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think outside the box

June 30, 2013

im blogging from alaska today on my kindle…so please over look my spelling…but i had to share this with my faithful followers… when i arrived at my sons home.. it was so very hot in the house. they had a heat wave and not prepared didnt have screens on windows…to allow for fresh air…and even if they did there is smoke all around from fires in  area. and on top of that the mosqitoes are thick and as big as flies and cant go outside for very long…. so…   what can i do?   i decided to buy them a portable airconditioner. not an easy task. every store i  called was out and many wont be getting any more in. finally sears was able to get one here in 18 days. so  i bought it.  i went to bed.  then this morning as i was praying  how can we get one sooner. there has to be a better way. then i heard the lord say…think outside of the box. thats all he said…so i sat there and then thought…california should have some. so i went to work. i called home depot near my home. and they had some…but couldnt send to alaska…go figure. so….my wonderful husband is going to pick it up on monday (tomorrow) and ups it overnight!!!!!! now that is thinking out of  the box..dont have to wait 18 days afterall…and i get to enjoy it too…we just have to patiently endure a couple more days.

i would appreciate your prayers at this time…for the smoke to go away and fires put out. cant go much about mosquitos though….

i like the fact that there  are no taxes in alaska…but not a good enough reason for  this princess to live there.  well there is my son and his family that i miss greatly.  well skyping is the next best thing without the bugs and smoke.

this goes along with my recent blogs.. to believe beyond our own belief… or think outside the box because thats where God is and miracles.


Whatever you fear you serve

June 27, 2013

What a glorious morning today. I’m getting ready to go to Alaska to visit my son and his family. But, spent some time this morning with the Lord reading Judges Chapter 6. I had mentioned earlier that the book of Joshua was my favorite OT book, but now I think Judges is. Great treasures in there… and here’s one I never saw before!

Judges 6:10  And I said unto you, I am the Lord your God; fear not the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but ye have not obeyed my voice.

Most of the time the scriptures would say, “Serve not the gods….” But in this passage it says “fear not the gods…” Now I understand what “serve” means in this context… it means “fear not” because whatever you fear, you serve! It has power over you.

So… what are you serving? What are you fearing? Anything that has power over you, whether an addiction, a relationship, a need… it is a “god” that you are fearing. God says, have not I commanded you to hear my voice? Who are you listening to? I think this is profound. So I sat there and began thinking of all the things we could be serving and not even knowing it. Do we fear getting sick? Then we’re serving that fear. I’m making that fear greater than God. Or Do we fear facing someone we need to talk to? We are allowing that person to control us by fearing them. See how it works? Wow… we can get free today by doing what God said in Judges 6:10…  obey MY voice…  and fear not anything of this world.

“Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world” takes on a new meaning today. (1 John 4:4)

“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”Joshua 24:15


Beyond my own belief

June 25, 2013

I am right in the middle of this new concept. It’s exciting to think about actually. Most of our “what if’s” are fear based. Like, “what if I get sick?” “What if I don’t find a job?” ‘What if I wake up miserable again?” “What if God doesn’t love me?” “What if I never find a mate?” I mean, we can write the fearful “what if’s” until the cows come home.

But what about the good “What if’s?” “What if God is real?” “What if your mate is being prepared for you and in God’s timing he/she will arrive?” “What if there is a great job waiting just for you?” “What if all your pain will be gone soon?” “What if you are going to be used by God to reach millions?” “What if you can fly?” “What if Heaven is a real place?” “What if what you believe is hindering you from all God has for you?” Now that last question is the one we need to look at here. Because that’s what happened to me.

Just a few days ago when the Lord downloaded that phrase “Beyond my own belief” I was not doing so well. (As you can read on my previous Blog, “Don’t forget God loves you”.) They go together because they happened about the same time. My own belief has been limiting my walk with the Lord. It has been limiting my blessings.

