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Are you sad?

August 28, 2012

I discovered that when I start feeling heavy, or sad, or feel that something isn’t right, or I just feel like I’m falling deeper into a hole, I have to remind myself that it’s probably a “spirit of dread.” Dread can make us truly unhappy. We have to recognize it when it comes, and cast it out. The other morning as I was just not feeling well in my spirit, I asked the Lord to show me why. He began helping me identify about 14 fearful mindsets that I had. I couldn’t believe it… And after writing them all down, they were things I dreaded! Fear is kinship to dread… And I noticed after I identified these fears, and then cast out the spirit of dread… I was totally freed!!

So the next time you don’t know why you are feeling the way you feel, or that you just seem sad… it could be that it’s a spirit of dread! Take authority over it, and cast it out, and get rid of all  your fearful thoughts by confessing them to the Lord. And watch your own countenance change! It could even open up other areas in your life the Lord wants to work on. (See previous blog)

Once we do this, we need to receive so that we are re-filled with the Joy of the Lord. Start thanking God for His Word, His love, your life, etc. A thankful heart is a receiving heart, even though you may not feel like it at the moment, do it anyway. The Bible says to be thankful for all things. That way we are filled up right away with the things of God, otherwise we could leave a gaping hole. We do that by being thankful, meditating on God’s word, and allowing the Holy Spirit to give us revelation on the Truth that we read. We just got off the trail for a moment, but we can be restored to full joy and peace, because it’s God’s joy and peace that we need, not our own, because our own will fail us.


Do you have the need to control or internalize everything that goes on?

August 28, 2012

Have you been struggling in an area in your life that you just can’t seem to get a handle on? You know how you are, and yet you don’t want to be that way? There are several possibilities, but I want to bring one to you that you may not have discovered.

Before sharing it though, I want to share with you how I came to this conclusion. There are two behaviors that stand out so loud, but is the hardest two things to overcome.

1.People can be so controlling. Watching what others do to be sure they do it “right.” And the person we are in relationship with keeps getting squashed and feeling inadequate and always feeling like they are doing something wrong, by our over bearing ways.

2. Everything is about them. No matter what the topic of discussion is, it always turns back to being about them somehow. It’s actually quite irritating, and can cause rifts in relationships.

These are the two hardest areas to minister to. Well.. until now. The past couple of days the Lord has been teaching me some things along these lines, and wanted to know the “why?” behind them. The answer is the same for both. Many have been through deliverance ministries to rid themselves of the spirit of control and manipulation, pride, fear, and more… yet, they are still not changing to the degree they want to change in these areas. As I dug deep down and worked with God, He gave me the reason. He told me that the reason for these behaviors is because that person isn’t happy.

Have we ever considered that in our own lives? Have we really looked at ourselves and our lives and our relationships and asked ourselves if we are really happy? This is a question no one but you can answer. We need to be honest about it, otherwise we won’t get past this stuff. Because, when we are not happy, we will sow unhappiness in others. Take a look around you. Is everyone happy to be with you? Or do you bring a “low” into the room? I know we can’t be ecstatically happy all the time, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about our spirit. See, to be happy is to be content with who you are, where you are, and what you have. The Bible says that contentment is great gain. If we were content, we wouldn’t ever get jealous or envious of others. If we were happy, we wouldn’t fall into a pit of depression.

So to find our way out is to first acknowledge the fact of not being happy. Confess this to the Lord, first and foremost. And ask for forgiveness of not being content. Then allow God to heal your heart, and help you to see things differently, as you continue washing your mind with the water of the Word. Stop listening to the accuser, and get rid of all fearful thoughts. And last but surely not least, receive and believe God’s love for you personally. Because a person who displays these types of behavior is not being made perfect in God’s love.

Seeing what we cannot see

August 22, 2012

What an amazing morning… The Lord unraveled some things to me that I thought would bless you too. Well, last night I had a dream of an atomic blast. I was in a basement, and I knew to close my eyes, but even in the dark room, the light came through the walls and I could see it through my eyelids. I shared that with Tom this morning, and he said. “Remember in the testing days of atom bombs… they thought that by putting on glasses and looking at the blast it would protect them,  but they died from it eventually anyway.” Then we began talking about what we look at could be destroying our lives. Then I said, “We are always saying.. I wanna see, I wanna see… but do we realize that what we are ‘wanting’ to see, could be our downfall?

