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Have you been hugged today?

November 6, 2014

Yesterday while driving to a friend’s house, I heard someone talking about being an orphan growing up, living in one of the last orphanages in the U.S. He described how he was left at 3 years old, and lived with 60 other kids. And as I began listening, I began weeping. My heart went out to everyone who has not received a loving touch or a hug. Then I began thinking of all those in nursing/convalescent homes. How long has it been since they received a loving touch or hug? My heart broke, because I knew that when people don’t get that, they shrivel up.

It’s medically proven that your health improves with hugs. I learned that 12 touches (hugs) a day boosts our immune system.

I purposed in my heart to find people who need a hug, and hug them. This is just a challenge for you too. Especially if you are the one needing a hug!!  Go find someone to hug, and see if your health doesn’t improve…


Do you feel that others are being blessed by God more than you?

November 6, 2014

Let’s take a look at the Word and see what it says about this.

God’s promises are YEA and AMEN. That means they are always YES! There is no NO’s with God! Okay, I heard that! (LOL)

This is why we think others are being blessed more than us, because we hear NO or hear nothing, or get nothing. Let’s see why this may be.

The Bible says that God holds nothing back from those who walk uprightly. Hmmm… what does this mean? Does it mean we have to do everything right? No, it means we stay honest, clean with an open heart to the Lord at all times. No hiding, no running, always facing everything we do, taking it to the Lord immediately when we did or said something no in line with God’s nature and Character.

Isaiah 59:1-2 says that God’s hand will be held back by sins and iniquities in our heart.

See, God rains on the just and ON the unjust, and that doesn’t mean hard things, it means blessings too. And the ones who will RECEIVE these blessings are the ones opened enough to take them.

As Jeremiah 5:25 says, “We prevent good things from happening to us because of our sins and iniquities.” What are the sins and iniquities? Well, you know… but those we don’t know are things like unforgiveness in our heart, doubting God, blaming others, not repenting, etc…  These are THOSE THINGS that do not allow us to RECEIVE what God is pouring out. He is continually pouring out his blessings.

If you can imagine with me some land. There are several cracks and holes in the land. And a flood comes and all the water washes off the land and into those holes. See, the water landed on EVERYTHING but only those who are OPEN receives. Just like those holes, they are open and the water poured in them.

I realized that we aren’t open because of fear. Fear of cost, fear of loss, fear of not being blessed, so many fears. Fear BLOCKS God’s blessings my friend. We have to repent for fearing, and begin to truly believe God in every area of our lives. To be able to not fall to pieces when something hard hits us. To stay in faith no matter what! This is the KEY for receiving God’s blessings. It has nothing to do with if God wants to bless you are not, or what you have or have not done, it’s are you going to “believe” Him. What degree you believe, is what you receive.

Whatever you ask believing, you shall receive. And it’s not about believing for that thing you are praying for, but believing GOD… in all things. THEN… when you ask, it will come because you have that kind of relationship with God.

So, if you feel that others are being blessed more than you, then look inside to see if there is anything that could be blocking your blessings. Because God has not stopped the blessings from pouring out… we just have to be open to receive.

Shame Comes Through Feeling Naked

November 2, 2014

Today is a great day, in which the Lord has made, and it is good!

I started reading from the beginning of the Bible today, Genesis. I read 2 chapters and saw some NEW amazing things… Remember, these are my insights and revelations, and you can receive them or not, but wanted to share them with you.

As I looked at the first page… I noticed a little box in the corner that is used to give an overview of that chapter. It says, “Beginnings of the Universe of God’s people.” That made total sense to me. And I’ll explain as I go along. But this is the story of creation. 7 days to be exact. But can we be exact? Did God make those days in the days we know it? I believe God made the days in 7000 years.

2 Peter 3:8 But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

Hmmm.. you decide. It appears that one day in heaven is as 1000 on earth. And by the way, days and nights and years and months were NOT as we know it BEFORE God created the heavens and earth. He was outside of time. So who’s to say how old the earth really is? Only God knows. But we KNOW He created it.  Okay, moving on.

So lets look at the 7 days:

1. Heaven and earth/night and day.

2. Land and water

3. Grass and food (plants yielding seed after it’s kind. And it says, “plants were meat to eat.”

4. Sun, moon and stars

5. Created animals

6. Created man and woman

7. Whew… He needed a rest. Now if God needed a rest, then it was for sure He worked more than the 7 days we think it is. Working 7000 years would be exhausting, even to God! Hahaha. So He created the SABBATH… a day to cease from all our works. I still believe that is a good idea to practice. Statistics show that when you rest on the 7th day, you are more healthy! (You don’t have to be a 7th Day Adventist to observe it…  just observe it.)

