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Go about doing good

February 23, 2011

The scriptures say that Jesus went about doing good, so that is the example we are to follow. So I have a ministry where I write books and training materials, minister one-on-one, hold conferences and seminars, and now embarking on a new program to help individuals deal with issues on a deep personal level. There is a lot going on right now in my life, and last night I said, “I don’t want to do this any more.” I was feeling overwhelmed, and was heading towards “burn out.” But then the Lord said, “I said to go about doing good but not at 100 miles an hour!” (Then I pictured Jesus as He ministered – I didn’t see any dust flying up behind his feet – haha!) Then he said, “You make your schedule, I don’t. And some of those things I never asked you to do.” Wow… I stopped for a minute and saw that all the things I’m doing are good things, they are helping people, but I have to know from my heart what God is calling ME to do and stick to that. If other ideas come, then share the load with those helping me with ministry. Delegate more. So that is what I did today. I was able to delegate a large project to another competent individual. God was preparing this person for several months and now they are ready to take on this project. And, they have a zeal and excitement for it. Frankly, I didn’t.

God graces us for what He’s called us to do so there won’t be any burn out or feelings of being overwhelmed. He said His burden is light… then why is the burden heavy. Because I have chosen to carry these things myself.

I shared this with my husband and he added his two-cents worth. Because I told him that I needed to slow down. He said, “You don’t need to slow down, you to to share the pace.” He said, “Long distance runners handed the baton off to other runners and the last person went over the finished line, but it took them all to win the race.” What insight he has. So in this, it’s not that we can’t accomplish a lot, it means we have to share the load.

So today I got my peace back, I was restored, because I am only going to do what God has called me to in the first place. Love Him, be a good wife and mother, write some books and hold a few conferences. And as people pass by me that needs some help, I’ll be there for them. Then as things come up to do, to delegate those things. That is all. And that IS ENOUGH! See, many of us don’t think that being a good wife and mother is enough. Many don’t think that going to work to provide for the family is enough. Many don’t think that if they aren’t involved, they aren’t doing their part. Some people are pioneers, some people are long distant runners, some people cross the finish line. We all play a role.

It’s like the church. We all have a part to do in the body of Christ. It’s the same with our individual lives and ministries. And what God has anointed you for and given you grace to do IS enough. And if everyone does their part, the job will get done! We are being deceived by the enemy if we stay in that “not enough” mindset. Whatever you are doing IS enough…

So today is a fresh new day, no mistakes in it… yet – as Anne of Green Gables says. And I will take my peace today and leave the rest – so I can rest.


Walking in the spirit of our God

February 13, 2011

For the past few months the Lord has been teaching to truly follow after the things of the spirit. He explained to me that it is a choice on my part. The opportunity and ability is there for a believer, but it’s our choice to do it or not. And as I began thinking on that, and reading the Word, and seeing the things that represent the Kingdom of God, I was able to put it this way. Am I walking in the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus or the wrath of man? Walking and talking and doing righteousness or am I being selfish, angry, unforgiving, inpatient, unkind, jealous…? Anything that is not of faith in God is sin, the scriptures say. And as I looked upon some of my choices in life, I noticed I made many choices from the “wrath” of man. Scriptures say that the wrath of man works not the righteousness of God.

So I had to realize that “wrath” isn’t only about being angry. Anger is only a manifestation of unbelief and fear. And unbelief and fear “is” wrath of man.

I was driving someplace the other day and I wasn’t paying attention to the car in front of me only to realize I had been tailgating when they pulled aside abruptly and let me pass. Only to find them on my tail.  I heard the holy spirit say, “Were you being patient and kind?”  And I said just as quickly as the question was asked without hesitation. “NO.” Then I repented. I asked for forgiveness for not considering that other car, for not having patience and kindness. And especially for not paying attention to what I was doing.

The other day I was commenting to my husband how clumsy I had been. For about 3 days, I kept dropping stuff, misplacing items, and said, “boy, what is wrong with me… I’m dropping everything.” My husband, in his practical matter-of-fact, sweet way says, “It’s because you are too busy thinking of the next moment you aren’t paying attention to the present.” I had to laugh because he was right. So I started paying attention to the moment and it made a lot of difference.

That my friend IS walking IN the spirit… redeeming the time, living in the now, because the Bible says “Faith is now.” God IS… not past or future, but now. It doesn’t mean that we are doing some great spiritual thing, it means our hearts face God. Whatever we do, wherever we go, we remain in His presence. And in His presence is fullness of joy (Psalm 16:11). So the question is… are in fullness of joy today? Then it may be that you are not walking in the spirit.

So what is the fruit of the spirit? Of course, we all my know what those things are. The problem is we TRY to do them, but only fail. Fruit is what comes by being. It’s a product of your life and heart. We miss it when we try to live fruit! When we walk in the spirit, the fruit follows!!!  Please get that… My husband told me once that when you look up into a tree, the fruit falls to the ground so you don’t really see the fruit because you are too busy looking up.  We need that mind-set that we don’t pay attention to the fruit, but HOW the fruit comes. By looking up. By walking in truth. By loving and forgiving. By being quiet. By praying. By understanding with compassion and wisdom. Then the fruit will come.

So take your peace today, believe that God loves you. Believe he has equipped you to live victoriously. Heed when the spirit leads you daily. Then watch the fruit of the spirit manifest. And one day you’ll look around and see all the fruit laying on the ground that you produced…