Because those things have to go! And the only way we are able to endure these things is when we walk in truth. In my previous blog, I talked about “brutal truth.” It is so important to walk in peace (truth) with all men, if at all possible (as the Bible says in Romans 12:18).

See, we have to get our heart in line with truth, at whatever the cost may be. because if you want to live the fullness of God’s glory, opening your life to all His benefits in Christ Jesus, then we have to be truthful always, repent when we fall into sin and “accidentally” lie. You know what I mean. Saying things to someone that isn’t quite true. If you can’t say it truthfully, don’t say it at all. But, you know why we lie right? Because of fear of man. What they will think of us, what they will do, and what they will say if we don’t say and do what they expect of us. We have to be more concerned of what God can do to us than what man… The Bible says to fear God who can cast both body and soul into hell…. (Luke 12:5)  Man can’t do that.

This is a hard teaching, but truth is often hard to comprehend. I hope that we are all willing to be as honest and truthful with God in your hearts with everything, no matter how ugly or embarrassing it is… because then and only then will you find true peace, forgiveness, and love resulting in all the desires of your heart.

October 22 – Brutal Truth

October 22, 2010

For years now, my husband and I have so enjoyed each other. We have found the secret to a happy and successful marriage… it’s in living the truth. When my husband and I were explaining this to someone, I said, “We have this kind of relationship because we walk in truth..” Then I added, “brutal truth” and my husband laughed, because it was truly brutal. It meant we said things to each other that was so truthful, it was also painful. When someone is honest, really honest, it could hurt. We may “feel” a pain, a tug, something being pulled out, something being added, etc., but if we didn’t get offended and run away, it would turn into revelation, forgiveness, and ultimate peace. But what happens is that when someone gets honest, the other person clams up, gets offensive, shuts down, and goes into rejection, bitterness and fear. That’s the enemy’s plan!!!! But beloved, if we would stay put, allow the cutting away of our lives from the Holy Spirit through the truth another is saying, getting rid of the pride that could be causing you to defend yourself, you WILL come out on the other side, bringing you peace and joy, the very thing you desire. But…. it comes with a price… are you willing to pay it?

Now I have a friend that this is happening to. We have gone through so much because she is living with us for a while, and when another person comes into the mix, things change in the home. So the nice peaceful place where my husband and I had worked for, needed to make room for another. This was a huge stretch for me, but knowing it’s God’s will right now, He gave us grace. So for the past month (that’s how long she has been here) almost every day (and I mean every day) the Lord has been pushing, tugging, pulling, dragging, weeping and gnashing of teeth is in there somewhere too, to get stuff out of us so we can walk congrugent. I recall the blog I did the other day about iron sharpens iron. But we forget that there is a lot of “stuff” that gets rubbed away too, to bring sharpen us. And that’s what is happening now. It took my husband almost 15 years of our 21 years to “become one” in our mind and heart so we can live peaceably with one another. We knocked into each other – if you know what I mean – and now we walk side by side.. because of that “brutal truth” we lived.

Now with my new friend, the same thing is happening. There were nights we cried, we got hurt, we prayed and prayed about what God was doing, and so on. But now we got to the other side and all that “stuff” we had in us had been removed, and it all was because we were brutally truthful with each other, mixed with prayer and forgiveness, to get us to the other side. What does Brutally truthful really mean? It means we didn’t cover coat the truth by saying, “I really don’t like when you do that.” But would say “why” we didnt’ like when they did that. It was like we were scraping the bottom of the barrel to get at ALL the truth, the roots behind what we say, etc., and it came out of our mouth very cutting, hurting, and brutal. But… this is the cool part. We knew we had to go there in order to have the life we are living today. Just the other day someone came up to my friend and I and said, “You two are an anomaly, I want what you have.” We looked at each other and said, “Are you sure you want to pay the price? Because it’s going to cost you and it could be painful!”

