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How Much Do You Believe?

August 23, 2015

For the past few months I have been being stretched in my faith. It’s interesting that I say “my” faith, because now that sounds so strange to me. Because, I just realized that my faith only goes so far, but God’s faith in me can do anything!

Here’s what happened. I went to a worship event yesterday, met so many people, really enjoyed being among the Lord’s kids. Connected with so many and learned what God is doing through others, truly refreshing. Then I spoke to a woman who is going country-wide with her TV show. She needs to believe for thousands upon thousands of dollars to do this. She’s at that place where she doesn’t have it, but is believing God to meet her. As I thought about that, that’s exactly where I am. I have one TV show now, but embarking on my second AND a radio program on 770AM station. I have to believe for finances too, not as much as her, but to me it seems just as much.

So as I was driving home from that event, I recalled a friend of mine saying, “Give according to your faith.” But then I heard myself say, “Believe according to your faith.” So I could believe for so much, but I couldn’t believe for the rest. Why? Because I was able to give that amount personally, I didn’t need any help. But where I need help is where I don’t have it! That’s the faith I need to complete the monthly expenses for these shows. Then I realized that the faith I need is not my faith but God’s faith in me. It’s that “gift of faith” that was missing. So I decided to pray for the gift of faith to believe for what I could not do.

When I got home, I had a new sense of confidence that what this ministry is doing is reaching so many with the truth. The reason for this ministry is to equip people to be able to live everyday in faith. We are in uncertain times, and we need to be certain in our faith to weather anything that is coming down the pike.

I grew up a little today in my faith, and I hope this encourages you to do the same! Ask for the gift of faith to help you believe when what you have is not enough!


Ever Get an “F” in school?

August 11, 2015

Well, if you never received an “F” in school, you are about to get three right now!

  1. Father’s Love
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Faithfulness

These are the three “F’s” for this ministry called ‘Restoring Your Life” a production of Life Application Ministries.

1st F – For over 20 years this has been the same message that we provide. Learning about your REAL Father’s love for you and how to receive it and then apply it. Because it not only is about Jesus Christ and His love, sacrifice, and relationship, but also about the Father in Heaven, and the Holy Ghost. We need all three of the godhead at work in our lives. Not only that, did you know that when Jesus was visiting someone, people came in and said, “Your mother and brothers are outside.” And Jesus responded, “those who do the will of the Father are my mothers, brothers and sisters.” Notice He didn’t say “Father’s” because there is only ONE father… in Heaven. And we need to learn what that looks like and how to receive it. Most of the people I minister to have issues with really knowing the Father’s love personally.

2nd F – is forgiveness. How do we really forgive from our heart? Can we get rid of past pain from  relationship breaches? Is it possible to walk with a clear heart towards others? Can we forgive without conditions? Can we forgive without a …. but? Yes, to all of these questions and more. Jesus was sent to us to provide us with forgiveness. First when we come to Christ we ask for forgiveness of our sins. Then Jesus taught us to forgive and love one another. Many have said, “I forgive you… but….” That is NOT heart forgiveness, but conditional. But God’s love and forgiveness is unconditional. We need to learn how to apply this to our life and practice it daily. This is when our lives can really change. This is when healing really comes. This is when you can be restored.

3rd F – Faithfulness. It’s really Speaking in Truth… but there was no “F” in that, but faithfulness is saying the same thing. You can trust someone who is faithful to tell you the truth and live and walk honestly with you. Many are not walking in truth with one another, but in fear. If you have a hard time telling someone what you really want to say, then you going to lie, and the truth is not in you. Scriptures are very clear that TRUTH is critical for your life. Jesus is the way the TRUTH and he life, we can’t come to Him without these things moving in us because of Jesus. If you deny the truth, you are denying the Lord. We need to learn HOW to speak the truth, in LOVE… This is something we have to learn to do. Many say, “Well I am telling this to you in love” but the person you are talking to is getting offended and defensive. I can tell you right now, that’s not what they see? So how do we prepare ourselves before speaking to others? This is needed in relationships with one another.

These are the basics of this ministry. But in these three “F”s comes from an A! We have already won! We already got an “A” but we need to go through some things to produce that “A.” Jesus said, “I am Always with you, even until the end of the world.” Because we need Him to be able to do these things. In Him we move and have our being, as scriptures say.  We are to do all unto the Lord not unto men. If we can get these “F’s” down, we will see the scriptures come to life for us. We will begin walking in health, in more faith, and belief. It is the power by which we can live.

For more on these, please attend one of our conferences coming up. August 14-15th and October 16th – 17th. See my website at for more details.

Like my dear friend says, “WALK WITH THE KING TODAY, AND BE A BLESSING”