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His Mercy and Love Completes Us

November 25, 2011

I was driving home through the hills the other day, and really enjoying God’s creation. We have the privilege of living in the foothills where there are a lot of deer, a variety of birds, lots of trees, etc., of which I was enjoying.

While driving, I was  thanking God for all the things He has done in my life, and for what He has blessed me and my husband with. Then I began thinking of some of the things I had done in my life that wasn’t so great. I felt like I didn’t do a good job in raising my son, being a child myself, made lots of mistakes. I began thinking of other choices in life, etc., that weren’t the best either. Then right in the middle of that God began speaking to me. He said, “What makes you think you were in control at any time in  your life?” He began telling me that even IN my bad choices, He was there working things out. He was fixing up things, and even adding details I didn’t even know to do. I got free right then and there when He helped me see that even though I made some wrong choices with raising my son, He was really raising my son, in spite of me. He completed the details in life, He was working through the situation I found myself in at times, he connected the dots where I couldn’t!

As I reflected on that, He helped me see how well my son turned out. He has a wonderful family, a great job, and very very happy. That is truly a blessing, which didn’t come from me. It came from a Father in Heaven who loves him. The only part I played in all this was that I gave birth to my son, surrendered to the Lord 38 years ago,  and trusted God to bring up my son and bless him as He has blessed me. And it has come to pass… The Bible says that because of “us” loving Him, He will bless our children!! And that is what I see happening.

That is why I was able to truly forgive myself and receive forgiveness of all my bad choices in life. Because He was there all the time filling in where I couldn’t! He knew I couldn’t. But the enemy wants to beat us up over it. We have to take God at His word, that His mercy and love is there to heal us, cleanse us and restore us. And that is what I’m thankful about this week! God’s amazing love that washes over me.

I encourage you to think outside the box too… and see the bigger picture, not just your choices in life. God works with everything, remember, He created this world with just a word… how much more can he work with the “stuff” we created? But if we look past all that, and see God working behind the scenes, we will see that all our choices and sins weren’t ever beyond Him… as He has been there all along, using what we created, and creating what He sees needs to be added.

God is a God of detail, and takes care of all those small things we may not even think of. I attended a seminar a few weeks ago, and the woman hosting it had every detail completed. She made everyone feel at home by adding those little touches, like having water and fruit in every guest room, giving each person and gift, having candles lit on the tables, etc… those details made us all feel very special. Oh… not to mention the foot and hand massage!! Wow…  This reminds me of how our God is. He is in there working out details for us, making our life more pleasant . (But we have to be willing to see them too.)

Here is something else that happened. I just remodeled my bathroom, and was needing some paint. I couldn’t find the original paint in my garage to do the touch up work, so I resolved to buy new paint and do the whole bathroom. I went to the store, and picked out a paint, and low and behold it was the EXACT same color as the paint on my wall already! God did this! He had me pick out the paint of thousands of colors, which matched perfectly. This is God and God alone.

These are the little things He does, that we cannot do. I’m sure if you think about things, you’ll see Him do the same for you. Perhaps a connection from someone you haven’t seen in a long time, or an accident that you could have been in but wasn’t, or even as simple as getting some paint. That is His love and Mercy at it’s best. But is only a reality when we acknowledge Him in all our ways so that we see what He is doing in and around us.

Ask the Lord to open your eyes to see what He is doing. We don’t have to always know “why” things happen, but to help us see what is happening… Our faith will grow when we do this.


God is Humungous!

November 25, 2011

I don’t know if Humungous is a word or if I even spelled it right, but you get the BIG picture!

My husband and I talk about God and his HUGEness in our lives, and in creation. We see Him everywhere, yet we don’t see Him. As we were having one of our deep conversations about God and his amazingness…  we both stumbled on a revelation that left us awe struck. Here it is: The reason we cannot see God isn’t that he’s invisible, it’s that he is so  close we cannot see Him! What we could be looking at when we look up in the sky is his eyeball! He is SOOOOO Big, in our sight, we cannot possibly see all of Him. Even Moses, when he met up with God didn’t see all of Him.. he only saw His backside for a moment that changed his life!

