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Where does paralysis come from?

December 30, 2010

This morning in the wee hours, I awoke with the word “paralysis” in my mind. I began thinking this through based on the knowledge I already have in the area of sickness and disease…  and saw something quite fascinating.

I am not a doctor or in the medical field, but I am a Christian minister and see how things connect Biblically and medically in most every area of our lives. And this one became more clear to me as the Holy Spirit showed me a truth, which is “the” truth that makes us free, heals and delivers.

To have paralysis means we are paralyzed. Bells palsy causes the nerves in the face to freeze up… when people have strokes, their one side of the body freezes up… and I’ve experienced and have heard others experience times in sleep, that paralysis hits the body, including the inability to even speak a word and the only way of breaking free is to call out the name of Jesus…

So I began asking God about this… and this is what He showed me. Paralysis comes from being separated from God, self or others in any given situation. It comes when we haven’t felt loved or treated well from others. If we have been hurt and abandoned and never dealt with it, we will internalize it and will cause us to hurt and abandon ourselves – long term – potential disease.

Since we are living beings, and our body is alive because of our soul and spirit that is in us, and if a part of our soul and spirit is wounded, a part of our body is also wounded.. and results in some sort of paralysis. It doesn’t have to be a physical disorder, it could be emotional or spiritual. How many of us “freeze” in front of crowds. How many are “stuck” in their walk as a Christian? This is paralysis in the spirit. Since the spirit is still there in other areas, it affects only parts of the body… that makes total sense. When the spirit and soul leaves the body at the end of one’s life, the body is completely paralyzed… it cannot move any more, it’s dead… it’s often referred to as “dead weight.” So what “dead weight” are we carrying around in our spirit? What is causing us to feel “dread” in doing something? The Bible says to lay aside every sin that easily besets us… what is beset? dead weight!

I was watching “The Next Generation” star trek last night, and one of the characters Wesley was talking to a time traveler… and the time traveler told Wesley that he was “sacred” that he needs to treat himself as such oatherwise he is desecrating the holy temple.  That spoke volumes to me. If we don’t care for our lives… being Christians… and if we abandon or not take care of that which is holy, we are desecrating the temple. The Bible says that when we do that, sickness is just around the corner! (1 Corinthians 3:17 If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy, for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.)

Pretty strong words… and this is talking to us! His Children.. not unsaved…

So how do we desecrate the temple? Through self-hatred, self-hurt, self-bitterness, and if prolonged, can cause us to separate ourselves from ourselves. There are actual diseases that separate tissue from the body…  the same reason applies. When we separate ourselves long enough emotionally from ourselves, our body will follow – that causes dis-ease. We are not at “ease” in our skin. And only peace can keep our bodies balanced that produces health. And peace comes when our hearts and minds are congruent.

So what is the remedy? To repent for not treating our temple as holy. For not forgiving others that have wronged us. And for not forgiving and loving ourselves properly. That is it friends… God made the way easy… we just have to find it and follow it…

If you have not had paralysis or other diseases as such, by following this simple truth, you are preventing any from coming…  So win win for all. Cool eh?


Do you have a cold, flu or sinus infection?

December 28, 2010

My questions are: How was your Christmas? Were you disappointed in anything or any one? Did someone not give you a gift that you expected? Did someone forget to send you a Christmas card? Did you feel left out at your family gathering?  Were you misunderstood? Were you sad? Did old painful memories come up?

So why do I ask these questions? Because the immune system gets compromised when we have been hurt in any way shape or form. And that is why, my friends, it happens “during the holidays.” It’s NOT the season of colds and flu, it’s the season to be hurt!

Children are sick at this time too…  do you have any sick children? They may have been disappointed themselves in some way. Maybe they felt these same things too. Their systems have been compromised. That is why we have to be honest and truthful about Christmas… yes, there is a time to have some fun with it… but if it comes a health issue, we need to come clean with them…

The Bible says that a broken heart dries up the bones. Let me give you a little anatomy lesson here, you can find it in any medical journal. But when our heart is broken, it dries up the fluid in our bones! And medically proven when that happens it breaks our immune system down. Fear is the culprit, too much cortisol destroys the T-cells that fight off intruders. But if they have been compromised, they can’t do their job!

So what do we do? We get our hearts healed. Jesus is the healer of the broken hearted. So we have to take all those painful memories or what happened during this season to the Lord, and forgive every single person that disappointed us, including ourselves. Forgiveness is the antidote for restoring your immune system.

Hurting people hurt people… and they cannot give you what they don’t have for themselves. I had this happen to me this Christmas too. I put so much thought into a gift, and that person found something around the house and wrapped it to me… you know… it may have happened to you at one time. And so I was disappointed with her… I expected more from her, or I wished she didn’t even give me anything, I could have dealt with that better. So I had to go to God with my broken heart. Because I took care of it quickly, my immune system wasn’t compromised, and no illness.  I had to forgive her, I repented for having that expectation from her because the Lord showed me that this was all she had to give… cause her own heart is broken. When he showed me that, I had compassion for her… not contempt… I had love for her… not anger or resentment. And because my heart was restored and filled with the Lord, my body didn’t get compromised.

