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Can a Blind Person See?

February 26, 2012

Something truly amazing happened to a friend of mine the other day, who happens to be blind. We had to deliver some important papers somewhere but she couldn’t find them. She lives with others in her home, but they really didn’t know what she needed to find. So, the morning of our appointment together, she asked the Lord where the paper was. And it was a matter of minutes that she  put her hand down right on top of a piece of paper. Held it up and asked her son what it was. And it WAS the paper she needed!!

If the Lord can care for the birds, he also cares for us. He will meet every need in every situation when we stop and ask Him, truly relying on Him and then believing Him. My friend HAS to truly trust God every single day with every single thing with every single breath. He leads, directs and guides her steps. She is truly blind, yet many of us are blind. We don’t see, we don’t hear, and we don’t “do” what God has instructed. Our “sight” gets in our way.

But I think you have experienced what my friend has, from time to time. That when you “lost” something, you stop and ask God and He takes you directly to it. I have had that happen many many times, but I was willing to stop and trust God with it, and He directed my steps.

Let’s be more trusting in God, and believe Him for everything in our lives, as my friend does.


What looks bad could be good!

February 19, 2012

I’m sure you have gone through things that look so awful, you wonder what you did to ever deserve that? Well, we all go through those times. Many believe it’s an attack from the devil. Others believe it’s something that they did to cause it. Both are accurate, to a degree. But what do we do with it?

I am going through something right now that is proving these things to be true in my  life. As this “thing” happened, I went to the Lord and asked if I had done this to myself. Was there any sin “in” me that opened this “attack?” Because, if any of you know of my teachings, I am all for finding spiritual roots and blocks to our blessings. I stood in the kitchen and asked God, “Is this a curse I put on myself?” So as I began seeking God on this, and over a period of days, this is what came about. And I hope that what I’m about to share with you will help you as well.

Not everything that happens that looks bad, is from the enemy! It could be God doing a course correction or purging in our lives, unfortunately,  causing us to “feel” the growing pains of it. It’s like going through an operation but without any anesthesia!

See, God is a God of excellence. He wants all our personal ducks to line up. I’m not talking about being perfect, I’m talking about whatever we put our hands to, to do it as unto the Lord. That means, not sloppy or undone. To do things, and complete the task at hand to the best of our abilities. Now, that is where we can also get into trouble like I did. I did do this to the best of my ability, but it wasn’t enough. I missed some important aspects that caused all this to happen to me. So with this “shake up” it did an amazing thing. It caused me to re-group in my heart and mind about what I’m doing with my life, make some decisions on  how to bring it up to speed, how to meet the “laws of the land” in business, and to find others to help using their expertise. See people, we don’t “know” everything. And the Bible says that “People perish for lack of knowledge” but “among many counselors there is safety.” I understand this to mean that we can ask for expert advise so that we won’t perish!!!

I have been working alone in this project of mine, but since this “shaking up” of sorts, it has truly caused me to ask for the much needed help in areas I don’t have knowledge in. It’s okay to ask for help. Something that has truly been hard for me to do, but now I have to! Praise the Lord… and from all this peace has returned to my spirit. And the root of this is fear and pride! I was afraid to ask anyone for help for fear they would run, or that it would cost me money. And pride, saying I can do this all myself! Ouch! So though this was not an attack from the enemy, it was things in me that God was still working on to get me more free.

I hope you get what I’m saying, because it is what I’m going through now. When I get on the other side of all this, I will follow up with a “praise” report. Yet, through this all, I’m praising God. Because what HE has started, He will finish, no matter what! And that I can count on. And we know when something is of God, because it seems to have a life of it’s own, and when we “do” what we do, there is peace.

So even thought things may look bad, feel bad and taste bad, it may be GOOD! For God will work all things for good. And He gave me a promise too… that He knows the intent of my heart, and will work all things for Good because I do love Him, and He has called me to do this work, so will give me favor of man and peace in the midst of the storm to fulfill the call on my life. I believe you can grab ahold of this too for yourself and your life!

Who wants to defeat pride?

February 8, 2012

I Do! Because pride is what caused Satan to fall, and if I have any, then I’m acting like him, and that is unacceptable to me. However, what if I have pride? What can I do to get rid of it once and for all? I’m hoping I can help you, as the Lord helped me this week.

