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The devil can only tempt us when we have a need

January 30, 2014

I was reading Matthew 4:2 where it spoke of Jesus fasting 40 days and 40 nights. I never saw this before, but Jesus wasn’t hungry DURING those days… because it says, AFTER that when HE WAS HUNGERED.. the devil came to tempt him. 

This showed me something fascinating. The enemy can only tempt us, attack us, mess with us when we have a need!

What I saw were a few things:

1. Jesus wasn’t hungry during his fast. This tell me that a person who truly fasts, won’t get hungry.

2. The devil didn’t come to Him during the fast, but AFTER when He was hungry.

3. This tells me that the enemy can’t attack us if we are fasting! So then I wonder why some get attacked during a fast… where is their heart? Doesn’t the Bible say Obedience is better than Sacrifice? Some fast to GET something. That means they HAVE A NEED! And easy pickins’ for the Devil. Many fast FOR things. I had a check in my spirit when at one of the churches I used to go to they fasted every month FOR things. They had a list! And not one of those things have come to pass… yet. Why? Because that’s not what fasting is for. It’s to separate ourselves from the things OF this world and solely come to the Lord for deeper fellowship with Him for strength to face things ahead. What do you think Jesus did during his  40 days fast in the wilderness? Was He fasting for a job? Was He fasting for His health? Was He fasting to meet a financial need? Was He fasting for…..?????? I think not. He was fellowshipping with His Father and being built up in His Spirit to be able to handle the situations coming.

Well, I just felt this was a needed thought to share with you, it truly changed the way I think… Because when we have a need, the enemy will come along to try to fill it, to use temptation like He did with Jesus. What was it that the enemy FIRST tempted Him with? Food.. why? Because that was a NEED Jesus had after the fast. The enemy is only going to tempt you and mess with you in areas you have a need!

Psalm 23 “The Lord is my Shepherd I shall NOT WANT..” I shall not have a need because God knew that having a need opens the door for the enemy. Do you have a need right now? I’m certain that’s where your tests and trials are too..

Let’s take those areas of need and settle them once and for all, shutting that door behind them by TRUSTING GOD where you are right now, what you have, and with your future. Let’s love God today without condition and with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. For in so doing, all things will work out in the end!


Are you still struggling with not feeling well?

January 23, 2014

How long have you been dealing with your sickness, dis-ease, feeling poorly in your health? Are you finding yourself spending more time with your “conditions” than doing what you want to do? Like LIVE? Help others? Work in Ministry? etc…. Then this blog is for you!

In speaking with someone today having health issues, I was reminding her of two things that I want to reiterate here for you:

1. Who are you? If you are a believer (Jesus being your Savior and Lord) What are you thinking about yourself? Do you know that You have been given POWER to BECOME the Children of God. Did you know you are Jesus’ sister/brother by faith? Do you know what it means to be heir of the Kingdom of God? If you don’t know, it’s time to find out. If you were adopted by someone, do you “know” everything about your NEW heritage? No, you have to learn… so you have to LEARN who you are too. We just don’t get saved and then go on our merry way. We need to learn WHO we are so we can live in it.

2. Love and forgive… Believe God loves you, receive His love for you, so that you have it to love Him back, love others and yourself. Within loving, is forgiving, because we can’t really love without forgiving! 

Two basic principles… but the foundation to finding your freedom. Let me give you a personal account of this:

A couple of days ago I realized that I wasn’t feeling well at all… Just no energy, not interested in things, didn’t want to even go shopping!!! Wow… what was up. So I asked God, “Why am I this way now Lord? I don’t know how I got here?” He said, “You have allowed the cares and things of this world to bombard you, you forgot that you are my kid with all the power and privileges with it.” So right then I repented for forgetting who I was… (James 1 talks about a person who sees himself in a mirror, but then walks away forgetting who he is… to be not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the Word.) When I used my imagination and pictured myself ABOVE all the earthly things… I began seeing myself out of this health issue, out of my current tiredness, above it all, sitting with Jesus in the Heavenlies ABOVE IT ALL, and began proclaiming who I am out of my mouth… all that stuff simply fell off!!!!  Truly, it did! It’s been 3 days now and feeling more alive and vibrant than even before! With new mind sets, new ideas, new energy. It’s true, His mercies are NEW every morning… and within His mercy is the ABILITY to stir one another up in Power, Love and a Sound Mind. (2 Timothy 2:6-7).

