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We walk a Fine Line with God

January 26, 2015

It seems that the more I grow in the Lord, and the older I get, my road seems to be narrowing. It reminds me of the scripture, The gate is narrow that leads to life everlasting. So what is happening in my life is supposed to happen. The closer we get to the “end of days” or closer to God, the more holy we become! For example, 20 years ago I did so many things that I can’t do today! I used to drink wine and read the Bible, I don’t do that any more, it’s not a bad thing, but it’s not for me. I was so fearful of what people thought, but today, it’s no longer an issue, I only care what God thinks. Or if I see someone drop a dress on the floor, years ago I would walk over it, now I pick it up and hang it. When I used to put my grocery cart in the parking lot, I find myself putting it in the stall. It seems my life is fine-tuning, and though it seems like small things, they are building up to the “final exit.” We are to walk a fine line with the Lord because I know when I veer off even one degree, I can find myself somewhere I don’t want to be.

I’m so glad He is fine tuning me… It’s actually freeing, because when we live like this, we are actually walking in truth, and it’s the truth makes you free.

So I like to say it this way. We walk a fine line with God and it is FINE!!!


Is it hard being around certain people?

January 15, 2015

I just got done cleaning my carpet with a hoover carpet cleaner, and decided to get some air out on the porch. As I was standing there, I was thinking about what I was thinking about that whole time. It was about people. The different people in my life. Some people are easy to be around others are hard to be around. And this is what the Lord showed me. The people easy to be around you are being completely honest with them, and true to yourself. Those who you have a hard time being around or “dread” being around, you are not yourself, you are not being honest and you are not true to yourself.

So in this situation, who has the problem? The one you think is causing you the problem or you?

It’s time we stay true to ourselves, our convictions, and stop being one way around a certain group of people or another way around a certain individual, etc., because then we are living a lie.

Let’s walk in truth today! And so if you have to get around peole again, you won’t dread, you won’t be fearful, because you will be you!

The Lord says He loves when His children walk in truth.

When Will Things Get Easier?

January 13, 2015

I don’t know about you, but it seems that I’m always working on something. I’m learning more of what is still in me that is being purged. I’m getting revelations every day about growing in the Lord. I’m ministering to people on-line and I get something from it too. My husband and I share moment by moment how we continually change. Then I said, “Is this normal? Does everyone go through something so intense every day? How can someone have so much junk to deal with? It gets exhausting sometimes. Is there something wrong with me?” I always felt like I was being attacked by the devil from day break ’till dawn. Many would say that was good because if you weren’t being attacked, THEN something would be wrong.

Well, God straitened me out, and even put another view on this. It’s not that the devil is attacking, it’s that I’m in a relationship with a Holy God who is requiring me to continue being more and more purified. We are building a close relationship and as it grows, so must I. Now I understand when scriptures say that “deep is calling unto deep’ and “iron sharpens iron.” That is the kind of relationship I have with my Lord!!

I no longer see this as being “attacked” by the enemy, but a privilege to be called a “friend of God” because of the continual growing and changing moment by moment that is happening to me. I would have to wonder if people aren’t experiencing some type of trial or issue, if they are stagnant in their walk with the Lord? Because the more we are in relationship with Him, the more needs to be purified. It’s not the devil at all, so lets not give him any credit… but give all glory to God who loves us so much to take the time to cleanse us so we can enjoy fellowship with Him, intimately.

Would You Help?

January 7, 2015

Hello blogger friends: I’ve been writing things for many years now and hope that they have been helpful. I wanted to tell you that I’ve got an opportunity to have my own TV program. But there is a cost for me to do it. If you like what we share and want to help support our ministry. You can connect with me at

Thank you for your prayers and consideration.

Why Are All These Things Happening to Me?

January 5, 2015

This is a question I get a lot. And I hope this will help answer that for you if that is your question from time to time.

In a recent request from someone, they asked this same question and I believe I have the perfect answer. As I was reading in Matthew chapter 4, the answer came. This is what I shared with them:

Dear Friend: I was able to read your email and pray and seek God about this. This morning I received a message for you found in Matthew 4:1  It says that Jesus was led by the spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil.
This is your story too.  It’s not that God allows things, it’s that he’s directing things. Those things you have gone through, the abandonment and mistreatment from people is the spirit LEADING you into THAT wilderness… to be tempted of the devil.  And the temptations are being abandoned, mistreated, etc.
See, right after Jesus was baptized, the spirit of His Father God, Led Him into the wilderness.  Does it seem like you are in a wilderness? It’s the Spirit of God leading you INTO it. Then the temptations came.  Jesus was tempted to see if He was going to fall under Satan’s words or keep the Words of His Father. And of course He passed the test.  He didn’t falter or fall or turn away from God. He didn’t question “Why is this happening to me?” He knew His Father was with Him. He knew it was all going to work out for good. He knew it was a divine appointment for Him at that time.  Just as it is for you. The reason things KEEP happening is that you haven’t yet passed the test.
I believe that though you have felt you have done all you know to do to move God’s hand on your behalf, you keep falling short. It’s because you have been trying to EARN His help, love and approval. He’s waiting for you to RECEIVE His love for you. He’s waiting for you to just say, “Thank You for all you have done for me.” 
Sometimes we get caught up in doing a bunch of things… I did too…  but when I learned to enter HIS rest… the REST followed. Everything I needed. Everything that would provide for me. 
My encouragement to you is to be restored to your Father in Heaven. Stop looking at all the disappointments in life right now, all the past hurts, pains, regrets and be restored to the Father. All blessings come from Him… and our blessings are blocked by us… (Jeremiah 5:25) when we don’t forgive others, forgive ourselves, and receive that forgiveness we will remain stuck. We may not hear God any more. (Isaiah 59:1-2).
You have been given a lot to bear because God wants to use you more than the average person. I have learned that the more people go through, the more God wants to use them for His glory and purpose. But you are still developing your hinds feet. 
Just as Job said, “Thou He slay me, yet will I trust Him” is to be your thoughts and attitude too.
For the New Year…  go to God and be honest with Him about your heart. Tell Him you are disappointed with Him. Tell Him you don’t think He loves you. Tell Him you can’t forgive those who hurt you.  Whatever it is… tell Him all YOUR truth…  and watch Him change your situation.
That concludes the email, but it’s a challenge for us all. To address things in our life that we are carrying around, especially towards God. Go to Him today and resolve any resentments with Him now… it’ll be the best thing you can do for yourself and your family today!