So if you are sick today.. .stop and think through these questions… be honest with yourself… it’s between you and God. Simply go to Him…  confess your heart, let Him heal it, and restore it to perfect peace… because with peace comes perfect homeostasis… balance in your chemicals…  and health is restored. Sometimes when I get sick I say, “Who hurt me?” And every time… the Lord would show me, and I would forgive them.. my cold time was cut in half!

December 23 – Who is sitting on the throne…. of your life?

December 23, 2010

Friends, I have a wonderful poem to share. I woke up this morning and wrote it as quickly as I wrote this blog… so it is surely from the Lord. Last night I helped a friend…  she was in torment in an area in her life that couldn’t quite put her finger on. Then… after we spent time with the Lord praying, confessing, repenting, etc., the real culprit was exposed… it was that of self. “Self” was on the throne.  And when we addressed it at that moment, it left… brightness filled the room, healing came, hope was restored, and her life was drastically changed never to be the same again! Here is the poem:

Who is sitting on the throne?   Of your life…

We sing songs of glory, how the Lord has filled the earth
How he made all creation, and even gave new birth

We talk of all his blessings and promises He said
We thank Him for the way, into our lives He’s led

We pray to Him in petition, when we have a need
And thank Him for the answer, even though it’s just a seed

We believe him for our desires, according to his word
And thank him for the times, our lives He’s restored

We cast out evil spirits, lay hands upon the sick
We pray in faith for restoring, every life to Him

But there are those who pray like this, but nothing seems to work
Inside you feel that you have been abandoned by the Lord

In the darkest hours of the night you call out for His Help
But there is silence on the other end, and depression fills the air

You find yourselves faking Christianity every day,
But inside you are crying for God to pave the way

You want it to be real, You want to feel his love
But something is blocking, the blessings from above.

We know what the word says, the promises we proclaim
We know that we can have these things, in Jesus name

So what is the problem, what is truly going on?
The question we really need to ask is,

Who is sitting on your throne?

December 20 – How to “truly” believe

December 20, 2010

I wanted to share something about “believing” with you. It’s the main thing of the main thing of being a Christian. We are saved by “believing” and “receiving” what Jesus did on the cross… But then after we are saved and living our life, we are to continue in that “believing” mindset… The Bible tells us to “believe ALL things… hope ALL things…” and in doing that you are actually walking in love – added bonus I might add!
So instead of talking about “how” to believe, I wanted to address those times when we don’t believe. Because when we see that, then we will know “how” to believe. Capiche?

Here are some indicators when you aren’t “believing”:   Fear, frustration, anger, envy, jealousy, doubt, confusion, rage, self-pity.. okay, you get the picture.  So then when we find ourselves feeling any of these things… this is what we are to do. Ask ourselves where we are doubting…
For example: Let’s say you wanted to buy a house…  all the paperwork is going through, and then there’s a hiccup in the process… what happens? You begin doubting…  You have taken your eyes off of the Lord’s provision for you, and you try doing things yourself. Then you stay up at night worrying about the house, etc., etc. You have just doubted… that opens the door for your unbelief!

I found myself at times getting a bit irritated… then as I’m sharing with you, I would stop and ask myself… where am I in dis-belief? Then the Lord would show me, and I would say, “Ohhhhhh…” and would re-affirm my belief in that area, and the irritation would stop. Really…  it is that simple…  Of course, we may have to apply a little forgiveness with each other, and with ourselves for our bad attitude, etc., but when we stop and acknowledge the real reason for the irritation, frustration, worry, or fear… you can nip it in the butt…  when you find out where you are doubting.. and friends, it’s usually doubting God…

Let’s say that in the end, you didn’t get the house…  what is the better road to take? Believing or fearing? Because if you believe, then you’ll at least get a shot at getting it, but if you doubt, you won’t have a chance at all…  That is why it’s so important to “believe” all things…  “hope” all things…  cause you are half-way there, and if you don’t get it, or it’s given to another, know that God knows how to divide His things among His children, and what will work for one, and what won’t work for another… and I do believe you will receive what you are asking for… but it could come in a very different package! So we have to keep our minds open to how God wants us to have what we ask for.

I have a prayer request… a tall order for God to fill. I wanted to live close to my son and grandchildren, they are 3000 miles from me! I’ve prayed for 20 years… and still no answer… but I haven’t stopped. Then the other day, the Lord showed me that my prayer was answered in a way that I wasn’t looking for. He does live closer!! It may not be geographically, but spiritually and emotionally! My son’s wife has been in constant contact with me, we skype, we connect almost every day, and I even call her my daughter! We are getting closer and closer every day…  See how God answered my prayer? Not what I expected… I do know that “one day” we will be physically closer, but for now, this is great!!! We have to be willing to allow God to give us what we desire the way He chooses to give it. If we don’t then we will miss it!