Jesus gave His life so we could have peace, wasn’t it painful for Him? And now we need to find a way to get that into our personal lives with each other. And how did Jesus do it? Through being truthful and walking in forgiveness. He offended so many with the “cutting” (brutal) truth… But he didn’t hold back. That is what we have to do with each other. Be as truthful as possible, nothing held back, and then cover it with prayer, forgiveness, and love with each other and ourselves. If we hide something from someone because we are “afraid” of what they will do, then you’ll never find the peace and joy of living in the abundance God has, because He is PURE truth. We need that pure truth. If you really want to live in the holiness and righteousness of Christ, we will need to choose to be honest. There are passages in scripture that says God is true and in Him is no lies. This is pure holiness. It’s not that we’ll do everything right, it’s that our hearts are clean and transparent before God and man… and THEN people will see you and say, “I want what you have.”

My husband and I have such an awesome marriage that people have often said to us, “I want the kind of marriage you have.” But it came with a price. We had to be completely honest in EVERY area of our lives. I had to tell him things that were hard to say, but once they were said, we became freer and freer. And if it was something that hurt him, he knew to forgive me. So with honesty AND forgiveness with every person in our life, we will weed out those that aren’t really our friends, and will make those closer that are. Then peace really comes with all the benefits the Lord has for us.

Now I’m not saying to just go around and speak your mind to everyone, that is not wisdom, and can do more harm than good. This is not the truth I’m talking about. I’m talking about things that you have been praying about, things that have been tormenting you in your mind and heart that you need to share with another person to bring peace to both sides. Mixed with humility, love, forgiveness and compassion, will be the key that allows the “real” truth to be spoken, and opens up the windows of heaven to pour into your life blessings.

October 13 – Irons Sharpens Iron

October 13, 2010

There is a scripture in the Bible that talks about having someone with you whenever you do ministry. Or having a friend or a spouse so that when you fall they can help you get back up. We read it all through the scriptures.

What I want to focus on here is what my  husband said to me the other day that really caused me to stop and look at these passages differently. He said that we need someone to bounce things off with so that our junk gets exposed. It’s like the scripture that says “Iron sharpens Iron.” Someone whom you can trust to love you and share their heart with you for you… not for them and what they need, but for your good.  I have that with my husband. Sometimes it’s hard to hear the truth, but we need each other to be able to work our out salvation with fear and trembling. Others see us better than we see ourselves sometimes, and we need to listen when someone comes to us with a complaint. Not to get offensive or pushed out of shape… but take in what the person is saying and then simply go to God and ask Him about it. Because as you know, not everything people say to you or about is true, there is an accuser at work here… but we really won’t know the truth until we are willing to listen to others and take it to the Lord.

Most of the time I’ve done this, the people were correct. I had some areas in my life needing to be adjusted. As I repented and allowed God to work, those things were dealt with. But if we try living alone, no one to talk to, no one to share with, we may be living a lie or deceiving ourselves without even knowing it. I call it a “POR” Point of Reference. Some form of Truth to bounce back to. It’s like that old saying that says, “We can’t see the trees in the forest.” Things could be right before our eyes but it may take someone ‘outside’ our forest to help us see.

Perhaps you heard the expression, “They are sandpaper to me.” In other words, there is someone in your life that just grinds on you. This is no accident. It’s this same principle at work. Someone else’s life is helping the Lord expose stuff in you so that you deal with those things and get free.

If you don’t have someone like that, then go find someone. The Bible says to make a friend, show yourself friendly. If you are self-conscious or shy, this is fear at work and will keep you isolated. Repent to God for that and ask for His perfect love to be deposited in you, because it’s His love that casts out all fear and torment, then pull up your boot straps and go out into the world and live and be all you can be for the Kingdom.

October 12 – When hurting doesn’t heal

October 12, 2010

Have you ever forgiven someone and yet still hurt from what they did to you? Or do you know of someone who hurt you so badly that you don’t want to forgive thinking you let them off the hook?

Hurting can only stay when we haven’t had the pain removed. It’s like saying, “I have a splinter… you are looking at the splinter, you know it’s there, but you haven’t removed it. Then one day you decide you have been in pain long enough, and remove the sticker. But in that removal, the pain intensified a bit, but once it was out the pain stopped almost immediately. (Well unless you had to dig for it and made a bigger hole that what the splinter did…)

This is the reason the pain is still there. You know what people did, you may have even said “I forgive you” but you can’t trust them again, you still hurt when you see them, you are still sad inside. Can we truly be rid of that hurt and pain? YES and again I say Yes.  And here is what the Lord showed me on how to not only forgive with my mouth, but forgive from my heart, and only when we truly forgive from our heart does the pain leave!

