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The poor will always be with you

July 24, 2012

Just recently, at church, I wanted to leave the service. I was fidgety, thinking of all the things I needed to be doing, I was thinking how cold it was in the building, as I was coming up with all kinds of reasons not to be there. As the second worship song started, I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, “The poor will always be with you.” I was a bit taken by that, because that was a strange thing to say. Then I got the interpretation.

I remembered the scripture that talked about the woman who poured the oil on Jesus’ feet and the disciples said, “She just wasted all that money we could have given to the poor.” And Jesus said, “She does this for me and my burial, you always have the poor with you.”  What the Lord told me is this: “There will ALWAYS be something….   you will need to clean the house, wash the car, fix this, fix that, make this, make that, eat this, eat that, go shopping, build something, teach a class, etc., but right now is MY time… So put all those things aside right now, and pour your heart and life onto me.”

Wow… what an impact it made on me at that moment. I began focusing on Him right then and there, and the worship became so sweet, and was so glad to be there, enjoying Him and His people.

See, there is always something….  we get done with one thing, then another thing takes it’s place. Sometimes we just have to stop, and regroup and concentrate only on the Lord, that stuff can wait, it will always be there.

This reminds me of the parable of the wedding feast. Many were invited, but they all had excuses why they couldn’t go. Let’s not miss out on spending time with God and realizing that He the MOST important thing on this earth to do. Without Him, we have nothing. Let’s worship the creator rather than the creation.

I had some repenting to do that morning, and got refocused. All fidgeting left, and I was restored to peace. When I left the service I just sat in my car, feeling like I just had a BIG kiss from the Lord.  What an awesome feeling that was, and it set up the rest of my day.


Make Straight our Crooked Paths

July 19, 2012

I’ve been working on landscaping my flower garden area. Built a river bed for overflowing water in winter, and also a foot bridge over it. Added some cobblestone walkways, plants, etc. But something was “amiss.” When I built the foot bridge, I didn’t build it straight. See, when I was close to the project, and used a level to level it, it looked really crooked because we live on a slope. So I adjusted the level by having the little ball to the left of the line and not to the center. It was nice and level as I looked at it, prevalent to the area around it.  So I dug holes, and put in cement, and made a rock-solid foot bridge.

As I was walking away from it and looking back… I realized it was apparently crooked!! Wow… what a deception. I thought it was straight… but when I stood back from it, it wasn’t. For days I kept thinking of how to camouflage it to hide the crookedness. I added a piece of board, I added some flowers, I would tilt my head, but nothing I did made it straight.

So on the 5th day… I said, “I have got to make it straight even if I have to cut it all apart.” So that morning, my husband and I put our heads together, and we were able to adjust the bridge, re-cement it in, and now it’s level. Now the whole garden area is balanced.

I learned a spiritual truth from this little exercise. We cannot cover up crooked! You have to make straight the crooked ways, even if we have to re-build, re-do, and tear down old thought paths, and actions. And my husband went on to say, “Crookedness is a lie.” We both agreed that being on the straight and level pathway in life by being honest and truthful in all things is the only way to live a balanced and happy life. Scriptures say that someone out of balance is easy pickin’s for the enemy. We cannot color coat or cover up crookedness. It has to be MADE straight, nothing else will do.

So as I looked into my life, I asked the Lord to continue making my life straight, holy, and true, as it’s a daily process of our hearts growing and changing more and more like His heart. And I’m so grateful to Jesus, because He’s there in the midst of everything to forgive us when we aren’t  “straight” at that moment, and helps us make those crooked ways straight! Praise God.