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God just wants our love….

December 31, 2013

As I was laying in bed this morning — the best time to get clarity and revelation as always… before my brain kicks in LOL… —  I was pondering on all the things I’ve been doing in ministry, and what is it that I’m to continue doing or stop doing for the new year coming. And the Lord gave me a clear and concise direction… all He said was, “I want your love…”  He didn’t say, “I want you to continue working with all the people and keeping up with the pace… He didn’t say to open up a new branch in ministry, He didn’t tell me to stop or continue anything… but to love Him with all my heart, soul, mind and strength… no matter what I do… It’s not what I do anyway, it’s how I do it… and with what heart and motive…  God looks at our heart, not at our actions. Because our actions follow our heart.

God simply wants our love. In the Old Testament, that was the message, and in the New Testament that is the same message. All that other stuff is not important… It’s the basic gospel message but sometimes we just need a gentle reminder…

So as I looked upon all the ideas and plans I have for the New Year… the main ingredient is to stay in His presence and His love… so that I can be the best Linda I can be… when waiting in lines, doing laundry, working in ministry….  that staying in an attitude of love in the Lord will be the “grease” and “oil” that makes every job enjoyable and able.

(Note:  After reading this to my Husband he said…. Yes… God only wants our love cause everything else is from this world!… so true, so true!!!)


2013 in review – from readers like you! Thank you for following…

December 31, 2013

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,400 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

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Put the …..ING… back into your step……… yep that’s what I said…… ING…….

December 30, 2013

Okay, so what’s that all about you may ask? It’s a HUGE revelation I received this morning in the wee hours of the night… See, we can love people, we can forgive people, we can give to people, but to have an ATTITUDE of lovING… forgivING… givING is where it really makes an impact on us and others. That is why the Lord said to pray without ceasING… it’s constant. That way when we get offended, our attitude is an automatic response of forgiveness… we won’t fall into anger, hurt, unforgiveness, we will simply forgive, like breathing in and out.… it’s our NATURE. When we love others, it’s lovING that makes the impact.

In the movie the Velveteen Rabbit, they said something that was so true… “LOVE doesn’t make alive, LOVING MAKES ALIVE.” I can say, “I Love You.” But you won’t know it until I “do” it… and that is the ….ing…..

I received a wonderful email from a woman (She may know who she is because she does read the blogs) but she really helped me see the truth in this. It’s interesting that when I minister to others, I receive ministry back… I love that! Here is one of those times… We need to realize when we STOPPED being a FORGIVING person or a LOVING or GIVING person…It could be when you got tired of doing all the forgiving, Loving or giving?? It could be when you kept getting beat down no matter what you did? It could be the disappointments in life? Etc… But stop today and ask yourself, “Am I a forgiving person?” “Am I a loving person?” “Am I a giving person?” We can love a person, we can forgive a person, we can even give to someone… but… these are all a one at a time act… and a choice to be made)… but living a life as a forgiver, living the life of a giver, living the life of a lover, now that is freedom and the key to our blessed life.

So ING today… all day long!!!! And watch you and the world around you change.

The Devil is in the Details

December 18, 2013

The other day I was watching Downton Abby… a UK show that is one of my favorites. This is when I heard that saying, “The Devil is in the details.” That struck a chord with me and I began to meditate on that… and sure enough, what a true saying.

We are to be on guard at all times for our heart’s sake… that’s what the Bible says. It also talks about not taking one dot or one tittle out of the Bible…  It also talks about “line upon line, here a little there a little.”  It also says, “a little leaven, leavens the whole lump..” and… “do not forsake small beginnings.” All of these, and more, talk about “details.”

When conducting seminars, I use this funny phrase as an example of how God is concerned of details… that He even put eyelashes on an ant! (Now don’t go and try looking, it’s just a figure of speech!) But God is involved in your life all the way down to what color nail polish you put on your toes or what cologne aftershave you wear! He wants to be a part of everything about you…  well…. having said that… so does the devil! If we don’t pay attention to details, he does… and will use it to get a foothold in your life.

Here are a few examples:

I had a Christmas party last week and invited about 12 women… some of whom I did not know personally. I had already gotten gifts for my friends but knew that I couldn’t start handing out gifts and leave others without… so I got gifts for the others too.  I even brought a couple extra in case others showed up unexpectedly. I knew that if I started handing out presents and someone was missed, that person may feel “rejection.” Perhaps they have issues with it already and the devil would use that small detail to attack them in their heart. We are to be aware of our surroundings. Not out of fear, or control and manipulation, but out of compassion and care for others.