When Will We Get Our New Name?

January 5, 2015

I’ve been reading in the Bible on several occasions where individuals were “renamed” by God such as Jacob’s name was changed to Israel. Saul’s name was changed to Paul. And if we read about these individuals they weren’t very good. Jacob was known as a “surplanter” a “liar” and a thief. He stole his brother’s birthright by lying to their father. He had made some bad choices in life, but then he met the Lord. His name was changed to Israel and his 12 children make up the 12 tribes of Israel and the generations of Jesus. We know about Saul. He persecuted Christians even sending them to their death in the name of God. He truly THOUGHT he was doing the right thing. He believed he was protecting God by getting rid of anyone who believe din this “false” messiah. But then he met Jesus on the Damascus road… And his name was changed from Saul to Paul.

Israel and Paul began their “spiritual” journey. They began living and walking after the spirit not after the flesh. They began thinking of the things of the Lord. They obeyed the Lord until death. They served God not themselves. They truly lived a life worthy of their new name.

So what about us? Do we get a new name too?

This is what the Lord showed me. As Christians today, we live by faith. That means whatever we believe about God is done through faith. Even our salvation is by faith, because we aren’t saved YET! I mean, we haven’t died YET to continue our eternal life in Heaven. We continue in faith UNTIL our eyes see what we are believing for. So that also means we are still awaiting our NEW name. We are still walking in the flesh at times, desiring to walk after the spirit more and more every day so that in the end, we will be given that NEW name.

There is hope here! This is good news. Because we can stop trying to be perfect and simply believe the perfect one. We can stop getting mad at ourselves through our own disappointments. We can simply apply the truth of why Jesus came, to complete us where we lack. To forgive us when we repent. To heal our broken lives. And as we walk with Him, we will see all the things we desire BY FAITH…  But the final thing to see is Jesus himself, face to face. That’s when our faith will be seen. That’s when we won’t need faith any more. That’s when we will be given our New Name. As the old hymn goes…”I’ve got a new name written down in heaven, and it’s mine, oh yes it’s mine.” And another song that says, “My faith will be sight.”

So enjoy your life today. Stay in FAITH because anything that is not faith is sin as Hebrews 14 says, and look forward to having your new name given to you when you reach heaven.

Entering A New Year Clean?

January 2, 2015

Hey everyone. So glad you tuned in today…  I wanted to tell you what transpired with me already this wonderful Second Day of January.

As I was getting ready to start my day I realized there was a thought that kept coming up. It has been nipping at me for some time, and not until this morning did I stop to see what it was. You know what I mean… some thought keeps coming up, you don’t really pay any attention to it, but it causes you to lose a little peace, lose a little sleep, but you don’t really address it. So this morning I said, “Father, what is it that I keep thinking of?” Because anything that keeps coming up is not a good thing, especially if it robs us…  And this is what He showed me. I had been thinking of my son and his family. How I want to live closer to them, how I want to be in their lives. How I would like to have a closer relationship with my son. I’ve been skying them for some time, and have called as well. When I don’t do it for a few days, I start to feel guilty or something. It has been a roller coaster ride actually. I’m pulled to call every other day, email or Skype. It was robbing me. Some days when I want to call, I think I’m disturbing them. All kinds of emotions come up when I think of my son and his family.

So this morning, the Lord showed me why. I was wanting to have restored what was lost between my son and I. During his life, we didn’t communicate a lot. He lived with his father since he was 3 years old, and I was in and out of his life until even now… There were a lot of reasons for that, but regardless, that is what happened. So now that he is married and has 5 children, I am wanting to be a part of their lives. I felt at first I don’t “deserve” to have them because of what I did to my son. But that is a lie from the pit of hell because God wants us to have restored what was stolen. So I wrote a letter to my son. I have not mailed it yet, but i did write it to him. It started a chain reaction in my heart. The heaviness, guilt, fear and so forth left me. Now when I think of my son, all I sense is peace.

I had worried that my grand children wouldn’t remember me, and was in fear about it. So God said, “You only visited your grandmother every other year, do you feel she’s abandoned you? Have you forgotten her?” I said “No… I have good memories of my grandmother.” Though they weren’t a lot, when I did see her, they became part of my memory.

I say all this to help you start this new year off with a clean heart and mind. If you have been avoiding a thought, a person, etc., it’s time to stop and take a look at it and ask God how to deal with it. He doesn’t want you carrying any unnecessary baggage into the New Year because the New Year will have enough of it’s own!