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Two or More…. can go both ways!

April 25, 2013

My husband and I were talking this morning and I was sharing with him some things I’ve been going through pertaining to some girlfriend relationships. I was concerned about a couple of friends of mine as I “felt” there may be some clicky stuff going on. Well, I was sharing my thoughts because I felt they have developed a pact together, almost being against me. (I’m sure this never has happened to you… sigh!). Then my husband said, “This is like that two or more gathered scripture.”

The scriptures say that when two or more are gathered in my name, I am in the midst of them. The “in my name” is critical. Because we know that when two or more are gathered at a demonstration rally, it may get ugly. We know that when two or more team up against you and lie about you, it can turn out ugly. We know that it takes two to argue, takes two to gossip. These times are  not ” in His name, but in ours.” But… if we gather together and speak well of others, pray for one another (not the gossipy type prayers), then we are IN HIS NAME, and He is in the midst of us.  Note:  When two Christians are gathered together, even if they aren’t doing it for good reasons, God is still in the midst of them to straighten them out!

Just a thought…


When You Love God, You Will Believe Him

April 17, 2013

Scriptures say, “If you love me, you will keep My commandments.” And that is our battle… daily living and keeping His commandments to show we love Him. But let me make it easier for you by saying it this way, “When you believe Him, you will keep His commandments and when you keep his commandments, you are loving Him.”

Keeping His Word is easy when you believe Him. Then you won’t question WHY, or struggle in the area you don’t want to do  like tithe or forgive your grouchy neighbor. The degree we believe Him is the degree we love him, and the degree we love Him is the degree we are blessed.

It’s true with anything. I trust my husband and believe Him in all things, so when he tells me something, I simply believe him. And when I believe him, I respond without fear and I do it. But if I don’t trust that person or don’t “know” them, I won’t believe anything they have said…

So we have to ask ourselves this question… Do we “KNOW” God? Because if we truly knew Him, we would believe every Word and live by it. And if we live by it, we will NATURALLY keep all the commandments, which is founded on one…  Matthew 22:37-40, to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and love others as you love yourself… period!  When we LOVE we fulfill all commandments!

One hand or the other?

April 17, 2013

I was put into a situation where I was going back and forth on an issue. I would say, I can understand what they are doing on one hand, but on the other hand it makes me angry. And the Lord got into the middle of this and said, “Then just deal with the one hand… not the other.”

I had to laugh.. because the “other hand” is not God’s!!  Yikes

How to Activate Healing

April 17, 2013

This is truly a million dollar question, but I will give it to you free… as it came to me.

At 3:30 AM I was woken up, not feeling so good. I had been feeling sad earlier that night thinking about my sister who passed. Thinking of my gramma who I didn’t get to know well. I was getting more and more deeper into a state of sadness, that I cried myself to sleep. But at 3:30 AM the Lord took me on a journey with Him, and it changed everything!

I have been reading in the Old Testament for over a month now… getting great teachings out of it, and applying amazing things out of it to my life. But God was clear to tell me that the Old and New Testament are QUITE different. And when I read the OT be sure to mix it with mercy, grace and faith. Because if we don’t we can fall under condemnation and back into the “works” effort for our salvation. Which I do believe many have. I know this for a certainty, because I’ve talked to hundreds of people, and many doubt their salvation! And when they quote scripture, it’s from the Old Testament! Of course that is going to condemn us because it was “under the Law!”

Let me help shed some light. Buckle your seatbelts because this one is a doozey!!!

So as I laid there in bed, just feeling like #&&#^@!!! The Lord visited me.

He took me through the Old Testament, areas I had been reading about, and reminded me that all these individuals did NOT have the Holy Spirit inside them. That He would place the Holy Spirit on people as He saw fit to carry out His work on this earth. BINGO!!!!  This was key! Have you heard people say, “God doesn’t need us.” Well, that is a bold face life… He does, because we are the ones He needs to carry out His will on this earth.

Jesus was put in flesh to dwell among us. He did many miracles and taught many things. He was in a body form! He came and completed everything God was doing previously when He would place his spirit on a few select. But the people were not getting it. They had to do so many offerings for their sins, thoughts, fears, whatever else, to cover every inch of their “unbelieving” hearts, to be sanctified. And they had to do this EVERY YEAR! It was all WORKS! It was to KEEP THE LAW. God knew then, they couldn’t do it on their own and needed to offer sacrifices.

Well, Jesus has completed all those sacrificial laws by his shed blood on the cross! We don’t ‘have to offer pigeons, or kill the fatted calf, we believe! And believing is counted for righteousness. (I just did a blog called, “Do you have a Zeal for God….” – be sure to read it, because this blog follows that thought.) Not only are we made righteous by the blood of the lamb, but we are also given the POWER to become the sons and daughters of God. They didn’t have this kind of power int he OT, only int he New… and that is for us today. The OT is there to show us the things that happened in our generations, things that God did, promises he made, and to help us not to make the same kinds of mistakes they did… And so today, we have the power to overcome, to live, to be free because of Jesus.

Now here is where things get very interesting.

As I was meditating on what the Lord had showed me, I saw something very clear for the first time. God USED PEOPLE to do His will on the earth. He just didn’t wave His hand over a situation and magically did something. Most of the time it was through people, or through His angels, through a donkey, through something on this planet! He even sent His Son in body form to relay his message to us. But He USED something on this planet. And now since He dwells IN us.. He is going to USE us!

