Traumas anyone?

Hot off the press, barely have my eyes opened, and wanted to share an amazing experience I had this morning.

Several months ago I had a severe dizzy spell that went on for about 3 days. It happened when I would get up in the night to go to the bathroom, and when I reached the doorway of the bathroom I would start spinning. So I would hold on as I went to the bathroom… and waddled back to bed. The Lord reminded me that since that time every morning I would go to the bathroom I “anticipate” having a dizzy spell!!! That thought didn’t come any other time of the day, but only in the morning because that’s when the dizzy spell took place. That “trauma” became ingrained in my thoughts so that the bathroom triggered it all over again. I then saw what was happening, and this morning while going to the bathroom. I said to myself, “I think I’ll start using another bathroom so that thought won’t trigger a response of dis-ease in me.” Then The Lord met me!!! 

He began showing me that this is a mind-set towards the trauma that needs healing. Then I said, “Lord, I see I have this trauma. I never saw it before. Heal this trauma in my heart, and restore me to truth. disconnect this event with the bathroom so that thought doesn’t come up ever again when I go. I realize now it was a memory that was triggered by going to the bathroom. I cast out the spirit of trauma… in Jesus name. Amen.” And guess what, within minutes I knew it was gone!

I didn’t want to change my life to work around the fear of feeling that trauma all over again. I needed to get rid of the memory of that trauma so I can do whatever and whenever without a fearful triggered response. That is true freedom. So today, I chose to face it. Now I’m free…

I had to share this with you because this is practical. We all have things we stop doing because of something that happened. We stop going to certain stores, eat certain foods, visit various places, etc., because of a “trauma” that happened. Let’s get free from all this, which is fear based, and be healed in Jesus name so that we can visit those places again and be free and at peace to do so. The Lord may want you to go to those places again as He has an appointment for you… but if you don’t go because of that past trauma… who will?

I wrote a book called “Trauma’s and PTSD” and so if you want further details on it, that’s the booklet to pick up. I think I’ll be reading through it again myself! Because I want ALL traumas in my life… healed. No matter how small it is… as long as a thought keeps being triggered with dis-ease… there is a memory that is tormenting you. Face it today by seeing it for what it is and having a little talk with the Lord.


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