First, I didn’t “think” I had any pride left. I had been on this journey of sanctification for years and years, and thought for sure pride was a thing of the past… hmmm…. just saying that, I see some more pride! Yikes. Because pride is deceiving and cunning and hidden behind almost everything. But when we can expose it, we can deal with it one “prideful moment” at a time. Let me share a few stories with you that the Lord used to show me how pride was still very present.

I had to get a tire fixed so I went to our local repair shop. The fella working on my tire was young, but he seemed to know what he was doing while looking for the hole. So I watched him as he put it in a tub of water and was able to locate the leak quite quickly. He told me it was the stem valve that was leaking. I then said, “I just got my car out of the repair shop where they changed my brakes, perhaps they accidently broke it.” And this young man is ALL his wisdom said, “Maybe it was like that when you took it in to them.” I said, “Yeah… could have been.” Then I took my car and drove away.

The Lord used this experience to show me pride! Yes, in this was pride. Because I “blamed” the auto-repair shop for breaking the stem! The young guy was right, I really will never know. But I blamed! See, pride manifests blame. Looking for someone to take the rap so that we don’t look bad, or look silly, or look stupid. But just there, I did all those things to myself by blaming someone else.

The other experienced happened this same week. I was invited to a church function, and I responded with, “I have a flat tire so I cannot come.” Gee…. sounds like one of the stories Jesus told where he held a banquet but one-by-one people had an excuse not to go. I believe I understand what He was saying there. Not just that we are to go out and gather others to come, but those that DID NOT come, were in pride. They blamed something for not attending, instead of just saying, “I don’t want to come.” That is the truth! I could have gone to the event, I could have used another car. But the truth was, I forgot about it, and it was too late to go. See, the responsibility was on me.

Once I realized that I still had pride, in this way, I confessed. Because what is also hidden in here is “fear of man.” Fear of man is a manifestation of pride, because again, we don’t want to “look” bad. We want others to accept us and approve of us. We want others to know we do have value! All that is pride.

So this is what I prayed to the Lord:  My Heavenly Father. Thank you for using these things in my life to expose pride. It is sin that is very tormenting and impacts almost every area of my life. So I confess the sin of pride, fear of man, and blame. And I now tell the spirit of pride to GO NOW in Jesus name. Amen.

Now, it seems like the revelation I just shared with you was a piece of cake… not hardly…. I had to go through some painful things this week, to really see myself in a mirror, which wasn’t pretty. I was so embarrassed by some of the things I said and did this week, all winding up to my restoration. But at the time, that’s not what I thought. I was truly tormented in my mind, trying to fix things, wondering what was happening, but it wasn’t until the Lord showed me that pride, fear of man and blame were at the root. And since I know that being embarrassed is pride, I knew it had to be pride. So that is when I began asking God, what is going on in me!

Then, after discovering, praying and releasing those things, I had an opportunity to be tested:  I was looking for something that I couldn’t find. I immediately started to blame my husband for taking or moving it, but what I thought in my head and what came out of my mouth proved to me that the Lord truly delivered. Because I was going to say, “you…” took it, but what I said was, “I misplaced it.” What a difference! For years and years I’ve blamed my husband for the smallest of things, like this. How “prideful” that was of me, yet didn’t even realize that’s what I was doing. I hated doing it but couldn’t stop it. Now that what is BEHIND all that is gone, now I can stop it. I have to be renewed in my mind and form new habits. Because if for years my MO was to blame, then I have to retrain myself so that my MO is to take responsibility, be honest, and not blame.

Wow! I can’t tell you how my life has changed even more this week. Because having had these sins exposed and removed, has impacted EVERY relationship in my life. Not fearing man and what he may think of me, but fearing only God and what He thinks of me. Not getting embarrassed if I said something or did something that wasn’t good, because Love covers. And most of all, confessing that I still had pride. That is a hard one to chew, but here’s the good news. As long as it is hidden, it will have power. But once we confess that we have it, and permit God to work in our lives to remove it, that’s when “all hell” will break loose OUT of you…  And believe me, the ride is bumpy, but who wants to keep that junk?

What I shared were just a few examples of pride, however, there are so many other “faces” to pride, and they can come in with self-pity, self-hatred, manipulation and control, anger, jealousy, envy, judgmental, critical, drivenness, victimization, entitlement, to name a few. I think you get the picture, and I hope that you seek God as well to expose pride in your life, not be ashamed or mad at yourself that it is there, but simply take it to our Father in Heaven who wants to free you more than you do.

When we realize how cunning pride is, we have won half the battle.