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Post Christmas Blues?

December 31, 2015

Who has the post Christmas blues?? Well, this is for you. I can recall over the past several years I would feel let down or disappointed after the Christmas day was through. I didn’t want to be like that. I prayed through it each and every time, and within a couple of days I was back to my chipper self. Well, this year, I asked God why this was so? Why on the happiest season of the year anyone would be sad? Well, of course, many reasons can jump out like, family is back home so you are alone; or sadness over someone who has passed on. Perhaps even disappointed with family and friends who didn’t meet up to our expectations of their gift giving and fellowship. All sorts of things. I had thought these were the reasons. Well, this year I got my joy back and it continued right through Christmas, and is still going strong. Even after I took down all the decorations getting ready for the New Year. It was done with joy, excitement and peace. My heart remained constant. I had no let down, no pain, nothing. Even though my sister passed 3 years ago Christmas! The joy of the Lord was truly there for me. So you ask me how? Well, here’s what transpired.

A few week before Christmas I was laying in bed before getting up that day and said, “Lord what is Christmas really all about?” And this is what He said. “It’s about friends, relationships, feeding the poor, giving, putting money into the economy. Even the time where people’s hearts are more open to receive, to be healed, to be restored.” He then said, “Christmas is a TRADITION of men, not of me.” Wow… I responded and then began to meditate on all this. And that’s exactly what I saw. Now, I’m only speaking of me, and yes, Christmas is the day we celebrate Christ’s birth, but do we? Really? Or are we throwing Him in as an after thought? The churchy answer is that we are celebrating Christ, but the truth is, we are having parties, shopping, making goodies, etc. Then He said to me, “You know how people keep saying every year, “Put Christ into Christmas?” He said, “I want you to take Christ out of Christmas this year.” He began to give me a picture. He said to remove Christ out of Christmas and PUT HIM ON TOP of Christmas. That was tremendous! When I did, everything made sense. Scriptures say, “If our heart condemn us, God is greater than our heart.” So it’s true with everything. GOD IS GREATER than everything, even Christmas!!! He’s greater than the 4th of July, Easter, all of those TRADITIONS and HOLIDAYS man created.

Jesus said, “Remember Me.” And He said that while doing communion. That means, remember all that He has done for us, not necessarily His birthday on one day, but EVERY DAY. We are to keep Jesus ABOVE everything, every event, every situation, and Christmas too. We so often look towards things, people and special days. We are the ones who build it up, not the Lord. He wants us to live life in peace. Not huge ups and huge downs… constantly. And as we keep our focus on Him IN EVERY THING… we won’t ever feel let down, disappointed, sad… because our confidence and faith is in Him alone! I like how Paul put it. He said that he learned to be content in all things, whether doing good, or bad, rich or poor, every thing. Contentment is PEACE! And peace to me means a steady person in everything good or bad that comes their way.

I had some repenting to do that morning, and from that point on I looked as Christmas as a fun time of year… but keeping JESUS IN every second of every day to help make this time even more enjoyable. I stopped focusing on the DAY but on the ONE who made the Day, and everything changed!! I believe my New Year is going to be one of expectations, not in what I will be doing in the year ahead personally and in ministry, but with what God is going to provide. What He’ll bless us with. How He will open and close doors. How we can rely and trust on every situation. What a way to start the New Year! Keep Jesus ON TOP of it all….. Can’t ever be disappointed, fearful, worried, frustrated and depressed when you do that.

March 2nd I am doing a 10-12 week teleconference series called “Fearless Living.” If you are interested in joining us, send me a note. It’ll cover this topic and many more to help us find that TRUE contentment¬†and peace by living fearless of things coming in our lives personally and on the earth.


Merry Christmas Gift!

December 22, 2015

This morning I was working on promoting a book about the end-times for a friend. And as I was contemplating things, it appears to me that many are in fear of what is coming down the pike. Let me give you a great insight from the Word of God.

1 Corinthians 1:25 Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.

This passage sets everything straight. Regardless of what MAN has up his sleeve, God is greater! Whatever MAN thinks, God’s thoughts are higher. If we feel condemned at all, God is greater than that (1 John 3:20). We have to all come up higher in our Thoughts (Isaiah 55:9) because GOD IS GREATER THAN IT ALL! If we can grab that, these things on earth won’t shake us up at all. But rather rejoice that the Lord is at work doing something amazing in our lifetime.

If I were to give you a Christmas Gift… it would be to BELIEVE. Believe like never before that all things will work out to those who BELIEVE. Let that person be YOU! If you have a hard time believing, have a little talk with the Lord… He said if you ASK He will give it to you. So if you need more faith to believe, then ask. If you need more faith to not fear. Then ask. What better gift will God give you, than these things that honor Him?metomchristmas