I am leaving for Alaska in a few days and one thing is that I don’t really like flying. I used to get severe panic attacks, now that I’m freed from that I just don’t like it because it messes with my ears, etc. So I was starting to get a little worked up about that. I know I need to go because I’m visiting my son and his family. And I go at least once a year. So I take myself through this each time. Trying to talk myself into being okay. Well, this trip is going to be SOOO different. Because I’m not going to limit myself to what I “think” could happen. But I will be open to EVERYTHING happening. When I dealt with that fear (as I shared in the previous blog) it allowed me see through God’s eyes. That whatever I do, wherever I go He is with me. Always. There is no fear when we KNOW God is with us!!! We have to truly believe that He is there. And if we fear in any degree, we aren’t believing He is there. It’s as simple as that. Because perfect love IN US casts out all fear that is IN US. We should never be tormented with fear. Yes, we may be tempted to fear, but we don’t have to take the bait and let it ENTER US if we really “KNOW” God is there and that He loves us.

(Jeremiah 1:9 and 1 John 4:18)

So as I”ve been preparing for this 2 week trip, I’m getting more excited about it than ever. I’m seeing me enjoy the flight. My ears won’t bother me. My time in the air is going to be very enjoyable. I won’t get a headache (because the past couple of times I would get a migraine). I am thinking beyond my own belief. See, we seem to believe things because of “what we have gone through.” We need to look at each day as brand new. As though none of those things behind us ever happened. Then we may find ourselves enjoying things we never dreamed possible! Because we are allowing the impossible to happen.

So I was thinking about other things in my life. What do I really believe and is there anything beyond it? Here is an example. The other day I realized one of my new blinds was broken. I tried to fix it but just couldn’t. Since I just got it, I decided to return it to the store for another one. I took it down and got it ready to take to the store. My husband comes in and asked where the blind was. Within minutes he had it fixed and hanging back up. That is an example of what I’m talking about. In my own belief, it was broken and unfixable. But that wasn’t true. It was what I believed, but it wasn’t true! There was more than what I believed!

This principle has opened up so many NEW things to me! Life has become refreshed again. This also impacted my health! I have been having a bit of dizziness and lightheadedness for some time. So I have to walk carefully and even sleep with pillows propping up my head so that I don’t get dizzy. This has been going on for about a year! I did go to the doctors but they didn’t find anything wrong. So that morning (Same 4:00 am morning hour) I said, “This ought not to be so. I should be healthy! Why is this happening?” That’s when I not only began to receive God’s love but then said, “I am going to choose to believe beyond my own belief. That I am well. That I am healthy. That I am strong.” Things that weren’t real for me at the moment but things I chose to believe beyond what I was going through at the moment. And something happened! The fear was gone concering my belief system. It was like a lid was removed and all the truth just poured in. That I am healed by Jesus’ stripes. That God is real. That there is a Heaven. That I am well. That God has a great plan for my life. That i don’t have to earn His love. That I can enjoy my life and not feel guilty. That I can fly and enjoy the flight without getting sick. That God is restoring old relationships. That the World isn’t a scary place because He is IN it. That nothing will happen to me that isn’t for my good. That He gives angels charge over me and I can see them. That I can sit with Jesus and see the earth through His eyes. Wow…  the thoughts flooded me of all the GOOD What if’s. What if God is real. What if I can do all things? What if I am healed? What if’s….

And as I began thinking like this things came to me that I never thought I would ever do… all because I was thinking through  fear! And one of those things is traveling out of the country. I have an opportunity to go to the UK in the spring to do a conference. I’ve had many requests in the past but would NEVER consider them. But today it’s different. I’m even planning a cruise in Ireland! Wow… things I never dreamed possible and exciting to me are happening.

Today I have to say that I am so filled with peace beyond what I’ve experienced in the past. Ideas and exciting things are coming to me. See God wants more for us. Not to live with what we know or what we already had, but more! We limit ourselves by what we believe.

I challenge you to begin to think of things that are the good what if’s beyond what you now believe. It’s awesome there…. and it’s the place where miracles happen.

Stay tuned because I’m just now walking through this but I wanted to give you this principle so that you too can embark on this incredible experience with the Lord. Remember, His thoughts and ways are HIGHER than our thoughts and ways. And I want to live in that HIGHER place… don’t you?