I’ve heard many pastors teach to forgive, no matter what it feels like, just be obedient and forgive. And that is true, but there is a fine line here. Because we can obey, but if our heart isn’t in it, what then? The Lord only looks up on our heart condition. Regardless if you said the words “I forgive you” or not, he sees what is really going on. And that’s the place we need to get to too. Because we are taught to forgive, but forgive from our heart! What does that mean?

It means that when you say, “I forgive you” the fruit of that is like nothing ever happened. So that when you see that person again, there is no “memory of wrong done.” Isn’t that one of the fruit from the love chapter? Doesn’t keep track of wrongs done to us? Pain comes when we keep track. Now the truth is, we may not forget what the person did, it actually can be used later to help others with, but the pain associated with that memory will not be there.

There are so many things I’ve done in my life that I could still feel “guilty” for.. that is pain, right? But no more. I’m free. I’m enjoying my life. Because I learned this principle of forgiveness.. So now the hurting got healed in my heart and life, and now out sharing this simple truth with others, and now with you!

So this is what the Lord taught me one day while having my morning talk with Him:

He taught that I needed to make a list of every person in my life that still torments my heart. People who I said I forgave but the pain is still there. Or people I flat out didn’t want to forgive. There is a passage of scripture we may all be familiar with that says “If we don’t forgive others, neither will God forgive us.” So we want to forgive others if we are true believers. I bet many of you have forgiven all these individuals because you followed the Word. But this list only has the names of those individuals that you forgave, but there is a But…  For example: I love you, but… I never want to see you again.  I love you, but… I won’t trust you again. I love you But… I am going to make you pay for what you did. Anytime there is a “but” after forgiveness, it’s conditional forgiveness. God’s love is unconditional, his forgiveness is unconditional, so ours must be to others.

Now I’m not saying forgive people and allow them to continue abusing you. That’s not what this is about. This is about our daily living, people all around us, people we know and people we don’t know. Because every day we have opportunity to be hurt. Not only do I want to help you get free from past hurts, but any hurts to come! To stay free so that they don’t stick in the first place. So hang in with me a bit more…

Now take one name, the one that is really at the top of your heart, a recent hurt perhaps, or maybe a long-lost love, etc., and put that name at the top of the piece of paper. Then draw a line down the middle of the paper making 2 columns. On the left side, write down all those hurtful things they did. Now I know, you’ve done this before.. but there is something else to be learned here that will truly help. So just go along here for a minute.

Now as you take a look at that list, can you change those things that happened? No. Can you change the person? No of course we can’t. Sometimes those individuals have even passed away. But.. there is something you can change that is the link to this whole thing… your heart toward that person, and this is how you do that.

On the right side, write down all the things you became BECAUSE of that stuff written on the left side. Let’s say someone lied to you.. how did that make you feel? Unloved, no longer trusting, fear, anger, depression?  You get the picture. Just write down all those things you “feel” because of their offense toward you.

Take a look at those things you wrote down. What are they? They are sins. Actually, these are sins of the other person that you took on to yourself because of not forgiving from your heart. Once that pain drops into your heart, you “took” that sin into yourself. Let me share a scripture that supports this found in John 20:23 “whosesoever sins you remit they are remitted to them, whosoever sins are retained they are retained.” This means that whoever sins you don’t forgive, you get them! Ouch! But if you forgive them, they are returned back upon them, and there is no pain.

So what we need to do to forgive them from our heart is have a clean heart before God. See, those sins that you retained are now yours. And what does the Bible say to do with sins? Confess them as found in 1 John 1:9 “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” So simply take that list to the Lord and confess them to Him. Allow His forgiveness to remove those sins from your heart. These are the things keeping the “pain” alive. It’s not even what the person did to you that is making the pain, it’s what you “retained” from that relationship that makes the pain.