Then I asked myself, “what am I wanting to see?” and the Lord began connecting the dots in His Word.

2 Corinthians 5:1 While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen, for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

So I began writing down a list of things I’m supposed to be seeing. Some of the things I listed were: Seeing my sister free from cancer. Seeing my mother’s feet restored. Seeing people’s lives restored, seeing love reign in broken lives, etc. As I shared them with Tom he said, “These are your prayers.” So… we come full circle. See, we pray for things we don’t have yet, we haven’t seen but we want to see! Wow!!! The Lord said that instead of “wanting” to see them…. just SEE them! Speak those things that are not as though they are, kind of thinking. Not name it claim it… but see it in the spirit. There is no sickness in Heaven, there is no crying or pain in Heaven. And the Lord’s prayer says to bring things on earth as it is in heaven… so if He said to do it… it can be done.

 Then as I looked at that list, the things I wrote were things believed in Faith. So that is why the Bible says we are to walk by Faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7).

This is why we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us… it’s because when we see what He sees, all things are possible.

Lot’s wife looked back and SAW the city, and was turned to a pillar of salt. (What she wanted to see with her eyes, killed her)

We have to start finding things to look upon with our spirit, not with our eyes. I know this sound elementary, but this morning it was like a key unlocked this mystery to me and I began to understand in a more comprehensive way the “one liners” in the Word of God. And they flooded  my mind, and I began to see them connect. I began to see with my spirit, things invisible.

Blessed are those who have not seen yet have believed…  this makes so much more sense now. Or when Jesus spoke in parables so that “they” couldn’t see! I always asked myself why…. It’s so that “they” would have to seek Him more than just seeing with their eyes!  Matthew 13:13 Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand. He wanted them to understand with faith, see what they cannot see… That is why he was a little upset with the disciples when he said, “can’t you SEE yet?” Do I still have to explain things to you?

We walk by faith and not by sight. (2 Corinthians 4:7).  This is one of those “one liners” stuck in the middle of something Paul was teaching. Take a look.

As we continue looking at things that are not there… we will see so much more! I have a blind friend, and she knows first hand how to see without her eyes, and she is an inspiration to me. Always seeing in the spirit!!! Let’s put that into practice, and “see” what God will do.

Peace demands truth

August 20, 2012

This is an insight that may change your life! If you are having difficulty finding peace in your life, it could be that you aren’t being as truthful as you can. Now, before getting offended, if the shoe fits…… as the saying goes. But… if you are willing to seek out truth to bring you more peace, wouldn’t that be worth the discomfort of seeing yourself clearly?

I can only share with you what the Lord has brought me through. Because I have a peace “that passes all understanding.” The kind that no matter what happens, you can remain steadfast and at ease…  There are two things going on here. 1) Having a healthy trust in every situation with your Father in Heaven 2) Being honest in every area of your life with yourself, others and God.

If there is a lack in any of these two things, you will struggle in finding peace.

So here are some examples:  Until I truly understood and was able to “see” God’s hand in everything, and to truly trust Him with my whole heart, soul and mind, I wasn’t getting peace. We have to believe God in all things, good, bad or indifferent. Never doubt His presence, ability, care or love for us. That has to be first and foremost established and grounded in us. We need to be able to have an assurance and confidence that no matter what hardships we face,we are not alone, God has not abandoned us, and that He will get us through to the other side. Many are stuck in their situation, questioning and doubting God. We have to realize that only GOOD comes from God, so where did the so called “bad” come from? We may be causing some of it, the devil may be causing some of it, and God may be causing some of it. But regardless where it comes from, God is greater… and we have to truly know this. We have to understand true forgiveness, we have to understand and apply His love.