So for those of you who think you are a “nobody” ‘you are lisetning to the liar.. Because YOU are somebody, you are the hands and feet and mouth of almighty God!

This then means that John 15 is accurate when it says, “Lay hands on the sick so that they recover.” It doesn’t say to ask God to heal them… It doesn’t say, “Jesus heal them.” It says,  YOU LAY HANDS on the sick so that they recover. It says to go to the elders of the church if you need healing. It doesn’t say to go to GOD!!!  Now don’t misunderstand me here, it is GOD doing it, but THROUGH His people!!!!!!!!!

Just recently there was a bombing in Boston. We wonder “where were you GOd, why did you let this happen?” Let me say it again, it’s up to US on this planet to prevent things like this from happening. Because I know for a fact that if that person had any glimmer of love in their lives, or shown any kindness at all, this never would have happened. And when things happen here, HE IS WITH US so we can go through it in Faith.

Jesus said, “It is finished” at the cross. He means what He said. That is why He gave us the Holy Spirit. They didn’t have it in times past, only when Jesus rose from the grave. So we have been given everything we need to live and do what we need to do today on this planet. Let’s believe what Jesus has done, receive it, and go and do what He wants of us. Then, just maybe then, the world will change.

Faith comes by hearing…..

April 17, 2013

I want to share a bit more insight on this passage (Romans 10:17), “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” I always read this to say, “Faith comes by hearing the word of God.” I never really understood why it said “hearing” twice. Now I do and I hope you enjoy this insight that I recently heard from my pastor.

If you notice, there is a comma after the first hearing…  So let’s take a look. Faith comes by hearing…. hearing what? He said it means hearing about what God is doing in people’s lives. Our testimonies, etc. As I thought on that, I then recalled the passage in Revelation 12:11 that says, “We overcome the enemy by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony (which is the first ‘hearing’).

Just thought this was interesting to note because I thought there was a typo or something in that passage, stating  hearing twice!

So, to put this into our lives today. We need each other. We need to share what God is doing in our lives and praise Him for what He is doing, even in the midst of chaos. Our faith is increased when we hear how God is moving in other people’s lives. Faith grows when we see Him moving in our lives and as we share it, we are actually defeating the enemy as Revelation says. Keep on sharing, keep on talking about what God is doing. Keep it in the forefronts of our minds, and watch your world expand and change all around you. After all, what are we to be thinking about all day anyway? The Bible is filled with things to think on…

Also, notice that in Revelation our testimony is just as important as the “Blood of the Lamb” (word of God and power that Jesus came to give us and forgiveness of sins). Otherwise it wouldn’t be in the same sentence!! You are more important than you think!!!

Insights following the Bomb Attack

April 16, 2013

This post is NOT for the faint hearted: As I was praying about the bombing in Boston, I fell to my knees when I heard in my spirit that if Christians as a whole were given a grade, it would be a C-. I was sharing this with my husband saying that this bombing never would have happened if the person who did this was loved. And Tom said, even if they were loved for just ONE moment of time! (Tom knows first hand about having been loved for a moment in time when he was five years old. It stayed with him all his life and that is why he can love me as he does today – truly unconditional.) Then I heard this in my spirit as I was writing this: “People who do harm to others is because others have not shown them love. People who do harm to themselves is because they don’t know how to love themselves.”

I hear reports all the time when a crime happens in a sleepy neighborhood that people couldn’t believe that their next door neighbor could do such a thing. Why would that be? I would imagine no one really knows because no one took the time to love them, ask them if they needed help, or prayer. It’s not about feeding the poor all over the world or preaching to India.. it’s what is going on in our own back yard. How are we treating the checker? How do we drive our cars? I heard these lyrics in a song the other day that sums it up: “I want to live a life of love.. to show YOU Lord, how much I thank You for what You have done.” I truly want to live my life like that.

A scripture that comes to mind in times like this is, 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

So I have to ask, if we believe we are doing all these things, why isn’t our land being healed? Our freedoms are being taken away little by little. People are trying to extinguish God out of every public sight. The actual Earth is changing and dying. If we were doing what this passage says our land would be healed. So I have to ask… what AREN’T we doing?

I want to expand this passage for clarity: Humble (I believe to truly be humble is to REALLY believe what God’s Word says, to love Him no matter what, and be thankful), Pray (intercede for others and make petition), Seek (Only God and His righteousness) and turn from OUR wicked ways (don’t be deceived any more but ask God to show us our heart and repent for what is there) and in turn God will FORGIVE OUR SINS… and heal our Land. The bottom line is this is a sin issue. I’m not saying people aren’t being blessed every day, of course they are, but as a whole nation, we are failing fast. But again, it starts with us, in our homes, in our hearts, in our lives. If this rings true with you, I pray we get our own hearts and lives in check then we can truly reach the world in our own neighborhoods without fear. Because perfect love casts out all fear and torment. The Bible says to “be perfect even as your father which is in heaven is perfect.” How do we do that if we can never be perfect? This is talking about loving each other! When we love, we fulfill all the law (Galatians 5:14, Romans 13:8 and 10).

So when next report card time comes around perhaps our grade will have improved? That is my prayer today, I hope it’s yours.