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When God When?

April 12, 2011

Have you been waiting on God to do something for you? I have in my lifetime, but there is something we have to also consider in this waiting. Are we waiting on God to do something we cannot do or are we wanting God to do “it’ for us?

Good questions.

I’ve known people who are waiting on God to knock on the door and offer that once in a lifetime job. Or for something to fall from heaven and land in their laps. Now I’m not saying that won’t happen, but in my experience, it doesn’t quite work that way. The Lord did so many awesome things in the Old Testament. He appeared to people, rained food from heaven, parted the seas… all kinds of stuff. But here is the clincher… When Jesus said on the cross, “It is finished.” That doesn’t mean because He was dying. He was making a statement for all things! He finished ALL the work. There is nothing else God is going to do! He did it, and He finished it. What are we still waiting for?

We now need to pick up where Jesus left off and continue the work. Continue pressing in with God in every area of our lives and listening to His voice. He said it all. He did it all. He finished it all. Now it’s our job to listen, believe and receive it All! We don’t need God to tell us any more than what is already in the pages of the Bible. We just need to go find it. Everything is answered in there. I remember someone saying that to me years ago and I didn’t believe it. Well, some 20 years later, now I believe it. Everything is in there!! Everything we need is in there. Every word we need to hear from God is in there. Clear direction in every area of our life is in there.

God tells us in His word that He sent us the comforter… not to just sit around and feel warm and fuzzy but to equip us to do some things. He is our Holy Get up and Go! He also said that He will “HELP” us in our life, not do it for us. We are his hands, feet and mouth on this earth representing Him. Let’s take that to heart and learn what that means! We are his workmanship created in Christ Jesus… so let’s go do some work… see who is in need, see where you can say a kind word or give a helping hand. Even in that, we aren’t to “do” things for others either, if they are capable… so be sure you are “helping” them as the Holy Spirit helps us.

And go and enjoy your life! People who are successful had to put their energy into it… ┬ájust because we are Christians doesn’t mean we don’t have to do the same. What you put into something is what you get out. Reaping and sowing is how the Bible says it. So, let’s change our lives and the world around us by moving… ┬ácan’t steer a car unless you put on the gas.

Okay, some of you are saying, “What if I do something that isn’t in God’s will?” I believe that you cannot do anything wrong as long as you are truly doing what you believe you heard to do. Because He will use whatever it is for good! God is a GPS… He knows where you are, and where you are going. And if you make a detour, he will always put you back on track. He doesn’t get mad at you, He simply redirects you! So don’t use fear of making a mistake prevent you from going forward! It’s really quite cool out there… step out and watch God move. Again, He works with you… and will move as you move…

So be blessed today, and go enjoy your life!!