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If you love me, keep my commandments

December 29, 2011

Sometimes when we read scriptures, it makes us feel like we aren’t going to get into heaven! But, we have to understand that the scriptures written, is about Jesus and His life. He is and was perfect in all areas because He was without sin. He went through the things we go through today, yet without sin. He responded to wrongs done to him, without anger and fear and feelings of rejection, because He didn’t have the sin in Him to respond incorrectly. Our response is contingent on the sin in us…  Do we have hurts in our hearts from the past…  Are we still mad at God?…  Is there bitterness and unforgiveness anywhere?  All these things are used as filters as we respond to people.

I share that because in order to love God, we need something in us to love Him with. If we try loving Him with our own efforts, it will not be perfect love! It will be with condition and suspicion and doubt… because of the sin in us, and even towards God. BUT!!!  And please get this BUT….  If we receive God’s love for us FIRST, t hen we will have what we need to love Him perfectly AND keep His commandments!

See, keeping His commandments isn’t that we go out and try to DO them… Keeping His commandments is a promise to us. The way we do it is in that passage… “If you love me….  (THEN YOU WILL) Keep my commandments. See, in order to do all He has asked of you, you first need to have “received” His love. Many say, “I know He loves me” yet their lives are in shambles. This is “head” knowledge… not heart knowledge. We need to have a deep rooted revelation on God’s love for us FIRST that resides on our inners…  then we will have what we need to love Him, keep His commandments, love ourselves and love others as He intended us to.

The Bible says, “We love Him BECAUSE He FIRST loved us.” We cannot do ANYTHING of any kingdom value, or for our lives, if we don’t get first things first.

So if you feel you are one of the many who are struggling in finding your peace and freedom and obedience toward God, it could be all connected to  His love not being perfected in you. The Bible says that “God’s love is perfected in us” so that we can love perfectly! It doesn’t mean we are perfect… we are still sinners that need a savior, but our love can be perfected… and perfect love means to love one another without condition and fear. This is truly possible!

For more teaching on this, be sure to check out my website, there is a wealth of topics there that could help anyone seeking more of God and His love, forgiveness, and peace.  www.



Your Christmas Miracle

December 24, 2011

It’s said that Christmas is a time for miracles. Have you ever wondered why? Well, I was talking with the Lord this morning about it and I heard in my spirit as He answered, “It’s because they are thinking of my Son more this time of year.” See, without the Savior, Jesus, we wouldn’t have ANY miracles. Because as you know, Jesus did all sorts of miracles. Healed the sick, raised the dead, restored relationships, gave love and forgiveness to the world… gee, sounds like some of the things we need today!

Well, as I awoke this morning I was led to send you a message of hope for YOUR Christmas miracle. This is the time to reflect on Jesus and what He has already done for us… now we need to open our heart and minds to “receiving” it. So if you have a prayer, a wish, a dream, a vision, a healing, restored relationships, that you want to see filled, today is the day! So open your heart and expect Your miracle. I don’t know what it will look like, it may be something you aren’t even hoping for. So just open your mind, and your heart to hearing from God, and allow Him to give you what He desires for you too. See, the desires you have He has placed them in there… so He has said that what He starts, He will finish. We have to let Him finish it in a way only He can do.

Remember Sarah… she was promised a child, but felt God took his merry time so she decided to get her handmaiden to bear a child for her… well, you know the rest of the story… it has caused problems now through the ages with rival and conflict with the people, even today! Let God be God today, and let Him take His time for your miracle to come. Let’s not get in the way to “try” and make it happen… only believe it WILL happen.

I believe that God is a miracle working God, as I have seen Him working in my life in ways I couldn’t do myself. And I pray the same for you and your family. I ask God for a special blessing, unique and amazing this Christmas time, for all of you who follow my blogs. You are dear to me, and you are what keep me writing, as a matter of fact, you are sort of a miracle to me!

Be blessed this Christmas time and don’t forget, God may use you to be someone’s miracle too! So listen to the Lord and see if He wants you to do something in the meantime while waiting for your own miracle to come.