Hebrews 10:24 And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:

Another example is when working on a book for others. To dot every “I” and cross every “T” or else more work would be ahead for me. “Haste makes waste” is a great saying. So in order to work on details of life, we need to slow down a bit and consider…

Luke 12:27 Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

As we consider all the details we possibly can, we then trust God for what we don’t see. That’s living by faith, not by fear those things we DON’T see. Again, there is an opposite side of this too, some turn this into drivenness … so if you find yourself trying to do more and more, then there is another issue at hand here… stop and repent for fearing in that situation that you aren’t doing enough… The enemy wants us out of balance… that way he has a “foothold” access to our lives.

I used to consider myself as “global.” I would not see a lot of the details of things, and often found they bit me in the “butt” later. I used to say, “I just close my eyes and jump in…”  I have since changed that mentality, to being “detail oriented.” It’s those little things people that are the most important. Making a phone call, making a cake for a neighbor, smiling at someone on the street, secretly paying for someone’s lay-away… things like that is what makes this world a more pleasant place. And in doing that… we are following  Jesus when it said, “He went about doing good.”

And don’t forget in technology. Leaving off a small “period” is critical when logging in or using URL addresses. Details are important people. and if we don’t pay attention to them, it is for sure the enemy will…

We may not even know we are fearing…

December 18, 2013

This morning as I was getting my suitcases packed for my long trip to Alaska… my stomach started feeling a little sick… I then realized I am fearing somewhere…  So I decided to stop and ponder. As I did, I realized I was fearing leaving my husband for 2 weeks over Christmas. I was fearing getting sick on the plane or at my destination. I realized that all this fearing is “man made.” That means, I am making these things up in my mind. As the Lord began shedding light on this, He showed me through the Holy Spirit, that whenever I take control of things, or want to have things done my way, or when I start to figure out how this or that is going to happen, that’s when I fall into fear. BUT… when I take those same things and say, “Father I will not fear, but only believe that all things will work out for my good…” there is no fear there. Only peace. This also leads to having a good time and not worrying about anything.

So join me today, if you have found yourself trying to figure out how you are going to meet the Christmas demands, or how you are going to pay for the Obama care, or how you are going to feed your family when food gets scarce… stop fearing these things. Things are GOING to happen, but with God all things are possible for those who BELIEVE… Believing and hoping in God is key for this world.. and we can only do that when we are truly sitting in the middle of God’s love for us.

I had to stop this morning and begin to focus on God and His love for me… then all fear flew out! It’s His perfect love that casts out all fear and torment…  And when I did, the stomach ache left!

It’s when I start getting too caught up in all these things… forgetting to allow God’s love to flow INTO that situation, that’s when I began fearing.. See, it’s not that I’m afraid when I’m away from my husband… fear is a broad word… it also means, worry, frustrated, angry, sad, out of control,  etc…  anything opposite of God’s love, care, and provision. Fear is sneaky, he wears sneakers…. and we may not even know we are entertaining it…  but we know when he’s been there…

Emptiness from loss…. how to be filled….

December 13, 2013

A friend of mine’s father just passed away, and she’s feeling an emptiness. It’s causing her to eat a lot of food, having no self-control in that area. But… she does have a handle on it now… as I shared with her that when we find ourselves groping for something because of the loss or emptiness that just happened, it shows us how empty we were already…  What I mean is that if we were filled up to overflowing, blessings flowing over our cup… we wouldn’t get that “empty” feeling as much. It won’t devastate us. 

I recall having gone to a church where we had a wonderful fellowship. Well, one day the pastor didn’t show up for church, later finding out that he simply quit! Half of the men in the church was devastated so much that they have not yet put a foot back into another church. This means they were putting all their confidence in a “man” not in God. 

I recall Joyce Meyer saying, “If Dave goes home to be with the Lord before I do, I can tell you now, I won’t fall apart but will continue ministry as God leads.” She knows that God will continually meet her, be with her, fill her, and be everything to her. We have to realize that putting all our faith, confidence and trust in a “person” or “thing” is going to eventually fail. We have to realize that these “things” are “blessings” not the end-all. What does the Bible say about “these things?” It says to seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all “these things” shall be added. These things are blessings…  added to what is given us. I heard that many people even die (especially couples who have been married a long time) from a broken heart and loss and loneliness because they didn’t know they were empty in the first place…  

Let this next year be a year of redemption. A time to find redemption in every area of your life where you have a loss, a regret, a sadness, a hurt…

I know what I speak of because just this morning I had to do just that! Something had entered my mind again, for the umpteenth time in the last 10 years, that I’ve not been able to shake. It comes up, and I put it behind me, it comes up and I push it down… on and on. Well, this morning I had to take note and decide today to stop that cycle. It was a regret… a regret of a loss… something I did I couldn’t fix or take back. So I decided today to ask God to redeem me… knowing that only He can redeem me.

