When Evil Comes

I had just settled in for along winters nap…  okay wrong story… but… I just tucked myself into bed for the evening and opened the Bible to Psalm 91:5 “You shall not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flies by the day; nor for the sickness that walks in darkness, nor for the destruction that wastes at noonday.”

I want to encourage someone as the Holy Spirit gave light to this passage. See, we sometimes think that bad things aren’t going to happen, but this passage tells us it WILL come, BUT… when it does come, not to be afraid!!! I got a huge revelation on this just now realizing that whatever comes our way, God is greater and able to fulfill his will in that situation. Sometimes we get to go through the fire, sometimes we will smell like smoke, sometimes we will not. I’m understanding more how this world is a time of trials to test us to see if we are going to believe and trust HIM no matter what.

Yet, the cool thing is… even if we “miss” the mark, God is with us. And IF we make Him our refuge… by trusting Him in all areas, even during the bad or hard times… evil won’t be able to come upon us, nor any disease. (vs 10).

Both ways are spoken in this passage and we don’t know what is going to come our way, but know this… it’s for the glory of the Lord, and for our growth in faith, to continue renewing us into the “new man.”


3 Responses to “When Evil Comes”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Hi Linda,
    I wrote you a while back but have been so busy since then, that I haven’t gotten back to you. I would love to have a small book of my experience but would not know where to begin in writing one. I also wouldn’t know how to come up with the money to have it published…I could always print it myself and bind it…

    I had a lot of deliverance when I went to Be In Health and my family and I are going again for the City of Refuge, Dec 9-14th. I’m still having issues with rejection and unloving spirits and didn’t know if you could help with those or not. I’ve counseled with so many women since coming back from BiH in October and it’s great, but why do I have so many hard times with my own issues. Thanks for any help you can offer.

    Read my writings on my blog here:

    • lindalange Says:

      Hi nancy: Sorry it has taken me so long to respond, I didn’t see your comment until now. I have a publishing company… take a look at http://www.LAMPublishing.org. We help people get their books published, and also mentor. Our fees are based on donations… so we can talk about that.

      Yes, I do help people with rejection etc… Written several books, one called, “Overcoming Abandonment and Rejection.” Look for it at http://www.truthfrees.org.

      Email me at linda@truthfrees.org for more information and continued conversation..

  2. Nancy Says:

    Thank you Linda, I got your email the other day. I’ll be in touch in a few days.

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