When Are We Saved?

Today I was talking with a friend and something came out of my mouth I never said before. “Many people believe we can lose our salvation, but how can we lose something we don’t have yet?”  That was such a profound question, because it’s true. We aren’t saved YET… faith keeps us living for the final prize… which is the crown of life. We are saved by grace THROUGH faith…  We won’t need faith in heaven, because we’ll have what we were having faith for, a heavenly home. That is why we are to work our our salvation with fear and trembling. This and other scriptures make a lot more sense  concerning salvation…

When we accepted Christ the Holy Spirit was deposited in us and SEALS us until the day of redemption. But we still need faith to BELIEVE we are redeemed and saved. We haven’t been redeemed yet. We are COVERED on this planet by the Blood of the Lamb of what Jesus did on the cross. Love covers a multitude of sins. So, we are still in a sinful state as long as we are on this earth. But we are given HOPE. Hope is what helps us stay in faith to believe for the prize, a crown of life that is given to those who don’t give up. Scriptures say that “Those who endure to the END shall be saved.”  The end of what? Your life on this planet.

That is why scriptures tell us to not grow weary in well doing, we will reap good things if we don’t faint.

So it’s not that we can ever lose our salvation, we are to HOPE in our salvation. And we are given every opportunity to continue in the faith by the power of the Holy Ghost, God’s Love and Forgiveness, and relationship with Jesus. We are daily LEARNING to follow Jesus. We just don’t wake up one day and know everything to do. We learn. Why do we need to keep learning? Why when we ask Jesus into our heart we have to continue in faith? Because we haven’t YET received the fullness of the glory of God until THE END.  The End…

So the question again is When Are We Saved? We are promised heirs of salvation, but it’s not until the end of our life that faith will become sight!



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