So go ahead, confess them now…  I’ll wait…

Now that you have a clean heart toward that person you can now forgive from your “clean” heart! See, we try forgiving people with all that bitterness, anger, resentment, fear, wrath, inside us.. It just doesn’t work. We have to go to God first with our sins, allow Him to cleanse us after our confession and repentance, then we are free to forgive the others!

So many that I have taught this principle to have truly gotten rid of their pain! They are now free to live, free to give, free to be. It does take time, especially if we have a lot of people to forgive from our heart. As with me, there were so many I can’t even count them all. But I am free, the pain is gone, and now I’m sharing with the world this simple truth that is setting people free!

1 John 1:9 also says not only will he forgive you, but will cleanse you of ALL unrighteousness. Have you ever thought what that is? It’s the residue of that sin that tried to  take root in your heart and life. It’s allowing you to see God as a just God, a defender of the weak, a lover of His children. Because if we don’t see God this way, it also opens us up for pain to come.

We have to get our hearts healed with God as our loving Father first, so if you have any anger or blame against Him, confess these things to Him so you are clean, so you can even forgive yourself, so you can truly forgive others.

So hurting can heal, when we forgive everyone from our hearts, forgive ourselves, and confess any unforgiveness, blame, anger, or disappointments toward God.

October 9 – Bare One Another’s Burdens

October 10, 2010

Several years now I’ve been teaching on how to bare one another’s burdens to fulfill the law of Christ. But many have taken that scripture as their responsibility to “carry” one another’s burdens. That’s not what it means. I’ve worked with so many people who have chronic fatigue or just plain tired all the time, no energy,  no hope, and those in ministry got burnout and quit. It’s because they have been carrying the world on THEIR shoulders! Jesus is the only one that has carried the world on His shoulders. And when we do it, we are playing God. We need to repent for thinking we are the burden barer or scapegoat…we aren’t. We need to put that back on Jesus where it belongs.

There could be times we have to physically carry someone because their arms get tired – like Moses when his two friends held up his arms. Or the man who was let down the roof on a bed by his friends to get healed. But we were never to carry another person’s emotional junk. If anything, we are to help them get rid of it… not co-exist with it nor carry it with them.

The other day I made a phone call, and she had to go and check on something on my account and she said, “Please bare with me..” Then a light bulb went on… this is the example I’ve been looking for to help explain how this works. What was this woman saying? She was saying, be patient and hang in there with me… That’s what baring one another’s burdens is. To hang in there with those who need you with love, forgiveness, and patience. But we start getting into trouble when we “think” we are to “carry” their stuff. Frankly friend, you have enough stuff of your own to carry, God never intended you to carry other’s.

So, today, if you are feeling like you are the one holding your family together, or helping a sick friend, or carrying something that is not yours… you need to repent and tell the Lord you are sorry for not trusting Him to carry all these things. When we do this, we will get free from the heaviness of spirit (depression, sadness, chronic fatigue, etc) and be returned to peace and joy… THEN… you will be ready to help bare one another’s burdens to fulfill the law of Christ. And that law is simply to love each other, forgive each other, and support each other, encourage each other, and be there for each other.

2 Timothy 2:23-24 tells us that we are not to strive with others, but be patient, teaching all men the truth to make them free from the enemy’s plans. So this tells us to have patience, and continue to teach, be an example, a mentor. Even Paul said to “follow” me as I have followed Christ. We are to lead people to the only one who can bare all our sorrows and sufferings. Paul never carried anyone’s stuff that I can see. So why do we?

As a minister, we have to get this principle down, because we cannot be of any use if we try to “carry” everyone’s stuff! We have to point the individual to Jesus for Him to carry them. The scriptures say to those who are burdened down to go to Him and He will give you rest. It doesn’t say to go to your pastor to give you rest. So we first must point the individual to the Lord to carry their stuff and heal their hurts. Our job is to point them in the right direction, pray for them, love them, and just come along side letting them know you understand and that they aren’t alone. When we do this, we fulfill the law and remain free help the next person the Lord brings to us.

October 8 – Sowing Seeds that Stick

October 8, 2010

Boy, what a week! Yesterday I wrote a blog about healing, and then not many days before, a blog about being “depleted.” And I did exactly what I said I wasn’t going to do!

