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The Secret to our 25 years of marriage

July 21, 2014

Well, we are celebrating 25 glorious years of marriage this week. We had a celebration party, live band, lots of food, over 70 people came and it was tremendous. I was even able to sing “Our House” by Crosby Stills and Nash, to my husband! It has been our theme song for 25 years… It was an awesome day. And as I was talking at the mic I said this, “The secret to our 25 years of marriage is that we have no secrets!” My husband said this to me one day and it was true! We share everything with each other. Now, we do have secrets that end up being surprises… but I’m talking about secrets that can cause division between individuals. We have even shared things with each other that were hard to share. Things that hurt. But after we would talk these things through we would end up even better than before. We found that each and every time we have a “bubble” (is what I call a disagreement or conflict) we are amazed how much better we are after it. We don’t let those “bubbles” dictate to us our relationship. They are things that comes “up” that God is purging from our hearts to clean us up even more. And as long as we stay clean before God and each other, NOTHING can separate us.

We are praising God today for our first 25 years… and looking towards the next 25 years… with excitement and joy!

I had 2 cakes made for the party. One said, “Happy 25th Anniversary.” And the other said, “It was easy!”



Can You Help Others While You Are Sick?

July 21, 2014

As a minister, I have had this question over and over again. Individuals who contact us are those struggling with some sort of dis-ease. Many have a desire to help others, start a ministry, or want to do for others but because of their illnesses they don’t. They may even think they are being a hypocrite if they help others yet they themselves are not well.

Well..  First, in Isaiah 58:8 it says as you help others, your health will come speedily. I have been using that passage for some time, but then just today I found another one! Philippians 2:25-30 about Epaphroditus. He was with Paul and ministering to people, and yet he was very sick! It says in vs. 30 “…he was near to death, but didn’t regard his own life, but continued serving.”

So no more excuses people. If we “think” we are being hypocritical it’s because there may be some fear of man. What they will think of you. What they may say. But if we don’t regard our own life, we won’t have these fears at all because we serve a living God. And in His love, there is no fear.

You may not be able to run a marathon, but you do have a phone! Perhaps call to encourage another, perhaps invite someone over for lunch, perhaps send a card to someone. In that same chapter in vs. 3 it says to esteem others better than ourselves. When we take our mind off of ourselves, there is a whole world out there needing what you have. Don’t let the enemy rob you from that any longer, and just do what you can do, and trust God with the rest. And perhaps your healing will come speedily?

I have a lingering cough!!

July 14, 2014

Well, we know that when we get colds and flus we have to do a little soul searching. I’ve been teaching this all along. Because the immune system is compromised from a broken heart which messes with our immune system. Scriptures say that a broken spirit dries up the bones… and what is in our bones? Our immune system!

So here I am, sick for 3 weeks… I know this truth, but I cannot seem to find where my heart was broken. I thought it was from being around people who were sick at my last conference but I’ve been around sick people before and didn’t get anything. So why was this different? So then I decided to ask God because I couldn’t see it.

This is what He showed me. It wasn’t from the conference, it was from a relationship I have with a friend of mine. It was around the same time as the conference, so I thought it was connected. She seemed distant to me. I won’t go into all the details, but that truly broke my heart. We had been such good friends and now it somehow seemed different.

So I asked the Lord to heal my heart concerning my friend. So that moment, I forgave myself for taking on this burden and released my friend to the Lord. I was able to pray a good prayer for her, not from a broken heart, but a heart towards her. And would you believe, I almost immediately FELT my cough get better!! And of course, when the timing is right and the Lord sets it up, I will have a chat with my friend. Honesty with friends is the only way a friendship can continue. And I know her heart a bit and believe she’ll be grateful of this conversation.

But what I’m getting at is that We have to search our heart when our body starts to act up.. Because in most cases, we are causing our own dis-ease!

Oh, I’m glad I don’t do that…

July 13, 2014

I was talking to a friend of mine today and explained how at times I get headaches from flying. I just do the best I can, and get through it.. because I have to fly to see my kids who live in Alaska. As we were talking about it she said, “I don’t know what that feels like, I’ve never had one.”