Don’t Forget God Loves You

June 25, 2013

About 4:00 Am one morning last week I woke up. It wasn’t a pleasant wake up either. I was troubled. I wasn’t feeling well. I thought, “Oh no, this is going to be a bad day.” I’m going through some health things right now that is causing me a lot of grief and not knowing what to do about it. I’ve tried eating better, taking vitamins, going to the doctor, etc. I’ve dealt with the spiritual roots, received prayer, but I’m stuck in this sorta-slump. Sometimes I wake up and I’m good, sometimes I wake up and it’s not so good. I would wonder why it would go back and for like that?

But this 4:00 ended up quite different than other times I’ve woken up like that. Because I know the Truth. This ought not to be so. I should be the healthiest person on this planet, just by “knowing” the Lord. So as I was starting to fall under all those thoughts, a THOUGHT rose up in me and I said, “Rise up Linda, Rise up above all this stuff. Thank you Father for loving me. You are real, you are there, you love me.” And with that something happened! My mind got clearer. The symptoms left my body. There was a peace that overwhelmed me. What just happened? I realized that I had “forgotten” to “believe” God’s love is greater than all these things. I forgot to focus on His love instead of all the things going on around me. But at that moment I was changed!!  Instantly.

See, when I first found my healing 12 years ago from anxiety, stress, fear, panic attacks, phobias, and a variety of health issues, the culprit behind that was not realizing how much God loved me. And it hasn’t changed!! Every day I have to continue to believe God is real, God is there, and that He loves me. Then I have to thank Him for it so it becomes a reality in my life. Until we receive the love, it’s just sitting there. By acknowledging HIm and thanking Him for it, now we are beginning to receive.

It’s been a few days since that morning, and I’m still at peace, joy, my symptoms have subsided, and I feel SOOO much better. I’m waking up with a pep in my step again, and joy in my heart. I just had forgotten that the LOVE OF GOD is the answer. I forgot to appropriate it. I was working on so many things ministering to so many people I forgot about me and what I needed. And no matter what we are going through or who we think is going to make us happy… they won’t. Only God will.

I encourage you to stop this moment and do what I did… “Rise up above all this world’s stuff, sit with Jesus right next to the Father and see Him for Who He really is. A loving, kind, compassionate father wanting to pour out blessings upon you. But we only allow so much to come upon us because of our own belief. That same morning the Lord gave me a concept. What if there is more than what I believe? (See the next blog called … beyond my own belief.) We need to let ourselves believe the impossible. We need to let God’s mind be in us. When we do, we will see how small our world was. How we have put ourselves in a box. But it’s His love that will break the walls down and provide so much more than we can ever imagine.

Do we have any residue clinging to us?

June 15, 2013

I was reading Joshua 23:12 saying that if you turn from loving God, back to that remnant, He won’t bless us any more. I know this is in the Old Testament and His mercy and Grace is beyond that, but there is a principle here to look at. It’s the same as, “A little leaven, leavens the whole lump.” Or…”One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.” That remnant which I like to call a “burning ember” can have power over us if we don’t get rid of it. It needs to be removed! And it’s done through repentance and forgiveness.

For example. I had a boyfriend at 14 years old that I ran into at my 25 year class reunion. Well, need I say more? We hit it off as we were 14 years old again! Those old feelings (residue) from that relationship sprung up. It was awful. I had been happily married to my husband for 10 years at this time, but now what do I do with these feelings???

I had to blow that burning ember out so that the “residue” would be removed from me. So I offered this “burning ember” to the Lord and asked Him to remove it. I forgave the old boyfriend and the Lord ministered to me. He didn’t just remove the “burning ember” I had to release it to Him, and He healed my heart. God doesn’t force things. It’s our choice! And I chose to be rid of that “remnant” of the past. See, I had wanted to keep that remnant to pull out from time to time and visit it. But God wants it ALL gone!!! He wants us living in TODAY, not yesterday or what could have beens.  I chose God. Anything else would have destroyed my life. Now that remnant is gone taking those feelings with it, only leaving my feelings for my husband alone.