So try it today if you feel stuck. You are the only one who can do it. Stop begging God and crying out for Him to do something. He already did it. He GAVE you the power to do it yourself!! Now He is with you to help you, strengthen you, decide today to change your thoughts.

Be sure to pick up my book “What Was I Thinking?” as it addresses our thoughts and how to get them working for you and not against you. Along with how to forgive and love.

We are Ambassadors on this earth

January 21, 2014

This morning I was thinking about things in my life, that I have some health issues that can’t seem to be resolved. There are things I want to do in ministry but because of that, I am not able to at this time. As a minister, so many have been helped and healed, even myself in my issues in my past. But these health things are new issues and not sure what is going on. Perhaps someone out there is feeling the same way? 

God reminded me of something today. We have been given POWER to become His children because of what Jesus did on the cross. He did more than save us, He gave us the GIFT to be God’s kids. We are then Jesus’ brothers and sisters. We are heirs to the Kingdom. If are are sons/daughters and heirs, we have also been given the SAME abilities as was given to Jesus! Jesus said, “Go out and do likewise.” Scriptures say, “You will do more, and even more than what Jesus did on this earth.” It wasn’t that we’ll have more power, it’s that we have more TIME to do what needs to be done. Jesus only ministered 3 years, how long have you been ministering? For me, it’s been 15 years or more… and still keeping on. Our gift has been TIME. What are we doing with it? It’s like the talents given in that parable… I look at it this way…. were you given 10 minutes? 5 minutes? or 1 minute? Hmmmm…. 

Every life on this earth is of value to God and God has given to everyone a “measure” of this life… Jesus died at 33 years of age… each of us has an appointed time and not to fear that time, but to be joyful and glad for the time we do have. But that is for another blog..

What I wanted to address here is our mandate on this earth. To Go… preach the gospel, heal the sick, raise the dead. It is clear that we aren’t keep our minds on ourself!!!! Ouch! If I need healing, I’m to GO to the elders of the church. Jesus wasn’t sick a day in his life, why? Because He had no sin. We can also be sinless by confessing our stuff as often as it happens to keep us clean. Scriptures are clear that sin and sickness are related. “Curse causeless shall not come” (Proverbs 26:2). So is a curse a disease or a blessing? There is a reason the dis-ease comes… and many times Jesus connected sins with disease: Mark 2:4-5 “And when they could not come nigh unto him for the press, they uncovered the roof where he was: and when they had broken it up, they let down the bed wherein the sick of the palsy lay. When Jesus saw their faith, he said unto the sick of the palsy, Son, thy sins be forgiven thee.”

I woke up this morning fed up with having to deal with issues in my health every day, it’s not what we are to be troubled about. That is a given that our bodies heal itself – for the most part – if we take care of it to give the nutrients it needs to do so. And we are to move on and representing God on this planet.

We are ambassadors… this means we are not subject to the rules and regulations of this planet – that our government is in heaven. is there disease there? Is there hate there? is there division there? No. So I need to learn about my Home Country and live it. As an adopted child, they don’t “know” the family and it’s history unless they are told. It is the same with us. As “adopted” children, we too have to be taught. We aren’t supposed to just lay around thinking about what we know… we are to learn what God knows so we can begin to live like true sons and daughters.

I heard a preacher say, “The gift of healing was done away with the apostles, otherwise why do we need hospitals?” I had to stop and think about that for a minute. First, I do know that the gift of healing is alive and well but not sure why it doesn’t happen all the time? As I pray for people, why don’t they get healed right away? I have a blind friend, I have prayed the prayer of faith, but she is still blind? I have pain issues in my hands and also going through some hard menopausal things, why am i not healed?