Celebrating Christmas

December 21, 2011

Hello again. I wanted to share my thoughts for this Christmas season. Over the years I’ve heard lots of friends tell me they were no longer celebrating Christmas because it was a pagan holiday. Others said they love celebrating Christmas because it’s the time of season where people are more receptive into going to church, when other times they would not. Then there are others that write Christmas letters and notes saying, “Be sure to keep Christ in Christmas.”

As I was thinking of all these views, I decided to ponder on this question, “How do we keep Christ in Christmas?” Think about it… what is your answer? I asked a few ladies I met with yesterday, and they said things like, “We go to the shelters and help feed the homeless.” Others said, “I play Christmas music talking about Jesus.” Others said, “We teach our children that giving is better than receiving.” These are all the typical answers, and rightfully so.

So I asked my husband this same question, “How do we keep Christ in Christmas?” He said, “Like any other day.” I was thinking of the things we do at Christmas time, and realized that we are to be doing those things all year long. Feeding and clothing the poor, giving over receiving, etc., so those weren’t the answers I was looking for. Tom, my husband, hit it on the head. Because I was trying to “put Christ in Christmas” yet, He was already there! He is with me every single minute of every single day, and no more than on Christmas day! Sure, we make a fun breakfast, visit with family we haven’t seen since the previous Christmas, and it does seem that people are more receptive this time of year, but we are to live like this every day. Family needs to be as important on Christmas as in July. Feeding and clothing the poor can also be done on a Wednesday in the middle of Spring. We can visit prisoners in prison, and visit the orphans every day of the week.

Christmas day to me is to reflect on what God has done for us. It’s to take a moment out of our busy “year” to commemorate the birth of Jesus. And by the way, I get people telling me that they don’t celebrate his birth because it doesn’t say to do that in the Bible. Why are we so “religious?” Can’t we just enjoy knowing Jesus was born to a virgin? Isn’t that something to celebrate and acknowledge? Do we acknowledge our own birthdays? Why not Jesus? Anyway… I’ll get off my soapbox… and say…  Let’s just keep Christ the center of our lives EVERYDAY… and when Christmas comes along, it’s a time to look back over the year to see all that the Lord has done for you, and what you have for Him..

It’s not to bring you into any guilt or condemnation, but to help us see what we can change for the following year.

My family prays that your family have a blessed love filled Christmas, as you continue into the New Year with all His blessings.

Hope and Faith

December 20, 2011

I was having a conversation with my husband today and I was talking to him about many who have lost their hope. And he said, hope has an element of doubt, but faith is pure belief. It took me a moment to grasp what He said, because the Bible tells us to hope in God. So I had to go do some thinking. Because it’s true, when we say, “I hope you feel better” or “I hope I get that job” or “I hope God is there”  could have an element of doubt because we don’t know what is really going to happen in those situations. That is why we need faith. There is a song that says, “Faith, hope and charity that’s the way to live successfully, how do I know the Bible tells me so.” So faith and hope are different! I believe hope builds us towards faith, because hope helps us believe. Faith on the other hand is PURE belief!

I see this as two roads traveled. We can walk peacefully along (which is faith), or we can be drug kicking and screaming (that is doubt and unbelief). Within that doubt and unbelief is “hope.” However, in order for hope to work it needs to be mixed with faith and trust. Which road will you take? We can certainly hope, but mix it with believing God, otherwise you may cast doubt on what you ask for or desire, and the Bible says that whatever you believe let it be done…  whether good or bad.

Then while talking with the Lord further on this, He gave me a clearer insight. Because I read in the bible that we are to “Hope in God.” And if there is doubt in hope, then can I doubt God? Well, yes we can, IF we struggle with trusting Him as our Father. However, if we “hope” in God, that produces our faith. But if we simply hope, that can open us for doubt. That is why He says to “Hope ONLY in God.” This is how it looks. Lets say you need something like a job. You can say, “I hope that I get that job I just interviewed for” which leaves you open for doubting you’ll get it, or you can say, “I put all my hope in God for the job.” Two totally different mindsets with different possible outcomes. One produces faith, the other can produce doubt.

I think I’m changing my thinking today too! And putting all my Hope in God… in and for all things…. no matter what it is… How about you? Even the most seasoned Christian can hope more in God…

Women in Menopause

December 18, 2011

Hello ladies (and even men who want to understand). This is something that I’m going through and have been for some time. At first it was the hot flashes and surges of sweat, and I knuckled down and bared it. I didn’t take anything for it, I did try a couple of things, but nothing really helped. Then I realized that this was all part of the process of a woman’s body. Some people get it more extreme than others, some don’t get anything at all.