Then the other area is being truthful. Peace is robbed when aren’t being honest with God, ourself or others. For an example:  If you are struggling in a relationship, have you been honest with that other person? Are you hiding something? Are you fearful of speaking the truth? Perhaps you spoke the truth to them but unwilling to hear their truth to you? All has to be exposed, and then and only then will the lies lose it’s power, and peace will be restored. Yes, it may be bumpy to face some things at first, but once it’s out, it’s out, and peace will eventually be restored. If there is a BIG secret, you know, the kind that could cause a possible break up in relationship, it still has to come out. You will not have peace until it’s ALL been confessed and exposed. The pieces will fall where they may, but remember, like I just shared regarding being rooted and grounded in God’s love… that you will not be destroyed, God is with you and will take you through, heal you, and deliver you, if you believe He will.

So what do you need to talk to the Lord about today? Are you cheating on your taxes? Are you exaggerating when telling a story to make yourself look better? Are you complimenting people but don’t really believe it? Are you living a double life, saying you believe one thing and doing another? Are you in fear with your spouse? Are you having trouble trusting God, say you do, but inside you don’t? Remember, the Word says that a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.. sounds like a person without peace to me. Sounds like a person who lives in doubt and unbelief. When we have doubts, it means we aren’t believing the truth! So again, to have peace, we have to have truth, live it, breath it, and receive it. And I’m not talking about telling everyone else what you see, but telling yourself what you see. This is about you right now… leave your loved ones alone…  look in the mirror… even Michael Jackson sang “it starts with the man in the mirror.” Too bad he didn’t heed what he knew…  will we make the same mistake, or be willing to see the truth in our own lives, so that we can come clean.

You know, the closer you get to the Lord, the more time you spend in His word, the more impurities rise to the top. Yes, it can be painful, but God is awesome as he turns up the fire just enough to expose the impurities so he can remove them. But it’s a pain most welcome for a believer! Because it will pass, and a newness will be restored…. and one of those things is peace.

Stop Should-ing on yourself!

August 2, 2012

Have you ever said, “I shouldn’t have done that?” or “I could have done that” or “I would have done that.” These are all statements that could set us up for some health problems!

Particularly Migraines…  2 Timothy 2:24-26 says that we are to instruct people who oppose themselves, to bring them into the light, so they can be free from the enemy’s destruction. Well, isn’t a migraine destruction? It stops all life, and you can’t even move, and it’s a horrible experience, very tormenting. But what if I were to tell you that we do it to ourselves? When we OPPOSE ourselves, we are opening up ourselves for headaches and other aches and pains. Ever heard someone say, “You are a pain in my neck.” Then when you get a pain in your neck, you blame God…  Well, as Jeremiah 5:25 says, “We prevent good things from happening to us because of our sins and iniquities.” And what are these sins and iniquities?  Not loving ourselves properly.

I’ll share a personal account. Last Sunday I visited a friend of mine. And she had a visitor there who over heard our conversation. I was sharing a dream I had, just a dream mind you, but the lady took offense to it because she thought I was attacking her religious beliefs. She started justifying and saying all kinds of things, that my head began to hurt. Then I realized that I “shouldn’t” have shared that dream at all. What profit was it? Then I began to kick myself in the behind… all the way home. By the time I got home, I had a tremendous knife wrenching headache… and it lasted for 3 days! During that time, that’s when I realized I “should-ed” on myself, and when I repented, and forgave and released, the headache subsided, almost immediately.

Frankly, we are NEVER to have any conflict at all, with others, with God and even ourselves. We are to remain in perfect peace at all times in all situations, and we can only do that by staying true in our heart, forgiving ourselves, forgiving others, and receiving the fullness of God’s love for us, and trusting His love towards others.

Today I’m feeling much better, but a hard lesson to be reminded of. Pay attention to what I’m saying and to whom I’m saying it to, and not to fall into any self-conflict over anything, stay honest, open and true in all things, and peace will be a constant, and headaches will not return.

So to apply this personally, what are you conflicting with  yourself about. Perhaps you don’t think you are doing enough. Perhaps you aren’t doing it good enough. Perhaps you are being driven by others to perform. Perhaps you are disappointed with yourself and your abilities. Perhaps you are competing with yourself. These are signs that you could be setting yourself up for problems. Stop now, repent, release, receive forgiveness and Gods’ love, and rejoice in today, and love yourself where you are right now. We are going to do and say things that aren’t always good, but not to beat yourself up about them any more… but repent and receive. Remember,  His mercies are new every morning, and this is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.