So man was now in the garden to take care of it. He named all the animals, and God gave Adam one command.  NOT to eat the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Do you know why God put that in there? Because He created man to have free will. To obey or not to obey. Otherwise, why even create the earth? God wanted man to love Him just because. To trust Him just because. And this was a way to test that. And even today, we are tested everyday to see if we will run and hide from God. To see if we will obey and trust. Something to think about.

Then it says in the last verse of chapter 2, they were naked and were NOT ASHAMED.

“Shame comes through feeling naked.” Many are living in shame today for the same reason. BEING EXPOSED! BEING EXPLOITED. Being known for something you wrongly did or something wrongly done to you.

Adam and Eve’s shame could have been remedied if they just ‘fessed up, went to God and said, “I’m sorry.” I believe they would have been forgiven and the world may be different today. But instead, that shame caused them to blame others. And the spiraling effect as we know it, took place.

So let me get to my initial comment that says, “Beginnings of the Universe of God’s people.” When God created man and put him in the garden of Eden. There were other beings/people, living on the planet. Now, hear me out…  God created MAN in HIS IMAGE. He created His child to love and serve and follow Him as a child would. He protected the garden with mighty angels. Why would the garden need protecting? It wasn’t from the Devil because He was able to slither in and tempt Adam. It was to keep out what was “out there.” Who was out there? Well, I can go into it but for time sake, lets just say there were people on the earth before Adam and Eve. And they were created by God, but in another civilization period. There were giants, as the angels and man had children! Yes, it’s in the Bible. I won’t go into the demons living on the land… But according to scripture, when Adam and Even had children and Cain was marked on his forehead that no one should hurt him. Who are the “no ones?” He left his parents and journey out into the world. If Adam and Even were the first PEOPLE, where did all these others come from that Cain was to be protected from? What I’m getting at is what I saw in that little box on the first page of the Bible…  “Beginnings of the Universe of God’s people.” All those other people weren’t God’s. We are! But as days of old, we still live along side people that are NOT God’s people, nor ever will be. We live in a world filled with demonic activity. We are still facing the things they faced at the beginning of time. But the answer is still the same. Loving and trusting God. That will show you that you are part of the Universe of God’s people. Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. Given a new birth to be given power to become the sons of God. Are we the Sons of God or the Sons of Anarchy? Only you will know.

Faint Not!

November 2, 2014

2 Corinthians 4:1 says, therefore seeing we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we faint not…

The other day after doing an amazing Women’s Conference in our area, I asked the Lord… so now, what is next? I didn’t ask, “What do you want me to do now?” Because in times past I would feel post-conference… in other words. Is God done with me? And sometimes fall into a lull. But this time, I was eager and excited what was in store for me next. So with a brighter and expectant attitude I asked, and he gave me this passage. “Seeing you have THIS ministry (LAM)… and as I have RECEIVED mercy (God’s love and power and insights to do this ministry and help others)… Don’t Faint. Okay, so that’s what I wanted to get at. Don’t Faint… means to not give up. “Be not weary in well doing, but in due season you shall reap if you Don’t Faint.”

But God showed me something deeper today as I was re-reading that passage. He went into details about the “don’t faint.” and here is what He showed me:

First, the Lord showed me we faint not by loving ourselves. Because if I keep looking at myself in a wrong way, I can cause myself to get sad and depressed. We are “fainting” in our spirit. Recently I noticed my skin aging… it’s quite a rude awakening actually, and it was an issue for some time. But after reading this passage today, I will choose to STOP that. My husband even said to me during this time, “Linda, be Kind to Yourself.” And with that, I went into a paradigm shift. Everything in my world changed when I truly started to love and accept myself. I had even began saying, “Be kind to me Linda.” And so by loving ourselves properly, we won’t faint.

Verse 2 goes into the other areas we “faint not.”

1.  Being honest about everything with everyone, especially towards ourself

2.  Not manipulating others for what we want. The word is “craftiness.” And as you know, that word is used in occultic practices to control and get others to do what they want.

3.  Not using the Word of God for our own gain. We know people that say, “But you have to do it because you are a Christian.” Or use guilt to move on people’s hearts to give them what they want.

4.  Walking in truth openly, with all men.

Then it goes on to say, that when we faint we are actually hiding the gospel. (That’s what I read anyway). And it’s hidden to those who are lost!

As I thought on this, we don’t share our faith for fear of rejection. That is also “fainting in our mind.” But it says to preach and teach JESUS.. not ourselves. So if we are rejected, it’s not us being rejected, it’s Jesus!

So in my deductions:  Faint not is to see me as God sees me. So that I can live in His power, love and sound mind. To speak like He speaks. Love like He loves. And Do as He does.