But… I got it big time! It wasn’t even the sweats, it was the “feelings” that I got later. I thought I had finished with all those symptoms, but then something even more strange has happened. I began forgetting things, I mean little things. Even yesterday when I was making dinner, I turned on the oven and forgot to put the food in it! I’ve heard people putting their car keys in the refrigerator, or going into a room and forgetting why, or even forgetting a well-known phone number. I am a writer, so as I would type out a word like banana, I would stop in the middle of it, because I forgot how to spell it! If that isn’t bad enough, the feelings I get throughout the day could make someone actually go crazy! I’ve even known women who have actually committed suicide during this time of their life because it truly made them mad.

I began thinking I had early on-set of Alzheimer’s or dementia or other memory diseases. So I went to the doctor. There was no sign of those diseases. So I had to continue doing some research because they had no idea what I was trying to describe.

So I went on-line to do some searching on “forgetting easily” and “feeling like I’m in a constant state of adrenaline rush” or “feeling like I’m on the outside watching my life.”  The other feeling or symptoms I got were actually good. And those symptoms I would like to keep when I get to the other side of this. They are “fearlessness” and “slowing down.”  What a calming affect these bring. I was delivered from fear in 1999, and that’s when I began my ministry called Life Application Ministries. Since then thousands of people have found their freedom from fear, discovered their call on their lives, and received healing. Even today I just got another testimony how the book they are reading “What Was I Thinking?” is truly helping them find their freedom. But something different has happened. It’s like ALL fear and caution are gone! This includes fearing what others think, fearing doing new things. There was always a “caution” in everything I did, but it’s gone. It’s like all of the things that go along with fear is gone. I saw this first hand when Tom was driving me to the store, and a car looked like he was going to pull out in front of us. My normal response was to grab the handle of the car and give out a little scream. But instead, I just sat there and watched as Tom maneuvered around him. Tom even commented that I had responded quite differently than usual. Boy, that was truly a freeing experience, cause I was always jumpy in the car! This has truly changed. It’s almost like an “I don’t care” mentality, but without the doubt and hopelessness. It was like a True Trust! A trust in Tom’s driving and a trust in God to get us to where we were going.

I remember years ago when I finally came to the truth of why I was tormented in fear, the next day I awoke feeling strange. I thought I was having an attack or something, but in the middle of it the Lord said, “This is what it feels like to be free.”  Well, the same thing is happening now, through menopause. It’s a feeling that is not normal so can cause a little anxiety. But once I realized that’s what all this was, menopause, true peace was restored. I’m still having symptoms, but I’m riding along, enjoying every day, even laughing at myself. I’m singing more, whistling more, and keeping my mind on the Lord. Each time a weird symptom would come, I would sing… This is truly one way the Lord is helping me keep my mind on Him!

So, then the question is this, of which I asked God. “Why do women have to go through this change and why do some women have it worst than others?” What a loaded question. I was sharing this with my husband, and the Lord used him to answer it!!! He said, “I believe you women get to be rebooted.” He was saying that it’s a chance for women to start over again. A new lease on life. That we are being changed into a “newer” creation, different than we were before, and along with that comes a body change and a mind change. My husband said, perhaps that is why the name Meno-pause… it’s time to take a pause in life! I do feel like I’m taking a pause. It’s like everything I’ve learned or taught has brought me to this place in life, and now I get to apply it and live it myself even more. Because even what I had thought in the past about things have changed. I am not doing things like I used to. I was a creature of habit and now every habit I’ve had has changed! I’m not doing or thinking the same way as I used to. And actually, that IS a good thing, because some of those thought habits were from fear.  I’m also re-learning things I habitually did!  See, when I got free from the spirit of fear (which I share in my book “A Matter of the mind), it was only the beginning. Now I had to walk it out daily and get freer as I faced things that used to cause me fear. We never stop getting free. And this is another milestone in my life.