There is also residue the enemy leaves in his tracks. I remember when I got freed from the spirit of fear… I wasn’t be tormented by that spirit any longer, only the residue left behind. That residue is my thinking. I had to change my thinking because I had been TRAINED to fear. I had been TRAINED to respond incorrectly. I had to be reTRAINED. Sometimes the residue is a memory!

What memories you are holding onto? Things you tuck away for a rainy day. God wants all the remnant gone… because He wants to bless us, but he can’t if we have mixture in our lives. Because verse 13 says, “Know for a certainty that the Lord will not drive out any nations from before you, but they shall be snares and traps to you, scourges in your sides and thorns in your eyes, until you perish from off the is GOOD land which the Lord your God has given you.” YIKES!  Could it be the loss of something in our lives could stem from a “remnant” clinging to us? Something to take to heart and ask the Lord’s help in identifying any residue, remnant or defilement in our lives.


One + God = Thousands

June 15, 2013

I just finished Joshua… I think it’s been one of my favorite books of the Old Testament! And I got a few more amazing insights from it, and here is one.

God is a mathematician… as evidenced in this passage. Joshua 23:10 “One man of you shall chase a thousand; for the Lord your God, it is he that fights for you, as he has promised you.” 1 man + God = Thousands! I like that equation.

It’s clear that we need to do our part and God will do His great part!!  It’s interesting that we are to give 10% tithe to the Lord, which is our little part… and he does the other 90%. So with our lives, when we give our meager 10% (Of whatever it is God wants us to do) he multiplies it 1000 times…  because that’s what He does. But, we have to do our part.

For example, if I need a job, I need to put in some applications and visit businesses, then God does the rest. It’s that “cast your bread upon the waters and it will return and complete what it was sent out to do” kinda stuff.

If I need love, love someone else and God will give you more…

If I need healing, take care of your temple the way the Lord has instructed you (and you know what that is) and He’ll complete the rest.

It always starts with us humbling ourselves, or praying, or believing God so that He will do the IMPOSSIBLE feat in our lives.

So if you think you are not enough, think again.  One + God = Thousands!

Who are the Promises of God for?

June 10, 2013

I’m still in the book of Joshua… and while reading this morning I found something of great significance, as found in Joshua Chapter 14, that truly pertains to us today.

These chapters reflect on the dividing of the land for inheritances to the Children of Israel. Well, Caleb wasn’t among the 12 tribes of Israel, yet… he was also given an inheritance. Why? Because he asked for the promise! See, the children of Israel were given the promise, because it was due them. Caleb was told he would also be given some land as an inheritance, but he was not one of the 12 tribes, so he had to ASK for it. So us Gentiles… need to ask!

So, if you see a promise in the Word, then Ask God for that Promise to be fulfilled in your life. Because as a believer, you are promised many blessings. And if you aren’t seeing them, ask… but be specific as Caleb was. He saw a piece of land he wanted and asked for that land specifically. But here is the real reason he got the land… because he followed the Lord whole heartedly. So there is a condition to our asking… are we following the Lord WHOLE heartedly, or half-heartedly. Are we falling into fear and doubt with a give-up attitude or are we believing God no matter what things look like around us? Remember, Caleb was one who spied out the Promised Land and came back with a GOOD report! That is why He was counted as one who would be blessed. He BELIEVED that the Lord would help them conquer it and take it for themselves. And because of this, the promises was given.

We have to take a look at our own lives and see where we are struggling… because those struggles are simply saying we aren’t believing God. And it could be that we are preventing good things from happening to us… Jeremiah 5;25.


God made me laugh today… part 2

June 5, 2013

Okay, this is Part 2 of “God made me laugh..” Cause I’m still laughing.

In Part 1 (previous blog) I reflected on Chapter 7 of Joshua, and now would like to share Chapter 8… it gets even better! But let me back up a moment and discuss chapter 6! That’s when Joshua and his army caused the walls of Jericho to fall. He was a victor! And as I shared, one of his soldiers took some “stuff” and hid it in his tent. It said, he “coveted” that stuff!  (That’s the unclean thing God talked about in Chapter 7 that destroyed this man and his family.) Which caused Joshua to be defeated in the next battle with the city of Ai

This is where it gets interesting… In chapter 8, God gave the city to Joshua that defeated him the day before!! And… God COMMANDED Joshua to take all their STUFF.  So, the morale of this story is… why grab a few crumbs and hide it when in the end, God will give you the whole enchilada!


