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Commit Your Works Unto the Lord and Your Thoughts Shall Be established

September 25, 2013

Proverbs 16:3 says, “Commit your works unto the Lord and Your thoughts shall be established.”

I wasn’t real sure about how this passage worked. For years I have believed that the battle is IN our thoughts. That is where it all starts… but according to this passage, it seems to start with what we do?? I had often believed that the battle starts in our thoughts. That we are what we think. That our body follows what we think. That we have to take our thoughts captive under the obedience of Christ. These are passages as well, so I thought Proverbs 16:3 was out of consistency with the rest of the gospel.

So today I began to investigate this with the Lord. As I laid in bed this morning, I kept quoting this scripture over and over for deeper meaning, and I got it! It was so profound that it changed my life just this morning! I made a course correction in my life today.

It’s not saying that when we do a bunch of stuff, then our thoughts will be established. Because then it goes to supporting the false teaching that we “work” our way into God’s good graces. We need to know that God loves us, and whatever we do won’t add or take away from that love, and that His salvation is a free gift, not to be earned. This passage isn’t about that. The Lord showed me clearly that the missing link here is the word “commit.” Commit your works…..  that means whatever you DO, do all unto the Glory of God and whatever you touch will prosper. Keeping your mind on things above (Him) not on things on the earth (stuff). Acknowledge Him in ALL YOUR WAYS and He will direct your paths. All these passages support “commit.” This is what it truly means to commit.

So what it’s saying is this:  “Whatever you do, do all to the Lord. Acknowledge Him with it (Bring Him into the picture) WHILE you DO, SAY, EAT, READ , WATCH things.   THEN….. your thoughts will be established. Then the passages I quoted earlier works here…  We are what we think, because now what we think will dictate what we do!!  So it all does work together, there is consistency here. Now I understand the scripture that says, “Pray without ceasing.” It means that is where we live!!!

I’m not talking about only praying about it BEFORE you make a choice. That’s different, and of course of great importance too. What this means is to “commit” something. For example:  When we make a commitment to someone, it means we are sharing a responsibility with them, engaging someone else in our lives. That’s what this means. Many are waiting on God to tell them what to do… but the truth is, He wants you to live your life and AS you live it, engage Him in it! Otherwise we may find ourselves not doing anything. I know people still waiting on God… and they’ll be waiting until the Cows come home… perhaps your cows are already home and you just don’t know it?? (Note: Waiting on God to tell you what to do is not always going to happen, because He’s already told us what to do in His word. This will be for another blog….. smile….)

Yes, this is going to take practice because many of us don’t do this… I know I haven’t been. I only ask God when I need something or want to talk about something big and important. I didn’t bring Him into every detail of my life. Now, as a minister, I “know” this… but was I “doing” this? Not all the time. No wonder I feel the way I do somethings… some days I feel good, some days I don’t feel so good. There are situations in my life that seem to not work out so good. I wonder if perhaps these little “foxes” are spoiling my vine????

Excellence is required. It’s not about “being” perfect, that’s not going to happen, but living with truth, honesty, integrity, keeping our thoughts ever towards the Lord, worshipping HIm in spirit and in Truth, loving and forgiving one another, IS committing our works to Him, which is excellence! See how it all works together?

The Lord has given us free choice. We can choose these things, it’s entirely up to us. BUT… if we don’t commit those choices to the Lord in the first place, we will get ourselves into trouble. And when that happens, our MINDS go haywire and we start thinking all kinds of wrong thoughts like: Where is God? Why did He let this happen to me? Why can’t I hear Him? Maybe I’m not saved.. Maybe He doesn’t love me? All these thoughts come from an ACTION we have participated in by not committing them to Him in the first place. Because… when we commit these to Him, God will direct us… so we will stay out of trouble.

What I realized is that in our DOING is where we see where we are in our realtionship with God. It’s like a guage to show us we have some areas to work on. Because truthfully, there are a few areas I have NOT committed to God. I just eat, or watch, or read without any consideration to the Lord’s will in that area. I have to say I have been living sloppily!!

This morning before getting out of bed I said, “Lord I commit my ways to you this morning… I commit all my actions, deeds, thoughts, what I watch, Read, and do… unto you today. Forgive me for not committing them ALL to you, and be with me today in my choices, thoughts and deeds.”