So as I pondered on what my husband said, it made total sense. God is giving women a second chance in life to find Him, to find peace, and to enjoy their later years as women. We have to have another mindset when getting older otherwise we will stay in a state of torment wanting to stay young and doing young things. I am no longer frustrated with myself for being 10 lbs over weight. I’m not wearing clothes I wore when I was 20, my whole perception has changed! When I see a pretty girl, I’m no longer comparing myself to her, just enjoying the fact that she is young and has her whole life ahead of her. I’m no longer in competition or wanting to keep up with the latest fashions. Yes, I do have a sense of style, but from another age perspective. And though I am 10 lbs. overweight, it’s not my focus for happiness. My happiness comes from love and being loved! With this has come a certain peace of who I am in the Lord. That no matter what I’m doing, God loves me and has accepted me right now. I used to have to do 20 things at the same time to feel loved and accepted, now I can sit and read a book without distractions! Just the other day I read a book from cover to cover and NEVER in my life have ever done that!!! What freedom there was in that. And there wasn’t any guilt!!!

I am at peace with my Father in Heaven, and He is helping me enjoy living! I’ve been teaching for over 20 years, and God is now giving me the grace to enjoy all those teachings myself! I am enjoying my  husband more than ever these days, family, my home, my grandchildren and other people. I find myself talking to about everyone as I wonder around Walmart or the grocery store. I’m NOT in a rush any more! That is a good thing. Even driving my car has changed… I’m simply not in a hurry. My mind is no longer filled with “have-to-do’s.” I feel more linear. I’m doing one thing at a time, and truly enjoying each and every thing! What a concept… Something for every woman to look forward to.

That’s if we don’t fight this process. If we put our trust and faith in God not in doctors during this time. That we take care of our bodies as the Lord has instructed. I am taking some vitamins, etc., to help during this hormonal change, but no longer in fear about it. I believe the reason some have stranger symptoms than others is to the degree we were caught up in the things of this world that made us fear, or hurry, or stressed. Not sure on that, I would have to do more research. Stay tuned…

Anyway, just wanted to share this because perhaps someone reading this or someone you know may be having similiar things happen. Unexplainable body symptoms that the doctor’s can’t diagnose. Well, God can. And so because He is the ultimate physician, I will trust this body and chemistry change to Him. He did tell me to read up on it, that would give me some peace, but the ultimate peace will come from Trusting Him completely with this time in my life, and I will come out on the other side, transformed into the “older woman” He wants me to be.

Note:  I am in the process of putting a chat line on my website to help other women learn they are not alone, and how the Lord wants us to handle this time of our lives. Email: to sign up.

Believing is more than we know

December 14, 2011

Come along with me in today’s Bible reading in Acts 13. I find that even though most of this was addressed to the people in those times, it truly applies to us today.

I don’t know how many people are still  living in a state of fear, anxiety, confusion, and doubt, when what they need to do is believe. Of course, believing is not easy, we have to let go of all our own expectations, thoughts, imaginations, things we have trusted and put our faith and trust completely and only in God and what He thinks about everything. That’s where the battle is…  in our minds, grasping for the truth. Because it’s the truth that makes us free.

As I was reading Acts 13 where Paul was giving an account of the gospel, I read in vs. 39: “And by Him all that believe are justified from all things, from which you could not be justified by the law of Moses.” Today, I find that so many people stay under their own guilt and shame because they have NOT believed they are justified FROM ALL THINGS! What they believe is that they have to pay for something. We have to get it that Jesus paid for whatever it is we are wanting to pay for. We have to get that…  Because it then says in vs. 40…  Beware, that it might not come upon you, which is spoken here, Behold you despisers and wonder and perish: for I work a work in your days, a work which you shall in no wise believe, though a man declare it to you.”  If we do NOT believe that we are justified FROM all things, we may fall into confusion and dis-ease, causing us to have difficulty believing anything that is of a truth. We have to believe FIRST that all our sins are washed in the blood of the lamb and receive this truth, not only in our heads but in our hearts, THEN we can enjoy our life and even be used of God in ways you can never imagine.