I learned a huge revelation regarding healing, so immediately I shared it with everyone yesterday. Then the Lord reminded me that I needed to meditate on that revelation and get it from my head into my heart, making it mine, and then share the fruit or the over flow of that revelation.

It reminds me of the man who sowed seed in the ground. When the sower sowed, the enemy came to snatch it away. That’s what the enemy has been doing in my life. Every time I would get a revelation, the first thing I want to do is “give it away” to someone. Share it in teaching, whatever and however. Instead of first meditating on it, eating it, studying it, praying over it for myself first! Because He wants me to be filled up with that truth BEFORE trying to give anything away. Because what I’m giving away is the piece intended for me! So if I give away what He’s given me, I’m not “filled.” So that is why I would “feel” depleted.

So that is changing, even now. Because I know how the enemy thinks…  He will use whatever he can to steal, kill and destroy us. And even someone who is a Christian, a teacher, and wants to only do what is right… will use that and twist it, and rob from us. He knew that because I am a spiritual being I would give it away too quickly. So now that I see he wants to rob me of God’s blessings, I am going to change all that. It is up to me! The Bible says in 2 Timothy 2:23-24 to recover “ourselves” from the snare of the devil. So it’s up to us folks.

So, we can change now. Even though I did share my revelation quickly, because now I see the truth, I can go back and continue studying and meditating. When before, I would give away the revelation, and go about my day…  Yes, it did make an impact on me, but it didn’t stay with me for long…

I hope my sharing and exposing these things in my life with you, truly helps you in your own life. That is the only reason I share all these things I go through. I am a minister and teacher and my hearts desire is to help as many daily as I can come into the knowledge, power, and saving grace of Jesus Christ.

So if we want the seeds to stick that were sown from scripture, then really chew it up.. mediate on it, pray every which way you can to be sure it’s rooted and grounded in you, and as it fills you up and begins to overflow, that’s what you give away. As it brings fruit, that’s what you give away, the fruit!  Actually, fruit comes when you give away your overflow.

Yes, the Bible talks about giving all you have… like the widows mite. She gave everything she had, all her living, to the Lord. We aren’t talking about money, or things, we are talking about our heart condition, and revelations God is teaching us daily. We are to still give ourselves daily a living sacrifice, and give to those who have need, etc., but we need to get ourselves established in what He’s teaching us before we can go out and truly teach others.

October 7- Can You Heal Others?

October 7, 2010

My desire has always been to lay hands on the sick and they recover. After all, that is one of the signs that John talks about in the gospel, that follow those who believe. I have been able to pray for some, and it happens, but not every time. So I have asked God for the ability to see more results in this area. Since I am in a ministry that helps people find healing and freedom, it is something that I need to see happen more.

The Lord led me into this ministry in 1996, and though I’ve seen hundreds be ministered to and healed emotional and spiritually, I’ve not seen as many get healed physically. Yes, I have prayed for people to get healed, really amazing miracles that took place, but I want to see more! I would imagine if you are in a ministry yourself, you would like to see more too? So that has been my prayer since the birth of this ministry.

So as I was reading though Acts Chapter 3, I was shown why I haven’t experienced more than I have. And perhaps you too have been wondering the same thing? Well hopefully this insight I got this morning will also help you.

Paul just got done healing a crippled man who sat in a doorway (gate) to a city. Everyone knew of his health issue. But when Paul said “in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise and walk” and he did, people came running from all around to see who these men were who healed the lame man. I’m sure many wanted to be healed too.

But what did Paul say? He said, “You came running to see us, but it’s not us, it’s God’s power and holiness that healed. Healing came from the same man who you crucified not many days before!”

So I checked my heart to see if I was wanting to gain credit? Only God knows my deeper intentions. I had believed in my heart that all glory goes to God, that is what my mind says, but what did my heart really say? Because many of us need approval, to be loved and accepted, and if we still have those issues, I don’t believe we’ll be able to do these kinds of signs and wonders, because we’ll tend to take the glory. God will not share the miracle with anyone! For example: Many play the lottery, but perhaps you never will win because of what you will do with the money “if” you did win? You may have said you’ll tithe it, you’ll build an orphanage, you’ll do it for the Kingdom of God, but God really knows what you’ll do with it.  Our intentions are noble, but the reality may not be as noble as we would like. (I’m not condoning playing the lottery at all, just giving an example.)

