God is Right On Time…

It’s been awhile since I shared anything becuase I’ve been doing most of the posts on facebook, twitter and newsletters… so wanted to re-connect here too. I hope this “blog” blesses you this Christmas Season…


Again…. as is my custom…. I’ll be telling on myself…. In hopes it reaches another with the same issue to find joy and peace as I did.

God is right on time… it seems when I come into a dilemma or a question, I go to the Bible and the answer pops out!! I love this. And here is one of those times. Recently I was helping someone, and spent a lot of time and money doing so, and in the end, no thank you, no nothing. Thinking it’s Christmas time, there would be a present? No present. So I have been hurt these past few days thinking I was chopped liver or something, yet seeing all the blessings this person was doing for others. Then I began thinking I just won’t do anything for this person any more… very ungrateful towards me. Okay…. so today I was reading in Luke 17. It says (in my paraphrase how the Holy Ghost interpreted it to me) “You aren’t to receive (expect) thanks from what is your duty to do.”

See. we get offended because we aren’t being “thanked” or “recognized” for our giving sometimes. And in that passage of scripture it starts out by saying, Rebuke those that offend you. So I had to ask God about the offense, because I was offended by this person. He began showing me offense. It’s when someone does something TO YOU…. And if that persons asks for forgiveness, we are to forgive. Well, this person didn’t do anything to me, they just didn’t thank me or give me a gift!!! LOL So, many of us are offended by “feelings” not by a deed done against us. So I had to repent today myself and realize that the things I do for others is because I want to, because it’s in me to do it, because Gpd gave me the ability and the means to give. And doesn’t deserve a thank you!

I hope this frees someone today to not take offense when you do something for someone and you don’t get thanked for it. Know that God sees it and writes it all down in His memory book…. laying up your treasures in heaven!


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