Then I read again in vs.46  “….and judge yourselves unworthy of everlasting life…”  If we don’t take by faith what Jesus has done, we will fall into self-pity, feeling unworthy, unloved, and unable to accept what Jesus has done! We need to believe that ALL are justified from ALL things… it doesn’t matter what it was, as long as you believe you are justified! It doesn’t mean you are perfect, nor eve will be, it means you have believed AND receive the perfect one into your hearts. We can only believe this when we put away all the things we were taught, all the things we “think” we believe, and  trust the gospel message of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Wouldn’t it be a great time to do just that, even if you already “know” the Lord as your Savior, to ask to believe Him more? So many Christians are in torment, reliving all the things they have done that was wrong… they haven’t received the truth of what this passage is saying…  and because they don’t believe they are justified, they are being tormented living under some law. The Bible says that No flesh is justified by the law…  So today, we can stop all that  by confessing this to God, everything, and opening our hearts and minds without condition, to receiving the full pardon of all our sins and griefs, doubts and fear.

This will be a new day for you if you do, and what a Christmas Gift for you today.

Rivers of Living Waters is waiting for you

December 12, 2011

This morning I woke up with an awesome revelation. This is something that I have known in my head, I’ve learned it from the Bible, but when it becomes a revelation, it means that it has become a real an intraget part of our lives, that actually changes our heart and perceptions on things. And this one did just that.

As I was pondering on God’s love last night, I went to bed thinking of Him. I awoke still thinking of Him, and He showed me something. He said, “People who seek my love, and actually learn to receive it,  they seem to stop there. But the truth is, once someone opens themselves to receiving My love, it never stops, the flow is CONSTANT!” See, I’ve talked to so many people who have said they felt God’s love at one time, but now it’s hard to feel it. It’s because when they got that love flowing in them, they shut the valve off themselves because they didn’t continue allowing His love to FLOW in them. It’s not a one-time deal. It is a river of living waters… continually flowing in and out of our lives.

I saw a picture of a fire-hydrant, and how when it’s opened it really flows out strong and with power. That is how I see God’s love now. The flow NEVER stops. The only way it stops is if we turn it off… and we do that by turning away. Things like doubt and unbelief, fear, unforigiveness, guilt and shame, regrets, you know… sin that we don’t confess…  I say it this way, because God gave us Jesus to cover our sins, but when we don’t apply that forgiveness to our lives, it shuts off the “power” from God’s throne. It’s still flowing though, but now it’s been redirected onto someone else. Perhaps someone you don’t even think should be blessed?? Ouch.

So take a moment to turn the nozzle back on, imagine the flow of that living powerful water drenching you 24 hours a day and watch your life heart, mind, circumstances change! What a concept.

Anyone fighting colds and flu?

December 12, 2011

Well, tis the season to get sick… well, it doesn’t have to be the case. Why do you think we find more people sick during the last 3 months of the year than any other? Is the viruses stronger during those times? No, I don’t believe so.

I wrote about this some time ago on another blog, but felt it important to bring it up again. During the holidays, many are prone to relive old past hurts, relationships broken, loves lost, family members gone on, etc. and it reopens wounds in the heart. The Bible says that a broken spirit dries up the bones, and that a broken heart makes one stoop. A broken heart causes our immune system to be compromised opening us up to all kinds of viruses, and it also affects our countenance and our physical health!

So what can we do about it? Well, anyone who re-lives old wounds and hurts and regrets during the holidays needs to forgive anyone who perpetrated that upon them. Forgiveness is the key to letting go of all those past hurts, and then praying God heal your broken heart. Anytime we have a broken relationship, there is a broken heart there. You don’t have to only be a female to have a broken heart, men get them too! I remember talking to a man on this because of his health issues, and suggested he may have a broken heart. He said, “I don’t have a broken heart, only women get those.” Well, after talking to him and explaining what a broken heart was, he stopped and said, “Ya know, I think I have a broken heart.”

Recognizing is the first step, forgiveness is the second, and receiving God’s love is the 3rd.

There are also opportunities this time of the year to be rejected. Perhaps you weren’t being invited to a party, or your children aren’t visiting you this year, or you aren’t expecting any gifts, or you were going to be alone on Christmas, these are  dreads that can break your heart and compromise your immune system too. This can also be remedied. Confess any self-pity to God (because that is sin), forgive anyone who doesn’t meet up to your expectations this Christmas, and go out and love someone! Perhaps visit a nursing home, a hospital, a shut in, or get involved in a shelter, so many possibilities than waiting for someone to come and bless you! You may be someone else’s answer to prayer and in turn, you will be blessed too!