This simple revelation has changed my image of how I see God. Well, I cannot  “see” Him, but I can “feel” Him all around me, inside me, and through me. We are complete IN Him. We move and have our being IN Him. We cannot do nothing without Him. We were created IN His image. Get the picture? You cannot see Him because He is IN and around and through us. It’s like the saying, “Can’t see the trees in the forest” or “plain as the nose on my face.” But if we stop for a minute and really look , we can see glimpses of Him… just like Moses.

Well, that’s the best I can do to sharing this with you. It’s still a “revelation” in progress….

Are you in a rut?

November 19, 2011

I love using my imagination for things… and this is one that has helped me and many others as I have shared it. See, God created our imagination to be used for Good… after all, He has a great imagination… look what he created! And we are His children, and have the same giftings, so lets use it for good.

So, if you are in a rut today, and can’t seem to get out… this is what I suggest you do. Picture yourself IN that rut, and now climb out of the hole. And set your eyes toward another direction, looking out into a vast plain, all smooth, where no person has walked. And begin walking out in that direction. You just got out of the rut! Start to think of what God is doing in your life, begin thanking Him as you walk along, be grateful he has taken all those things “in” your rutty life, and is turning all out for good. Go into that new plain with a new clean heart. Confess your sins, faults, and distresses to the Lord as you walk on that new pathway.

I’ve done this many times myself, in one case I was dwelling on a sickness I had. I just couldn’t get my mind off of it, and it made me even more scared of it because fear attached itself to it too. I was in a rut in my thinking! So I decided to try what I’m sharing with you, and my body stopped manifesting those symptoms! Healing came! I decided to look toward the hills from where comes my help, my help comes from the Lord who made Heaven and Earth (Psalm 121:1-3).

The cows came home and the fat lady sang!!!

November 19, 2011

How many times have you used these cliches? I have, but I have to tell you that them cows are home!! And the music is sweet in my ears. It only took 38 Christian years to get to where I am today, enjoying the benefits of being God’s kid.

See, for years and years I have worked at doing what is right, trying to say all the right things, doing lots of Christian things.. and that’s not wrong… except when the accuser comes in and beats you up over the head because you didn’t do everything perfectly. You know that voice in your head that says, “You should have done it differently” or “Who cares about you?” yadda yadda yadda… Today I have to tell you that those voices aren’t speaking any more… and when they do, I cut them off!

My days are peaceful, and I’m enjoying just being. I don’t hear myself second guessing anymore. Because I finally got it… The cows have come home and the fat lady sang! We ARE healed people, we just have to be reminded of it.

Let me share a picture with you. I want you to imaging yourself (yes, you can use your imagination, God created it for you to use for good) standing. And then taking your hand and unzipping your outer self, then stepping out of that shell, and watching it pile up beside you. Okay, I’m waiting… did you do it?

Well, it reminds me of the movie “Chronicles of Narnia, Voyage of the dawntreader” when Eustace was turned into a dragon. (Isn’t it ineteresting that some people have been called “the dragon lady?”) Anyway, no matter how much Eustace scraped to remove the outershell, it was only Aslan who could cut it away. This is what has to happen for us too. Only the Lord can cut it away, but we have to participate in this. As with Eustace, he realized his greed, anger, fear, jealousies, etc., (which is our part) so that God can remove them. And as we are “unzipped” the REAL us steps out… not covered with scales or barnacles, but clean and bright as you were intended.

I have done this analogy in my life several times over the years, and each time as I step out… the peace is restored, heaviness is gone, my faith is renewed and onto another venture ahead.

But it’s when we STAY under or in all that junk there is no victory… all we are doing is moving around a bunch of furniture! Get rid of that furniture, and clean your house, step out of that junk. You are the head and not the tail, above and not beneath (Deuteronomy 28:13).

I encourage you to try this today…  and release and get out from under all that junk… Those things include words spoken against you, what the doctor has said, the hurts people have done, hurtful things you have done to others, painful memories, fear of what is to come, etc. All these things wreak of death! So come out from among the dead now… take OFF your grave clothes, and walk in the land of the living again!


Why am I not healed?

November 19, 2011

This is the million dollar question! It doesn’t matter what status you are in, how much training you have had in Christian Theology, who you know, how long you have been a Christian, it all boils down to… Do you truly believe God and are you thankful?