Now, that is awesome, but it was the way and attitude in which she said it. I sensed a self-exalted attitude behind it, and actually accusatory towards me for having them.

I believe she is setting herself up for a huge fall. Because this is pride talking. I recall scripture that says when 2 men were praying, the one was saying, “I’m so glad I’m not like that man… I’m more spiritual.” And we know what happened to him…

I believe that if she would have said it in a way that was loving with understanding, then it wouldn’t have been taken incorrectly. But when someone believes they have it all together and they come off as though you are “less than” then we have a problem.

We have to speak to each other from mercy and grace. That’s walking in love. Anything else is sin.

When I got off the phone I said, “I think she’s going to get a headache.” I find that the very thing you “pride” yourself in, is the very area we are attacked. But, I repented for saying that because I don’t want her to have to experience that either. So I forgave her and released her to the Lord to deal with her heart. I love her as a friend and that’s what friends do, forgive and let go. We don’t hold on to things like this because “vengeance” is the Lord’s anyway… He will take care of this situation better than I ever could. Now I can go out and have a wonderful day!!

How did Paul the Apostle Pray?

July 11, 2014

I like using people from the Bible as examples to live by. Of course, I only follow Jesus, but I do like what the others have said about “how to follow” Jesus, and what they did. Actually, if you think about it, they are actually sharing their experiences with God… just as we do with each other today. They just got to be in the Bible! And now a days, we write books!!

But… this morning I was reading Philippians 1:4-5 and 9… how Paul prayed WITH JOY of those he knew to continue in fellowship in the Gospel, and that their love may abound more in the knowledge and all judgment to be able to make good choices for their life.

I don’t see where he prayed for stuff, healing, or needs. He prayed IN FAITH… which is IN JOY that those he prayed for would stay in the Word. Perhaps go to Bible studies, share with others what was leaned, etc., for understanding and knowledge for making sound decisions according to the Spirit of God.

I like that prayer… then I’m not telling God what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. If I simply lifted up people to get closer to the Lord, that is the best prayer we can pray for anyone!! Of course, for those who don’t “know” the Lord, we do pray He lead them into salvation. Because even when we pray for those we want to see saved, it still takes God’s spirit to draw them! Did you know the disciples weren’t sent out to “save” people? They were sent out to make disciples of all men!! That means, their instruction was to Teach the Word of God!!! Then… from teaching that word, people made the decision to follow Christ. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. And you can only be saved by faith.

It’s interesting that when I was first saved, I was told to go door knocking to “soul win.” Well, if I were to knock on your door and say, “Do you know Jesus is the Son of God and wants to save your soul?’ I may get some crazy looks, or a slam of the door in my face. But if I were to say, “I have someone I’d like you to meet. And if you get to know Him and you come to believe what He is all about, it could change your life.” Now, I may be permitted to come in and share.

See, people are asked to believe something they’ve haven’t even heard about!

So our prayers are to ask the Lord to draw them to the Word of God. Draw them to fellowship. Draw them to good teaching of the Gospel so they can develop a relationship with Him themselves!

I was talking with a couple of girlfriends and they mentioned they were at a Bible study. But both commented it was more psychology than the Word… they wanted the MEAT of the Gospel. They lean red nothing about the Bible… We have so many teachings on getting into our “inner” self, when we really need to talk about God’s Inner Court! There is a time for both, but you go to a Bible study, it should be just that… from God’s Holy Word not some book we read and discuss. Just saying…

I remember when I “got saved” I didn’t even know what I was doing. I just did it like a duck following others that went forward. It wasn’t until years later that I understood what I did, and that’s when I started “living” as a believer.

So let’s take Paul’s example for prayer. That way you can pray for more people this way instead of spending time trying to convince God to do something…  And let’s leave the responses to God. Trusting Him that His loves reaches everyone we pray for, we can have peace when we pray. We can pray in JOY as Paul instructed, because we ourselves are in Faith!