The same with healing others. Because though I want to give God all glory, there may be a little something in me still wanting the credit. So this morning, I asked God to reveal that in me so I can repent!! Remember that a little leaven, leavens the whole lump. So even if a drop of “needing approval” is in the mix, it will mess up everything and I won’t get the results I desire.

That’s all we need to do. Repent and ask God to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. And to make our motives right in this area. That was the first thing I saw in this chapter.

Then as I continued reading on, the 2nd area came up. Truly something I have not see in this light before. Paul said that we need to use His (Jesus’) name and have FAITH IN His name to heal. As I read this, I have always “used” His name when praying for people, I’m sure you have too, but where was my faith? I realized it was in how much faith I could muster up for that situation. But the truth is, it’s having faith alright, but faith in His Name to heal, not in my faith to heal. This really releases me. Because sometimes I didn’t “feel” I had enough faith at that moment to pray for someone so I wouldn’t, even if they were in a lot of pain. I didn’t want to fail or look like I didn’t have enough faith to heal. I didn’t want to offer something and not come through. Fear was working over time here. But, now I truly believe I am free from all that because of the Truth that just made me free! (John 8:32) It’s not about my faith to heal someone, it’s having faith alright, but faith to believe in His name to heal!

So I asked God to help me have this kind of faith. Not that I have to muster up a bunch of faith to heal… but have faith simply in Jesus’ name to heal. That way I can’t get any credit, even if I tried! Because my heart is in the right place, and my motives are pure. So this realization not only helped me see where I needed to pray about faith, but also caused the motives of my heart to be corrected.

I am truly looking forward from this day on, a change in my heart and in the way I pray for people, and  looking forward to seeing more results when laying hands on the sick because now I know it’s only in praying “in” the name of Jesus, but it’s through my believing in the power of His name, that people will get healed. Maybe some of you are saying, “I knew this, this is elementary stuff.”  So let me ask you a question: What happens when you pray for people to get a physical healing?

October 4 – Are You Depleted?

October 4, 2010

I was talking with a friend last night as we were sharing about how we sometimes feel exhausted or depleted when we just ministered to someone. It reminds me of the prophet in the Bible who did wonderful things, saw signs and wonders and then the next minute runs away and hides under a tree! Have you ever felt that way? One minute you are shouting off the rooftops all of God’s glory, the next minute, want the world to stop so you can get off?

There are other times we go through a huge revelation that impacts us greatly, and instantly we want to share it with others. Then as we do, we find ourself depleted.

Why?  It’s because we have not kept anything for ourself. And I’m not talking about being ‘selfish’ I’m talking about “receiving” what your Father in Heaven intended for you and ONLY you! He has gifts to impart to you, he has secrets to share with you and you alone. We have to recognize those times so that we soak in what He is doing “in” us, so we have what we need to further His kingdom.

See, if we take what we learned or received and run out and give it away immediately, we will not have what we need to stand strong or have anything for the next person that may come along. We’ll find ourselves spiritually beaten down, and exhausted. Many even have left the church because of this.

It reminds me of the 10 talents. The people didn’t go and give those talents away that the master gave them, they took what they had and duplicated it! What we are doing sometimes is giving away the very things we are to build off of.. so that is when we start feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

What we need to do is allow God to work IN that revelation or new thing He showed us, and allow it to be pressed down inside us, so that when He continues pouring Himself into us, there will be an overflow! That overflow is what we are to use to bless others with. The Bible says that our “cup runneth over.” It’s that “runneth over” stuff that we need to allow happen in our lives. But if we aren’t yet full, how can it begin to run over?

He loves us, and He wants us to have His best IN us… but if we run out and give it away too quickly, we haven’t been “rooted and grounded” or “filled up” with it! So that is why we find ourselves a powerful teacher, exhorter, minister one minute, and the next sitting in a chair in your house crying and sucking your thumb.  You know who you are… I know that’s what I’ve done..