I sat in front of my computer as I prayed and the Lord used something I googled to redeem me. I got healed that very minute and restored.. and the latter end of that situation turned out better than how it began!! I’m free today of this and now I know it won’t haunt me any more…

So today, if you have a loss, if you have sadness, first and foremost be filled with God, and then find redemption…

It’s more Blessed to give than to receive….. what does this really mean?

December 2, 2013

I was meditating on this scripture, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” We say it to each other. We say it to our children. But what are we saying? Are we saying it isn’t a blessing to receive? Do we have to give everything away? What the Lord showed me was that the word Blessed is key….  When you GIVE you are SOWING into your own life and future. So that when you have a need… all your giving has been deposited into a bank account and will come to you when you need it. Let me share a story from the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

You all know the story… I would imagine… but for those who don’t know…  George Bailey was in charge of the Building and Loan in Bedford Falls. Through some extenuating circumstances he lost $8000.00. Old Potter found the money but didn’t give it back, wanting to ruin George and shut down the building and loan. George was at his wits end…. and at a last ditch effort… prayed…. But…. as the story goes, when the town found out what happened, all the people he was able to help get a home or get a job (those WHO HE BLESSED and GAVE to) rallied together and was able to come up with the money and more….

The morale of this story is… when you GIVE you are sowing into your own life. So it is truly blessed to give, cause not only are you “going about doing Good like Jesus did” you are also setting up yourselves for future provision. I hear some of you saying… yeah… I’ve been giving, but I haven’t been receiving anything back. Well, perhaps you have and you don’t see it because you are looking for something else. Perhaps the giving was done in fear. Perhaps the giving was done with a wrong motive? The Bible is clear that God looks upon our heart. If you decide to give today “knowing” that you are sowing into your life, that is okay. It’ll be up to God “when” He gives it back. But if you go in with an attitude like, “I’m going to give, and I don’t want anything in return” is false. Because the truth is… you do, and so do I. That is the truth.

I remember for years I would give Christmas presents to every person in my family, over 45 people… sometimes more than one gift per person. Years went on like this… My husband commented to me just the other day. “Linda, you would have a car load of gifts and after delivering them all, you would come back with a handful.” I said, “I know… but I truly love doing it.” I have to be honest, it was with a heavy heart sometimes that I wouldn’t even get a thank you or a nod… And it took some time to realize that I won’t get anything. So do I stop giving? No… cause when I give, it comes back. I can testify. It might not come back by those I gave to, but in other ways… and I am TRULY blessed. Yes, I had to get my heart right cause I became a little resentful at the family….  but after changing my thoughts and heart…. I’m sowing GOOD seed into my and my family’s future.

So if you have been giving and don’t see any returns…yet…. keep on giving, and straighten out any heart issues along the way. Scriptures say that we are to give as unto the Lord. So if you have a hard time with the “people” change your attitude that you are giving unto the Lord.

It will come back to you, full force!! But when you truly need it. Like George Bailey. He could have had a nicer car, perhaps a warmer house, but it wasn’t until he PRAYED and was at a point in his life he couldn’t do anything about the situation that his prayer was answered. When we are at a loss or don’t have the means to do what needs to be done… all your giving will return.

If you haven’t given in awhile… you are not going to reap much tomorrow…  Today, give a smile… a hug….. a coat….   some food….  think of ways to be kind and thoughtful… because when we are kind or thoughtful, we are building up our “thoughtfulness” bank account….  and you will receive back… when you least expect it.

The other day I was standing in line. There was a crotchety old man standing behind me. The checker was moving slower than molasses and commenting on every item she was scanning. I could have knitted a sweater in the time it took to get service. Well, while I was standing there, I turned to the man… he had a scowl on his face, I smiled. He said, “I got in the wrong line.” I just smiled… then I began talking to him. We were talking about how slow the line was, and just silly things. Then a few minutes later I said, “well, something GOOD came out of this.” He said, “What?” I said, “We got to talk…” He said, “Yea… and I liked it too!!!” He had a smile on his face and was laughing by the time we got to the checker. It felt like a made a new old friend… Sometimes WE are the answer to our own needs. Sometimes our thoughtfulness toward another will help us at that time too. I really enjoyed standing in that line, though it took time, cause I enjoyed the man knowing I made his life a little better for it.

This is the season to look around and see who is hurting… struggling… mad… sad… and make a difference, even with a smile.