Another reason we are to rejoice when others are blessed, cry as people cry, laugh as they laugh… we are to enjoy each other’s journey where they are in their life, because our blessings are just around the corner and we would want others to rejoice with us.

But if you don’t “believe” God loves you, or that you are thinking He’s withholding things from you… then it is for sure you will have a hard time being blessed. The Bible says that “whatever you believe, let it be done for you.” So let’s start practicing that… and believe for EVERYTHING…  then at least you are setting yourself for at least receiving half if not all.

The other day I began writing in my new “believe ” journal. All the things I am believing God for. Not just asking, and then worrying about it… but truly saying, “Father, I ask you for this… and now I believe for it..”  It has changed my praying immensely, because I’ve actually seen a change in the response time…  and those things that have not come to pass yet, will in due season if I don’t faint.

A friend asked me the other day how long are you supposed to believe for something before you realize God is saying No. I don’t know where God says NO… just timing things. And this is of course if you are praying according to His will… because God gives you ALL things according to His will.  But to answer that question… we are to pray without ceasing… isn’t that what the Bible says? We are to pray “believing” and here’s an example of that:

“Father, I pray for my children to be saved and serve you all the days of their life.” Now this is an “according to God’s will” prayer.. right? But as you look at your children and see that they are far from God, have no interest, is that going to stop you from praying? No…  But, don’t keep asking the same thing… now take that request and turn it into a “believing” prayer. So once you made your petition, now say, “Father, I believe you will save my children, draw them to you by your spirit, and I believe that one day they will serve you.” Now you are putting your “believing” to action.  Then the final thing, is to be thankful.  “Father, thank you for saving my children and for leading them in all truth.”  What you have just prayed is in FAITH. The Bible says, we are to ask “in” faith… no doubting, wavering, fear, etc. and whatever you ask “in” faith, it will be done!

So today, during this time of year…  begin believing, truly saying it out of your mouth, whatever it is you are believing for… Life, health, healing, provision, friendships, relationships, help… or even salvation!  And as you pray, remember these 3 simple steps: Ask, Believe, be Thankful.

December 9, 2010 – Have you made a decision that hasn’t panned out?

December 9, 2010

Recently I spent some money on something, and I couldn’t get it back. It was a large sum of money, and I was kicking myself over and over for it. Have you ever done that? Then again, I spent a rediculous amount of money on publishing a book I wrote… we haven’t come close in recooping that money… How about you? Did you lend money to someone and you could sure use it now? Did you spend money on a new car and wished you didn’t? Did you invest in something that was lost?

Well, let me help you as God helped me. Regardless of what you decided to do, you did it. No one twisted your arm, it was your decision. First we have to take full responsibility for our decision we acted upon. Then the second thing is to release it. If we keep thinking about it, wanting it, wishing we didn’t do it, we are fellowshipping with devils… because anything in the past is dead and gone… spilled milk. We can use that experience to make better decisions in the future, but that one is dead and gone.

Then we need to forgive ourselves!!! Easier said than done… but has to be done none-the-less.

Just this morning, a friend of mine had this conversation with me, and this is what I shared. He is a pastor and said, “good insight sis.” So I hope you feel the same…

1) We have to stop living in the past. In order for me to go forward with the financial decisions I’ve made, I had to let go of the fact that I spent thousands of dollars to get this project done and change my mindset and look at it as an investment into the Kingdom of God.. Let God do the recooping.
2) We don’t have to wait to recoop anything before moving forward, just move forward. If we don’t then we aren’t relying and trusting God.
3) People do have a concern for money, and it would be great to have that money back. But we have to realize that money isn’t the only guage to estimate success… For example: If we lent money to someone and they haven’t been able to pay it back… look at it as in investment into the Kingdom. The Lord said we can’t out-give Him. And whatever we do, do it unto Him. And the lives we are touching are so much more valuable than the money we are trying to get back. Peace will be restored to your heart when we let these things go… and trust God.
4) And the only way we can get our peace back concerning our decisions is knowing that yesterday is gone, along with the money, and press forward…
5) If there is fear anywhere in here, then it could be blocking you being restored 100 fold! Fear of lack and provision has to be confessed and released to God. We need to cast all that off, let go of the past, and all the money that went out, and start today, as though none of that took place. Otherwise we will remain stuck back there… That’s what I had to do… everything is dead from this second backward… so why are we still living in it?

So that is my 2 cents worth friends. We need to let yesterday with all the bad decisions, and even all the good ones, GO, and start today as a “New” Day. This is a season for miracles… and a miracle that could happen for you is that you get your peace back. Selah