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Honesty… the best policy!

October 6, 2016

Okay, since YOU are all my friends, it’s time to tell on myself… perhaps it may remind us all of a few things we let slip from time to time…… I share this not to be judged but to be loved….

The Title of this is “The Truth Makes You Free.” (A long one, but worth the reading effort..)

There were a few incidents the past 2 days that I wanted to share. It’s all about speaking the truth. Now, we all have been honest, but sometimes we may leave something out or stretch it a bit… Here’s what happened:

I bought some tires and it appeared to the technician that I should have gotten more wear on them. So they asked me what kind of driving I did? I said, just around here. I wasn’t completely truthful because I do a lot of mountain curvy road driving. He was giving me 20.00 off each tire. I wanted that sale! See, I had FEAR of not getting that deal so I didn’t tell him all. I felt BAD when I left and was going to call the tire place to make it right, I had lost my peace. But even before I had a chance to do that, my car died. The repair to be done to it was far greater than the value of the car… so we chose not to repair it. I started praying on it as I didn’t hear anything from God not to get the tires in the first place, as I would get a check in my spirit, after all, He knew the car would die… When I told Tom that I didn’t hear any direction, nor got an answer as to why. Tom said, “If you don’t get an answer, it was a mistake.” So true… sometimes we just have to reap what we have sown. Not only did I lose the tires, I lost the car!!! When we are in God’s Kingdom, we better be COMPLETELY honest in everything!! LOL

Even in this, God was gracious. He kept that car running until I completed a trip I was just on, got me home safe, and the car konked out near our favorite repair shop. I’m also donating the car to Breast Cancer research, tires and all! And the great news is I get to get a new car. Now the real fun beings… Seeing what the Lord has in store.

Account #2.

From the previous experience, I learned a huge painful lesson, so decided to stay completely, overly. brutally honest when I called the donation people to pick up the car. She asked me if it was running. I spoke truthfully (at the risk of them not taking it and getting a tax write-off). It was kind of running, but the engine needs work according to the repair shop. I did pay for a new timing belt, which was over $400.00 and has new tires. And to my surprise she said they would still take it!! So we are getting a tax write off on the car as opposed to just disposing of it. So that was a blessing, to have peace!! That is worth more than it’s weight in gold.

In both cases, I spoke the truth. The first one ½ of truth – and lost on that one… but gained spiritual insights and the second one I spoke truth, brutally… not only did I feel better, but I didn’t have to be “convicted” at all. Both situations were used to help me grow more in the the things of the Lord.

So, my encouragement to you is to speak the truth at all times, no matter the costs. I believe the reason we don’t is that we are in FEAR of not getting what we want or need in the situation. But the truth HAS to prevail no matter the outcome. And 9 times out of 10 it comes out beautifully, though a lesson may have to be learned! I like the quote that says, “The truth will make you free, but first it could make you miserable.”

My honesty has gotten me into trouble at times, but it always comes out better in the end