This morning I opened my Bible to Psalm 107… and found the answers to every dis-ease imaginable! And the answer was the same for each and every dis-ease in a person’s life. “Ohh that men would praise the Lord for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men!”

As I went through the chapter (and you can read it for yourself) I found a list of things that many are struggling with but can’t seem to get free from… here they are in a condensed list:

1.  Hungry and thirsty
2.  Alone and isolated
3.  Darkness overshadowing their life (Spirit of Death)
4.  Problems in business (unstable and uncertain, at wit’s end!)
5.  Oppression, affliction and sorrow
6.  Stuck
7.  No clear direction
8. Can’t eat meat

Do any of these sound familiar? The answer is in Psalm 107, and the answer is repeated several times throughout this chapter… but it also is prefaced with “And they cried to the Lord IN their trouble and He brought them out of their distresses.”

How many have called out to God In these troubles yet you are still stuck in them? Perhaps you are missing something?

So what is He saying for us to do?

1. Acknowledge God of ALL the things He has done for the children of men. When He brought them out of the wilderness, freed them from Egypt, when He rescued Daniel from the Lion, when David saved many… and each of these events (and many more) are written in the Bible so that we could praise God for what He has done! We are sometimes so stuck in our own junk, we can’t see what God has done. Now let’s bring it to current time. What has God done for you and your family? Are we forgetting the miracles He’s performed in our own lives? The scripture is clear when it says, “Oh, that me would praise the Lord for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men.”

2. While IN their distresses people called out to Him, and He brought them out of their distresses. He makes the winds calm, He brings them to their desired haven (vs. 29-30). Are you still awaiting your desires? Why aren’t you getting your healing or your prayers answered? What is blocking these blessings from coming? Vs. 17 says He calls them fools who have transgressions and iniquities (sins). So before calling out to Him, perhaps you need to confess your sins AND receive forgiveness, THEN thank Him for forgiving you? This could be things from not forgiving others or yourself, carrying past regrets and guilt, etc.. Anything that troubles you in  your thinking… they are probably connected to sins and iniquities.

3. Do you really know your loving Father personally? Yes, you may have accepted Jesus as your Savior, but have you developed a loving intimate relationship with your Daddy in Heaven? It’s God’s perfect love that casts out all fear and torment, and so anything that torments is attached to not receiving God’s perfect love. There is no secret formula to receiving God’s love… the answer is in this chapter… Thank Him for loving you! Thank Him for all He’s done for you. Thank Him opens you up to receive.

Vs. 43 “Who is wise, and will observe these things, even they shall understand the lovingkindness of the Lord.” See, it all gets down to this… God’s love! Behind every prayer, behind every need is the need to be loved, accepted, and approved of. And when we “observe and do” what God is saying here, we will come out on the other side, having our prayers answered and peace and health restored.

4. Tell others what God has redeemed you from (vs 2) Share your testimony with another. Revelation 12:11 says that our testimony along with the Blood of the Lamb defeats the enemy! Did you know your testimony is JUST AS valuable as the Blood of the Lamb, after all, it’s in the same sentence! Have you shared your faith of what God has done in your life lately? It says to proclaim what He has DONE… not what He is doing now or tomorrow, but what He has done…  It sets us up for more blessings today and tomorrow.. so then when tomorrow comes, we can thank Him and praise Him for today!! Start this thanksgiving time with a THANKFUL heart. Start to name off all the things He has done for the children of men!

It says to “Sacrifice the sacrifices of thanksgiving and DECLARE His works WITH rejoicing…  Not only do you tell others what God has done, but you say it with joy in your heart. How many of us tell others what God is doing, but with gloom and doom? Rejoicing sets us up for our next blessing! It’s like a doorway. And without it, we may not get to the other side.

One of my favorite scriptures that has actually promoted healing to me is found in Psalm 34:1 “I will bless the Lord at ALL times, His Praise shall CONTINUALLY be in my mouth.” See, if praise is continually in my mouth, there is no room for anything else! (smile)

I think you get the picture… take the time today (this week) to read Psalm 107 and see the amazing answer in there for anything that ails you!!