God made me laugh today….

June 4, 2013

As a minister, I have been out about helping others come into their freedom. Every now and then I would come home from a long trip where I may have done a 3 day conference. So much takes place in those meetings, and we see tremendous results! But… when I get home, there is another story. Sometimes I find myself crying to God because I’m exhausted. Sometimes I wonder if He’s going to use me again. Sometimes I wonder if what I’m doing is really what He wants me to do. My husband calls it, “Sucking my thumb.” I’d come home and roll up in a ball (emotionally) and just stay there for a few days. But, I know it’s the enemy causing doubt… and so this passage of scripture truly set things right for me…

I had to chuckle when the Lord showed me this passage… because it’s “me.”

Joshua 7 was where the children of Israel committed a sin against the Lord by taking something from their enemy’s camp. (That is a complete teaching in itself, for another time) In Chapter 6, that’s where he marched around Jericho and the whole city fell. Everything was destroyed, but someone from Joshua’s army took some items from there (which was a sin against the Lord), when they were told to destroy everything. But Joshua didn’t know this… yet…  So Joshua was moving on to his next thing. He got some men together to battle Ai, but they were defeated. Joshua ran to the Lord embarrassed and began to cry and whine to the Lord about it. (Sound familiar?) He just got done winning a huge victory, and then he was defeated in this one. Then this is what God said that got my attention and set me straight, “And the Lord said unto Joshua, Get thee up, why are you lying on your face? These people did sin and they received what they got because of it. Don’t let that cause you to doubt me because you had some hardship! But get up, and sanctify the people, and yourself, and do what I asked you to do. Get rid of the “accursed thing” out of your midst and things will return as normal.”  (My paraphrase of course…)

So… what God showed me was, “Why are you sitting there sucking your thumb, get up and get ready for another seminar, conference, phone call, life…”  And.. if there is any defilement that you took on from any of these meetings or ministry sessions, cast it off. (That is the unclean thing) It’s the defilement that we take on that causes some of the outcomes. So we have to always be on guard with our heart, that we keep it clean. But if we do happen to take on stuff, we simply repent, forgive  and receive forgiveness and cleansing from the Lord. And in this case, I had to repent for fearing and doubting when I got home from the conference, and when I do, I’m completely restored and ready to take on the next battle for the Lord!!!

1 John 1:9… we confess, God cleanses

Receive, Receive, Receive!

June 3, 2013

This is an insight I needed to share today. I realized that one of the main problems in a Chistian’s life is the inability to receive from God. They want what He has to offer, but how does one really receive?

Everyone is studying, reading, praying, getting in prayer lines, wanting prophecies spoken over them, they are doing everything BUT… receiving!! This is the most important part of a Christian’s life. Until we receive, we won’t have it. We can see it, we can know it, but until we receive it… it’s not ours. And if it’s not ours, we will struggle and be frustrated “trying” to “get” what it is we want from God. Then, if that goes on too long (which in many cases it does) we start to wonder if God really loves us.

So how do we receive? Begin thanking Him for what it is you want. Especially in the area of His love. The million dollar question I get constantly is, “How do you receive God’s love?” You start by saying, “Father I thank you for loving me.” Now you are beginning to comprehend how to receive. But if we constantly ask, ask, ask… we aren’t receiving. The Bible says to believe AND receive… that is how we were saved. That’s how we are to continue to live. But many get into “doing” so much, they forget to receive. This is a gentle reminder to stop and take account at what you are “doing” and in that “doing” are you “receiving?” Are you frustrated? Are you wondering where God is? Are you getting burned out? Do you feel rejection? All these are attributed to not “receiving” God’s love FOR YOU.

If this is the only thing you do for the rest of your life, it will be enough to get your life back into balance and open you up to receiving all God has for you.