When the Lord told me that it’s because I don’t know my OWN inheritance, that I don’t really KNOW how to live as an Amabassador, that I need to accept where I am and what I have right now with JOY… no matter if it’s a pain or any suffering… It caused me to find strength to get out of bed and face this day with new enthusiasm. The Joy of the Lord is my strength… the Bible says to keep my mind on things above not on the earth. I am made of earth…so keep my mind off myself! Yes, there are things we are to do like guard our hearts and minds, cleanse ourself from filthiness of flesh and spirit, teach, love, give, etc.. but none of these things is towards myself. As a matter of fact, the “love” chapter talks about what we do to OTHERS.

So this morning, if you are looking for a fresh start for your day…let’s take God at His Word.. Praise Him right now IN your situation and condition, ask the Lord to teach you how to BE His child, and live your life!

I had to stop saying, “I won’t do that again…” or “I can’t do that any more..” What I’m telling God is NO… but what if He wants me to do those things again? Will I? I said, “Lord not my will but thine be done.” I had to let go of all my vows, all my ideas of this or that, and allow me to be free of myself so I can represent God well. 

This is a new concept for me, perhaps for you? But something that is a given… our health shouldn’t be an issue. When Jesus taught, he taught about loving and caring with everyone. Yes, we are to love ourselves but that’s so that we can love others!! Not to just stop there with ourselves.

I had some repenting to do today. I allowed SINFUL things to dwell… so as I reflected this past week or so, I had to repent for self-pity, jealousy, envy, pride, disobedience, fear, strife, rebellion, dismay (sadness), bitterness, unloving, self-critical and doubt. These are the kinds of things that can keep our bodies sick… but if we cleanse our flesh and spirit… wow… what a great way to start the day! 


God saw what you did last night….

January 10, 2014

I want to give you a word of encouragement… and restoration to your souls.

Have you ever done something that you were ashamed you did? For example, you may have watched an inappropriate TV program or movie? Well, I’ve done it too. Actually, last night! But I will share with you what God has shown me… yesterday is dead and gone! Old things are passed away.. and today is a New day. That means, all your choices, your actions, everything that you know you wished you didn’t do, has been forgotten and forgiven… if you have repented for them.

So this morning, I prayed, “Father, forgive me for watching that program last night and remove the defilement from my heart and mind. I’m sorry… ”  And then I prayed for the actors in the program! They need Jesus!! 

I used to feel bad for days for something I said or did… but that’s not God’s plan for our lives… He knew I was going to watch that show, or make that decision long before I made it. He knew I would come to Him for restoration and forgiveness too. And that’s all He requires. That you are sorry, and to help you make better choices for today. Remember, we live in a fallen world with stuff all over the place to cause us to fall into temptation… but Jesus made a way for us. Stop condemning yourself, and let yourself Go! Allow the blood of Jesus to cleanse you now… don’t wait another minute! His blood is just as powerful now as it will be 3 weeks from now when you finally go to God. Go to God now…

I recalled a time in my life that I was very promiscuous. And I would ask God to forgive me the next day.. and this went on for some time… but then one day… all that repenting and forgiveness paid off, because my life was truly changed! So, don’t let the enemy tell you that you can’t be forgiven AGAIN and AGAIN for the same sin…  Isn’t that what Jesus taught? How many times are we to forgive each other?? 7 x 70? So if that’s the case for humans, how much MORE will God forgive us?

Be free today… cleanse yourself from ALL filthiness of the flesh and spirit… and have a fresh NEW day…

If there is anyone you need to talk with for reconcile, just do it…  let’s get the old stuff to stay old… and not bring it into a NEW day.. 

I like what I heard Anne of Green Gables say, “Today is a new day with no mistakes in it…….yet!”

Have you disappointed anyone?

January 8, 2014

I learned something, just today, about disappointment.

If you disappoint someone (and you know it when it happens)… it’s true that 99% of the time it’s because they don’t really care or love you much. Because when someone is disappointed, they received an offense. For example:  Let’s say you were sick and had to reschedule an outing with a close friend. What would they say? Well I know that when I reschedule with a good friend, their response is, “Hey no problem at all, I hope you feel better. Is there anything I can do? Can we pray?” Now that is someone who loves. But someone who responds with silence, or hurt, or says, “I could have slept in.” isn’t loving… it comes from a broken heart. It may not be about you… it may be that they are so full of hurt, that this is just another painful rejection?? 