Let’s rise above all those things the enemy wants to remind us of or cause us to “feel” bad, and start doing what the Word says. Jesus went around doing good…  it boosts your immune system.

Just recently my little granddaughter got strep-throat, she’s still fighting it right now. But she got sick – at 4 years old – because when she was here visiting from Alaska for Thanksgiving, we formed a great bond. When she got home, she cried and cried for me. That my friends, was a broken heart. So what do you do in these situations? It’s proven that touching and loving on others 12 times a day boosts our immune system. So I encouraged the family to hug her and hold her at least 12 times today, and I know she will be back to her self in no time.

All we need is love... is still the answer. If you are alone and get sick, love yourself, hold yourself, and trust God’s love to wash all over you. Then go out and love someone else, who will in turn, by the way, love you back.



Behind every good woman is a good man

December 10, 2011

Show me a happily married woman, and I’ll show you a husband who reflects the love as christ gave the church. So many couples have a wrong image of what a marriage should look like. So many husbands have grown up learning that they go to work, come home and do whatever they want, while the woman is wanting companionship and help with the kids. But somehow, the husband believes it’s the woman’s job to take care and discipline the kids. Marriage is a partnership, and both need to participate. Proverbs 31 says alot about a woman, and what she can do. And in that, it talks about her husband, how he’s looked up to, and it’s because he has a loving and supporting wife.

But that wife would not be loving and supporting if the husband wasn’t loving and supporting to her FIRST! I recall a scripture in the Bible that says, “We love God because He first loved us.” I believe it’s the same way with couples. A man who truly loves, encourages, and esteems his wife over himself will only gain love, respect and admiration and trust back.

What we see in society is a man ruling the family and demanding respect. Afterall, he’s the bread winner, and doing EVERYTHING for the family. But if he comes home and sits in front of the TV or is glued to his computer, that is NOT what marriage and family is all about. If that were the case, that person should never have kids or be married, because having kids you have to be self-less.

I remember a movie called “Hook” where Peter (Peter pan all grown up) was ignoring his kids activities at school. It really hurt the boy, but he was busy working FOR the family. His wife said to him, “Peter, you are missing everything.” If a husband only buries himself in his work and not giving any of himself to his wife or family, he is “missing” everything. Many marriages are dissolved for this very thing.

My husband told me within a year of our being married that he didnt’ marry me for sex, for doing my dishes, or laundry or cooking and cleaning, he married me because I’m his best friend. So if we have sex, or if I do dishes, or laundry or cooking, so be it… but it’s not a “have to” at all, those things are now things I want to do, because of His love and friendship towards me. I’m out ministering, I’m even remodeling my bathrooms, and I could only do these things because of his love and encouragement towards me. And guess what? He is truly happy and enjoying his life too, because when mama is happy, everyone is happy… as the saying goes.

But mama ain’t going to be happy if the husband doesn’t love her as Christ loves the church. Then the woman will respect and admire and offer herself freely to him. It’s a win win situation, and it’s scriptural.

So if you have a home filled with strife, and anger, and sadness, I would take a good look at your relationship with your spouse and if it’s in godly order or not. Is the woman leading the home or the man? Is there fear of parents from the kids or can they come to their parents with any problem or issue without fear? Is there strife in the home? Is there distrust anywhere? Is the woman feeling isolated and alone even though she is married? These things have been attributed to a lack of love offered FIRST by the husband.

Now, there are times when a husband actually is loving his wife, but his love is being rejected. I did that for 9 years in our marriage before I let my husband in. And it was only when I was able to fully understand and receive my heavenly Father’s love, that I was opened to receiving Tom’s love. Then the flood gates opened, and we’ve been truly happily married for over 22 years…

The other reason marriages fall apart is that somewhere in that relationship, a lie got in. They stopped being honest with each other somewhere along the way, and that will mess up all communication. Sometimes people stop talking to each other, it’s because there is a lie wedged in there somewhere. Both have to come to grips with this, find out where this started, and get that resolved through forgiveness and confession. We have to stay honest with each other at all times for this to work! God can only work with truth…  If there is fear of being honest, then there is a love issue here, because in love, there is no fear.