Psalm 107:1 “O Give thanks unto the Lord for He is good, His mercy endures forever.”

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week as we Praise and Give Thanks to what He has done for all men!

What if you say “I’m Sorry” but they still don’t forgive you?

November 17, 2011

My husband and I went through something a couple of weeks ago; I did something that actually broke his heart. I didn’t see it at first, kind of even fluffed it off, but the after affects were great. It took him awhile to forgive me, but he did. And this is why. He said that it was easier to forgive me when I realized I SCREWED up (he used another color metaphor though). I was very surprised… but he was right! If I just said I’m sorry, but didn’t take any responsibility in what I did, saying sorry isn’t going to work. I truly had remorse, I knew what I did was wrong, and I HUMBLED myself before him and stated so.

I think we need to humble ourselves toward each other more, admit where we have SCREWED up, not putting any blame on anyone, or making excuses, but taking full responsibility and admitting so, and that may just be what we  need to get past all this so it stays IN the past. I wrote a blog earlier about leaving the past pains in the past otherwise we are fellow-shipping with death… yet we are called to life. So by truly forgiving each other, will actually help us to move on. It will help us walk in love, because love doesn’t keep a record of wrongs done. Anyone keeping a record of what someone did and everytime they “screw up” you remind them of all the past hurts? Then where is the love there?

Let’s just do what the Bible says, and forgive everyone, and we know when we have truly forgiven is when the pain is gone. And yes, it is absolutely possible to get rid of ALL past pains. For more teachings on forgiving from your heart go to my website at:

When will I stop making hurtful mistakes?

November 15, 2011

I’ve been a Christian for over 38 years.. yet, even last week, I made a big mistake. While I was doing that ‘thing’ it seemed right and even good… but the outcome hurt someone, someone very dear to me. Have you ever found ourself in that situation?

Well, I decided to stop and ask God, “God, why do I keep making hurtful mistakes?” And He said, “Because you aren’t counting the costs.” The Holy Spirit began to elaborate with me in detail, and showed me that even though what I was doing was good, I didn’t really consider all those involved in my decision. That He did give me  signs along the way trying to point me into another direction, but I ignored all the warning signs! It was like I closed my eyes and jumped in.

I am learning every day, just like you are. And that is why we have a Savior, Jesus Christ. So when I realized that I didn’t count the cost, I repented. I ask the Lord to forgive me for not heeding the warning signs, but did my own thing. I asked that individual to forgive me, and shared the truth of what I saw in my heart. I had fear of man… wanting to please someone else instead of those closest to me… Ouch!

Well, praise the Lord, we have Jesus! Because even though I cannot take back what I did, I can give to Jesus so He can heal and restore my life, and all those impacted. That is faith, that is true love, and that is our God.

How to take back something you said or did

November 1, 2011

Have you ever said or did something to someone you love very much, that hurt them deeply?

As things like this come up over and over in our thinking, they are actually tormenting thoughts. If not dealt with, can send us down a pathway of fear and depression.

But, let me answer that question, how do we take back something? We can’t. It’s done. Spilled milk. We have to go on from there. We do that through forgiveness and repentance. Yes, ask for forgiveness, and pray to God that they forgive you. Most of the time a person who is closest to you will forgive, however, at times they may say it with their mouth, but the pain is still in their hearts. And you know it. You feel it. You see how sad they are or how they act towards you. This is part of the healing process, but this is where the healing starts. It’s when you have empathy for how they feel. Understand their pain and their hurt is the only way they will truly forgive you. If you say “please forgive me” without a heart that is contrite and humble, then they may forgive you with their mouth, but inside they don’t think you mean it, because you haven’t understood their pain. However, if they see that you did really make a mess, and understood them, they will more like forgive and get healing themselves.

But, what we do is start trying to make up for it. We start buying presents, or pampering that person, or saying all kinds of compliments to get them to respond the way you want so that YOU feel better. This is also wrong. That’s when fear of man, fear of rejection, anger, bitterness, resentment, guilt and shame, etc… can take root in You towards the person, and now the hurting will start bouncing back and forth. End it with you, here and now. We cannot allow the enemy to get a foothold in our lives, even if we “think” we deserve it. See, Jesus paid for our sins, we don’t need to pay for them at all. Yes, we may want to send flowers or do something nice to “make up for it” but without forgiveness, it will not be enough! And if we “keep”trying to make up for it, that is when it gets out of balance.