But no more!!!  I am going to allow God’s love to fill me, and the Holy Spirit to “continue” filling me, for me… so that so much comes that the overflow splashes on people around me.

As a minister, I was taught by other ministers that it’s natural to be exhausted or depleted after doing a seminar. Yes, there is a human element to it if we haven’t gotten the proper rest. But..  if we feel depleted spiritually, then we weren’t filled up to the brim and overflowing in the first place.

Let’s take time for our vessel to get filled up before trying to give it away. Because truthfully, we won’t have to “try to give it away” if we are overflowing… it will just bless those around us without us even trying!

October 3 – Standing Strong

October 3, 2010
This morning I woke up and felt led to read Ephesians Chapter 6. It is filled with awesome life changing truths… for example: When we honor our parents, we are promised a long life. When we deal with our children, we are to do so in a nurturing and loving way. When we work, we are to work unto the Lord so He returns blessings… not man… stuff like that. But what I wanted to specifically address was found in vs. 13… “Wherefore, take to you the whole armor of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, stand.”
We have read this over and over, and we actually probably have it memorized in some form. But then we go on to see what that armor is… but I want us to take a look at the scripture I just quoted. I never read it this way before, perhaps you haven’t either, and I believe it will truly help many of us who find themselves in a huge struggle/trial and not sure where God is???
There is a word in there I never saw before…. WITH stand… Hmmm…. my practical mind looked at that word and to me it means…. standing with all that junk we are going through. In other words, being able to stand even IN the midst of our trials. So many of us just want to get past it, and then ‘stand’ but that’s not what it is saying. Jesus even warns us of trials and persecutions that will come to us, but He will be with us IN them.. not necessarily have us avoid them.
This gives me a new view on life. That as we go through things… He is WITH us… and we can stand WITH the stuff…
Recently I felt like I was in a melting pot about ready to explode… and I did a bit. My husband calls them “melt-downs.” I haven’t had one for a long time where I just felt overwhelmed to the point I didn’t know what to do except run away or hide under a rock for a few days. Some may even find themselves in a bottle, the refrigerator, shopping, TV, etc. The problem is, we go wherever we go… and since that “melt-down” can only come from us… hmmm….
It was because I felt for a minute God had left me somehow… I was being asked to do something I didn’t feel quite ready to do, and I got a bit confused. Then when confusion sets in, so does doubt and unbelief, and pretty soon, you are falling underneath a bunch of stuff in your “thinking” and want to run away. The truth is, we have the power and ability to take every thought captive and get the victory – just like we talk about in my new book called “What Was I Thinking?” (You can order a copy today at Sometimes it hits like a flood that we were so unprepared, all we could do is fall under the flood… But…. WITHin that stuff… God is there. It may seem like He isn’t, but His Word is true. We have to “on purpose” think like God thinks!
But as I was “enduring” something this past week, it hurt really bad. Something in me was changing, pulling, tugging, cutting, and I cried… I felt like I was in a birth canal, and I understand through medical research that it is a painful experience for a baby. There is NO WAY to stop the delivery once it starts. However, we can slow it down by dragging our feet in the spirit by falling into fear, having doubt of what God is doing, doubting He is there… etc.. But the birthing is inevitable.
I like the scripture, “Come let us reason together says the Lord…” That means, simply cooperate with God, cause you are going to have to go through this thing anyway, but will you go peacefully or kicking and screaming? Well, for me… I went kicking and screaming… but I came out on the other end. Truly exhausted but… through it. God is faithful even when we aren’t, to see things through. He may have to drag us along, but He never goes backwards.
What I’m saying is that everyone has to go through some things from time to time. It’s a test of our faith, whether we will continue to believe God or not… Like Job said, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.” In other words this is what this says to me: “Though I have this hard thing I’m going through that God hasn’t delivered me from yet, I will put my mind on the truth, and still trust He loves me and is with me and will trust all things will work out for good.”
As I put my mind on those things, it got easier and easier, pretty soon I was free!
I like that! I hope you do too… because it will be the difference the next time a trial comes hard and pressing how we will “WITH-it-stand.”