It’s time for us to rise above restore others. Go to those who you know you’ve disappointed and talk with them. Love on them. Ask for their forgiveness…  let’s clean up the OLD so that we have only NEW residing…

How to remain in peace with the changes in this world…

January 8, 2014

News article after news article… talks about the changes coming down on this earth. Not only is the weather changing drastically, but new world currency is on its way, laws are being pumped out faster that you can say, “Jack Robinson,” not to mention the new laws at our schools concerning gender bathrooms, concerning education, just to name a few. I’m sure you have heard of some changes that have got you really concerned.

So… let me help you here. These things have all been written about. These things are no surprise to the Lord, it’s written in His word. So that is comforting to know. The enemy doesn’t have free reign, he’s not rogue. God has a plan in all this, we just have to know that it WILL work out together in the end! And the end has not come yet… God is a sovereign God… do you know what that means? It means that He is patiently waiting. He wants ALL to be saved. That is why so many evil people live while the good and innocent die.. He gives them more time to repent and prepare for eternity. God loves us all and wants all to come to Him.

We have to realize also, that we are NOT of this world. I was talking to my husband the other day and he was sharing all the new laws, and things he’s heard on the news… and I’m glad he keeps up with that stuff… but it causes distress… IF we don’t season it with the power and love of God. With God all things are possible. He never leaves us nor forsakes us. Where this is no way, He makes a way. These are truths to consider.

I remember when my house burnt down, lost everything, even my shoes! I ran down the road barefooted to escape the fiery inferno. But even as I stood there watching it burn, I didn’t fret. I knew God was with me. I knew it was going to be okay. And it was… far better than I could have ever imagined. He taught me that day to hold onto the things of this world LOOSELY… they are not eternal. To hold onto those things INVISIBLE, for that is eternal. So when I lose something, it doesn’t devastate me… I learned this principle then, and I share it with you now. To hold onto God tightly, but this world loosely…

When I was thinking of this insight, the Lord gave me a vision. He showed me a babbling brook…  When the water starts down the hill or slope, it finds a way doesn’t it? If there is a block, the water backs up, but soon it spills over the top, making a nice rippling sound, and then it winds this way and that way… why? Because of the different obstacles it comes into… but it still finds a way.

That is how I see our lives in the Lord. Whatever comes our way, a law, the weather, a financial issue, a relationship problem, a health issue… these are all things that cause us to wind this way and that way… but to always go forward! If we stop, we will only grow stagnant… and if you see a water hole with no outlet, it turns slimey…  We continue to go forward, we won’t become slimey, we won’t become stagnant, because what drives us is our HOPE in the Lord.

This world is an obstacle course…  we jump over things, we run, we walk, we stoop over to go under something, etc…  But we always move forward. The Bible says to run the race…  that means, keep going to reach that finish line. Don’t end up on the bank watching the river go past you… jump in and let it take you where it may… It’s much more exciting there anyway, and that’s where the power of the Holy Spirit is freely moving….

So for the things going on in this world.. only obstacles, only things that we can jump over, or simply do cause they are laws of the land… Anything that goes against LOVE don’t do of course… or anything that goes against God’s laws…  but to obey the law of the land…  it’s not about losing our freedom and rights, it’s are we going to TRUST God no matter what??  Are you going to believe where a door is shut a window opens. Are you going to trust that your “babbling brook” will keep going to that beautiful place at the end? Are you going to allow the love of God be your steam? When we do, any obstacle is an opportunity to trust God more!!

Let go of what you fear to lose..

January 5, 2014

“Let go of everything that you fear to lose.. otherwise it could lead you to the dark side”…  Yoda…. Star Wars

I’m watching a marathon right now, and this quote rang true for me… He went on to say that grieving loss can lead you to the dark side… when we grieve loss without hope… it may cause us to fall apart, lose our faith, go into deep depression, lose all hope, doubt God, and more… which is like going to the dark side.

I believe we are to hold onto everything on earth (including people) loosely… while trusting God all along… so that when a loss comes, you may suffer for it, but not to destruction of your heart, soul and mind.