When People Are Difficult!

As a minister, I have many opportunities to talk to people about their issues with other people, I have had my fair share as well. But the Lord showed me something today that will either make you or break you! And that is this:  “When people are difficult it’s because WE aren’t being honest with them.” Think about it. The only reason anyone could get under our skin and irritate us, is because we let them! And it’s done because we aren’t being honest with them about our own heart towards them. For example:  Let’s say you are visiting a friend and it seems every time you visit, you leave saying: “Every time I visit, I leave feeling bad about myself. Small. Insignificant.” Why is that? It’s because that person said or did something but YOU didn’t respond. You took it. You just leave. See,  we don’t want to hurt anyone, cause conflict, be confrontational, or even be honest because of FEAR of man. Fear of how they’ll respond. Fear of loosing that friend (and by the way, that isn’t a very good friend to do that in the first place). Fear, Fear, Fear… is the guiding light.

But let’s say that same friend begins saying and doing the same things at your next visit. What if you say, “Can I be honest with you? (And by the way, if we have to say that, what does that say?? Are we not being honest already??) “Did you know that your words are sharp, they leave me feeling sad. Well, I choose to forgive you and release all this from my heart.”  What do you think that person will do? You can even add, “I forgive you.” What a concept!! Remember, people that give pain is because they are in pain, perhaps this is a time to ask, “Are you doing okay? Can I pray with you about something?”

If you think about it, the last time you were irritated by someone, did you tell them they irritated you?  It’s time we start saying what we mean and mean what we say. When we do, did you know you can’t be manipulated either? When we are honest with our own hearts, speak the truth out of our mouth, we can’t even be manipulated. Truth doesn’t manipulate either…

When Jesus spoke the truth to people, He didn’t hold anything back. He would tell people, “Go and sin no more.” And others He would call vipers full of dead men’s bones. So, we need to be able to be honest as well. As a matter of fact, this is scriptural. To be honest and truthful will ALL men… at ALL times… Now, a person who truly does this will not be controlled, defiled, or manipulated. Now, there is a balance, because there is also discretion on when to speak the truth and what tone… but truth is still to be spoken.

I could get into “speaking the truth in love” but you can pick up my book called, “Nothing but the truth so help me God” that goes into more details at http://www.truthfrees.org. But for now… if you have difficulty speaking your mind, then it’s time to change that! Decide today to cast off all fear of man (the what if’s because fear is not from God) and begin to speak and walk in truth, today… in EVERY area of your life. It may be difficult at first, but that tells you how much you haven’t been honest… OUCH!


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