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Want a Renewed Mind?

March 22, 2015

This morning I woke up with this portion of scripture running through my mind, “Be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” I have read this scripture over and over again, but today got some new meaning. It actually supports what I’ve been teaching all along, that where I mind goes, our body follows.

As we look at the things we do and say, it all stems to what is in our minds. I don’t know about you, but I need my mind renewed every day so that my actions follow. I know when I need to have my mind renewed is when I’m acting impatient or unkind or judging. It’s time to go back into the closet and renew my mind with the Word of God.

This world fills our minds up all day long with bad news, painful things, past memories, when we need to KEEP renewing our mind every day in the things of the Lord. By fellowshipping with the Lord in prayer, reading your Bible, dwelling on Him, the things He has done for you, will keep you! Scriptures say to write the Word on the tablets of our heart so that we don’t sin against Him. Sin comes when we dwell on something that is NOT of God for too long, and we act upon it.

The only thing that can renew our Mind is the Word. Recently I had to make this a reality in my life because of an issue I was facing about my memory. So one day I decided to put ON the mind of Christ. I started reading the Bible from Genesis, and would read as much as I could that day. Just getting the Word in there. And lo and behold, my mind began to change. It truly amazed me how I was remembering things better. I was able to multi-task again. I was given the ability though what I was putting in my mind to accomplish so many things.

These past few blogs I’ve been talking about the mind because that is truly where the battle is. And sometimes we have to fight to keep our mind on Him, but that my friend is our battle as Christians. But here is hope. The battle is much easier when we send the Word out, and we can only do that if we have it in us in the first place.

I encourage you, if you haven’t, just open the Bible and begin to read. Don’t worry about making notes, writing in a journal, because those things become YOUR thoughts. Just read what the Bible says, and remember, You have the Mind of Christ and His mind is stable, secure, wise, no memory loss, and knows all things. We have that capacity too.

So renewing your mind is to keep it on the Lord and our actions will follow.


I’m 38 Years Old in the Lord!

March 20, 2015

Thank you for celebrating 38 Years of my life with Christ that started March 6, 1977. Then June, 1996, the Lord birthed Life Application Ministries. It all started in my small home office room where I was sitting at the computer staring at the screen wondering how I was going to survive the next day. I was suffering so badly from anxiety, and panic attacks and health ailments associated for 30 years, 19 of those as a Christian, that my faith was wavering because I thought we were supposed to be healed through Christ? But I wasn’t. Yet, I did all I could to trust God.

So as I was sitting there, in the midst of all my dis-ease, I heard something deep in my spirit that said, “Call your ministry Life Application Ministries.” I didn’t understand because that’s not what I prayed for. Me, start a ministry? I didn’t even know how to do that. But I wrote that down anyway. So then I began to type on the computer, and one thing led to another, and found myself writing my first book called “A Matter of the Mind – journey from fear to faith.” It took me 3 years because I wrote the book still very ill. The Lord was setting it all up because He delivered me in the 3rd year and I was able to finish the book with victory! 

Since then I’ve written over 25 books to help in our Christian life using my life and what God brought me through for healing and restoration. You can read about this book and others at my website at:

If I was to sum up what I have learned since I was saved, it’s this. Life can be so much easier when we truly trust God and believe what He says. I recall fighting with God about things. Questioning Him. Asking Him why all the time. But it wasn’t until I found contentment where I was, trusting the Lord to bring me through. And today, I have to say, as I look back over all the things I’ve been through, that is certain the case. Never once did He leave me stranded, though I may have felt like He did. But in the end, the victory was won! So today, this ministry is reaching thousands of lives to help them find their freedom too.

Our Brains Are Computers!

March 19, 2015

Have you ever said, “Don’t tell me any more stuff, I don’t have any more room in my head!” I’ve said that many times and shut down receiving any new information, but that is further from the truth. I was being lied to! I recently read something I want to share with you that changed that thinking forever, and has freed me to aspire and do things I never thought possible!!

I read recently that the body is composed of some 100 trillion cells each with a strand of DNA, capable of storing up to six gigabytes of memory.  People, we CAN receive more information. We CAN learn, memorize things, and more. We have the capacity, but like me, I was being lied to by the deceiver.

Since I learned this, I have been able to understand, comprehend, memorize and multi-task like never before. I didn’t realize I was limiting my abilities by what I THOUGHT I could retain or download. Since I got this revelation, things have changed. My lie seems more full and things that used to weigh on me, don’t any more. It’s truly awesome how the Lord built this into our brains. Whoever said we came from a Big Bang is truly in error. As someone build our computers of the day, so someone had to also build our brain!

I hope you find freedom today as well in your thinking.

Satan Has No Power Against Us

March 2, 2015

As believers, we know that we get attacks from the enemy because we are serving God. But what many believe is that Satan can just come and go as he pleases for no reason at all. But that is not true. He has to submit to the authority of God. Satan is not rogue. There has to be a reason for the so-called attack from Satan. It could be simply God doing something in your life but we blame the Devil. Regardless of what is happening to us, we have to know one thing… Satan has no power against us except it were given from God!!

Jesus said this to his captors, “You have not power against me except it were given from above” (John 19:11). This is good news people! Jesus went through so much didn’t He? He died a horrible death in the end. Satan had used many individuals to bring this to pass. He even “entered” Judas to betray Jesus. The devil thought he won. But there was something more going on that meets the eye. Behind all these events that took place in Jesus’ life, God was there. He was putting everything in place, using the devil to work His plan of Salvation!!

“What you meant for evil, God used for good.” This is what Joseph said when He saved a nation from starvation. If He didn’t get sold by his brothers because of their hatred toward him, a nation may have starved to death, even his family. Then where would we be because these are the 12 tribes of Israel!

And Joseph said unto them, Fear not: for am I in the place of God? But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive (Genesis 50:19-20).

So the next time you feel you are being ‘attacked’ just say, “Satan, you have no power against me except God allow it.” And realize that those things happening to you may not always be lovely, but they are happening for something God is doing in your life and those around you and will work out for GOOD!

His Mercies are New Every Morning

March 2, 2015

Do we really know what this means and do we really activate this in our lives? For years i would say this but I never really activated my faith behind it. This is what the Lord showed me. His mercies… what are His mercies…  it means that whatever took place the day before. Whatever has happened to us in our past. Whatever regrets, sins, words, thoughts we have had. Whatever sicknesses we are dealing with. Each morning is made new. We have an opportunity to start over because all those things are erased, in God’s eyes. We  need to do this too, because when we do half of our issues disappear! But what we do is wake up thinking about what we should have done. How sick we “still” feel. And our thoughts stay in yesterday, not NEW today. So I decided to test this.

One morning I woke up and knew I was not feeling the greatest, again. Then the Lord had me say this passage, “My mercies are new every morning.” So I CHOSE to say, “Father, this is a new day, I”m new today as well, everything I said or did yesterday is dead and gone, not to be brought into this day. Every sickness or pain I had yesterday, is gone with yesterday, today is new. You make all things new, that is me. So today, I wake up as though none of those things happened. As though all my mistakes never happened.” And would you believe I got out of bed and felt amazing??

We go where our thoughts lead us. So let’s start putting faith onto the Word of God and watch what happens.