We just need a reminder sometimes…  and this is a good reminder today of something that we already “know” but do we always do it. Not always. Remember, a little leaven leavens the whole lump! So today, do like I did… it is a BIG decision to commit ALL your ways unto the Lord. Because that means you “acknowledge” that He SEES everything you say and do. Yes, we already “know” this, but do we really “KNOWWW” this??

I think if we really “knew” this we would be acting a whole lot differently.

Now, when we do the best we know how, commit to the Lord our lives on a daily basis, and when we miss the mark that day, we are covered! Jesus covers all our sins! We have an advocate… a Savior who forgives us and cleanses us and restores us and sets us upright again so we can continue living without guilt or condemnation or fear.

Commit your SINS unto Him too!! And your thoughts will become established. They will be good thoughts. When we forgive people, our thoughts will be cleaned up. See, if we keep hearing Aunt Marge’s voice in our head from 20 years ago condemning you of something, that is tormenting isn’t it? But what this means is that you have not forgiven Aunt Marge for what she said or did…  and when you do that, those thoughts in your head leave! They no longer torment you when you forgive the person(s) who offended you. Believe me, I had voices in my head and I couldn’t find any rest. Not until I took one voice at a time, identified who said it, and forgave them for it! Now my mind is very clear, I go to bed with peace, and I have joy! No one is yelling in my head!! That my friend is what we all desire!

So today, I hope you choose to live more excellent unto the Lord, and commit (give) your words, thoughts, deeds to the Lord BEFORE doing them. It takes practice because we are autonomic beings… we just DO things without thinking sometimes. But, let’s live in that deeper place today, where God dwells.  He said, we must worship Him (live for Him) in Spirit and in Truth… and this is a good place to start!


But God, if I can only SEE You…

September 22, 2013

I was having a talk with the Lord one day saying, “Lord, if only you would part the clouds in the sky and look down and say, “Here I am.” I know I would never doubt you again, and believe everything you tell me to do without fear, or question.” He responded, “I can do that, but you still wouldn’t be able to see me because I’m invisible.” I smiled.

And today, I got an even deeper insight into this absurd request of mine. I was reading in 1 Kings 10-11 where it talks about Solomon’s magnificence. Where he was given the wisdom beyond anyone before or after him, he was given riches, wealth beyond anyone who ever lived or ever will be after him, his glory was unmatched with anyone, even in comparison to those wealthy today, he was far richer than any. Not to mention, he also had many wives and concubines… about 1000 in all!

The first thing I noticed was that his riches and wealth WERE NOT ENOUGH! It’s so true… wealth and riches do not take the place of feeling loved and admired. That is why so many people aren’t happy who are rich, because they don’t have the respect, or self-love, or someone to share it with who loves them for them, not what they have. It could be very lonely there..  It also appears that Solomon may have had these same issues,  “needing to be needed and loved.”  I can elaborate on that more, but that’s not the purpose of this blog today.  What I wanted to get at was that as you read through the passage it says that God visited Solomon twice!! He did that which I had asked. To know, really know, He was there! Well, the wisest man on this planet got to “see” God. Got to talk to Him face to face…. and even with that, He turned from following Him with his whole heart… and went after other gods that pleased his wives. (He was swept away by women!!)

Right then and there I repented. Because if Solomon with all his wisdom that came from God, and who actually spoke and saw God face to face could turn from following Him wholly, then what makes me think I wouldn’t do the same? I’m not full of Solomon’s wisdom, riches, nor have I seen God face to face… but even if I did, I wonder if I would still do what he did?  So I retracted my request at that moment, and went with this passage, “Blessed are those who have not seen yet has believed.” I choose to simply believe God,  ask Him for wisdom to do so! He said in Proverbs to ask for wisdom and He will give it. Are we asking or are we whining and complaining?

Because of this revelation this morning, I asked God for something today that was quite big… actually two things that I thought would not ever be possible. I’ll know the answer to one soon, and the other is by faith… But, believing I will receive wisdom, understanding from the Lord will help me follow through with these two seemingly impossible things to their completeness, is what I plan to do from this day on.

Remember, if Solomon could commit idolatry even in all his glory, wisdom, and provision, where would that leave us? Something to think about and have a little talk with the Lord about.