So this is what I’ve had to do, and believe me, it won’t be the last time.

1. Admit that you were wrong. No excuses, no blame, take full responsibility that what you did was innappropriate and hurtful. Even if there was a misunderstanding, still take responsibility for not getting all the facts. Be honest with yourself, the other person, and with God.

2. Repent to God for what you did, AND receive that forgiveness. Then ask God to give you an understanding heart towards that person’s pain. Many times we say, “I’m sorry” but without a heart-felt response. That person will see right through you and know that it’s not a heart “sorry.” But, by getting your heart before the Lord and ask for understanding what this person is going through, that is when the healing between both parties will begin. You are now ready to go to the person and apologize from your heart. This is the only way to remove Your pain, guilt and grief from what took place and helping them remove THEIR pain. Receiving from God also begins the restoring process in your life. But it comes through being humble and having a contrite heart.

3. Than ask them to forgive you. This begins the restoring process with the other person. If they don’t forgive you, or they say they do, but you can tell they are still hurt, then ask the Lord to heal their broken heart. It’s that broken heart that has remained and HAS to be healed in order for them to move on from there. Otherwise, it will become a “doorpoint” or “trauamatic experience” and can keep that person stuck emotionally at that point in life. But it will be God that helps them. Pray, believing God to heal and restore their heart. To heal and restore your heart concerning it. And if God leads you to do something or say something to them to help in this process, then do it. But the line is crossed when we start doing it to get the other person to be okay, that is a form of manipulation, and you want no part of it.

4. Then believe what you have just prayed. No amount of “pay back” will repair the damage done. I remember something I did once, and so I got some things to replace which was lost. But, it was not the same! I had to realize that I couldn’t replace what was gone, we have to simply receive from God, who restores and heals which is gone!

Sometimes people who were hurt will use this to get their way for some time. That is also the devil at work. They take this opportunity to manipulate you to get what they want. I’ve heard some ladies say,”Oh, now they’ll be nice to me for awhile.” What a way to live! We need to be more honest with each other, not live through manipulation. So if you confess and receive forgiveness, you won’t be a target for manipulation. You will respond with compassion and love and understanding and truth. That is certainly the better way.

Many are stuck in their lives emotionally to an incident that happened to them, whether from a loved one or from being victimized by a stranger. But regardless, the results are the same, a painful memory. We need to get unstuck people, and we do that by confession and forgiveness and receiving what only God can do for that situation. I found that the more I try to make things right, the worse it becomes. Sometimes, we just have to stop and say, “Father, forgive me, I made a big mess and can’t fix it.” And don’t forget about self-pity. That is the very glue that keeps us stuck in the past, so be sure to add that to your list of sins to confess too.

5. And then trust God with the situation, hearts and outcome. This is when your faith is activated. Taking a very hard hurtful thing and turning it for Good. This is when you take your hands off of it, allow the healing to come from God.

Every day is to be a new glorious day, not carrying in things from the day before (or years for that matter) into today. Everything from yesterday backwards is DEAD and gone… and if we continue thinking of those things that cause us pain, we are fellow-shipping with death. Life is to be your companion, not death. Take care of each and every painful thing in your life, and get free today! It comes with a price, which Jesus paid for, it comes through your receiving what He did on the cross by applying forgiving and loving to every situation.

Now, this is where the work begins. It’s the walk-out. In other words, now that you have applied what I shared above, now it’s time to move on and deal with those thoughts that try to come back. For example, let’s say you wore a certain pair of shoes when you did or said something. Now when you see those shoes, it reminds you of what happened. You don’t avoid the shoes or throw them away, it’s not the shoe, it’s the memory that has to be healed. So as you look at whatever it is that “triggers” that memory, take authority of your heart and mind, and remind yourself that you have been forgiven, and confess with your mouth that you trust God to heal and restore and to wipe clean all defilement to that “object” or “place” or “situation.” It may take a few days, but when you take care of each and every thought that comes, you are getting totally free, and now you can wear those shoes and enjoy them again!