What Am I Doing Wrong?????

Have you ever asked yourself (or God) that question? What am I doing wrong? Why am I not getting well? Why are all these things happening to me?

I had asked that same question this week after having another thee-day headache! I know what headaches are from… several things actually… but the main thing is self-conflict.
So, what was I doing wrong? What was my self-conflict? I began praying for forgiveness and cleansing of all sin, defilement, etc. I even forgave everyone involved in my day. But still no relief… Then as I asked God, truly from my heart, “What is it I’m doing wrong?” He immediately said, “Ask yourself, what are you NOT doing?”
As I thought on that… I realized what I wasn’t doing was loving myself!!! I knew that was right because I began tearing up. I was so busy “trying” to appease others, trying to make sure everyone else was alright, but I wasn’t alright.

It seemed I would get a headache when I felt like I was disappointing someone. I got mad at myself, without getting mad at myself… if you know what I mean. I didn’t even realize I was mad at myself.. it actually looks like blaming or something else… when in fact it’s about me not loving myself.

I realized I wasn’t having UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and FORGIVENESS towards myself!!

Wow.. and can I tell you that after I realized that and gave myself a hug, the tears came and my heart was restored to peace! The headache subsided and I went about my day.

We forget to love ourselves.
How do we love ourselves? We release ourselves from being perfect! That’s as simple as I can put it.


5 Responses to “What Am I Doing Wrong?????”

  1. Susan Says:

    Hi Linda. I live in Sourh Africa and have been receiving your blog for some time. Today I asked myself why I have suffered severe sinusitis with an allergy to sugar and fruit for 15 yrs and have developed a muscle pain/inflammation condition over the past 3-4 yrs. And the point is, in dealing with my issues, receiving forgiveness and accepting truth in my life, over the past 2 years I did ask myself today, What am I doing wrong. From you Linda , I received the answer very simply and clearly. Thank you for blogging something that I had not understood about myself and what I think about myself and how I relate to God . Much appreciated.

  2. Castledale Says:

    Reblogged this on CastleDale | Words Of Inspiration and commented:
    I was feeling the exact same thing today and Linda couldn’t have explained it better.

  3. Castledale Says:

    Reblogged your post, I go through the same feelings everyday.

  4. kalekyemuia Says:

    Reblogged this on Kalekyemuia and commented:
    That was a refreshing read on such a beautiful Sunday, let us love ourselves today, happy Sunday everyone!

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