What Do People Do in Heaven?

I was thinking one day what people are doing in heaven. Some of my family members, including my mom, dad and older sister, are all in heaven. So I asked God what they are doing in heaven? I just didn’t know.

Well, I had a dream that night. I was with my sisters on a vacation, and one of my sisters walked in the door and I hugged her, then my sister Alida walked in (who passed away 4 years ago). I grabbed her and said, “Alida…. Alida… Alida….” I just wouldn’t let her go, but then finally did. She walked into the middle of the room and said, “Lookee what I can do.” And she began to dance!! She couldn’t do that before because of her health, but she was free and dancing without restraint. It was beautiful. Then I woke up.

The Lord answered my question… what they are doing in heaven is being surrounded by love and dancing. Well, if they are dancing, there must be music. My mother loved music, so I am assuming she is dancing, too. This truly blessed my heart! I hope it gives you hope too, knowing that your loved ones in Heaven are really enjoying themselves in the presence of the King.


2 Responses to “What Do People Do in Heaven?”

  1. Rj Ryen Says:

    Hi Linda, I find some wisdom in your blog, and also a little naivete. What I mean is, Our family members, and loved ones are not in heaven yet, if they were, who would the dead in Christ be that Jesus raises up in the last day when the trumpet sounds? Aren’t they sleeping, then they awaken to the judgment, or salvation to be forever with the Lord.
    Aside from this one point, I have been very comforted by your insights, and especially on manipulation and control. Certain ones in my life, have been very emotionally manipulative, and treat me badly if I call them on the things they say. One person I told them their behavior was witchcraft, and I was like the worst person in the world. Somehow by my saying that to this person, they believe wrongly, that it was on me now. It is such an unhealthy game, and I just won’t play it. Unfortunately, this person has passed away, and our relationship was never restored, but I am okay with that, because I was only allowed in on the other persons terms, never bible based reasons, and it grieves me how much support this person received from her church, and others that called themselves Christians. Maybe I am the naive one, but I am more free now that this person is gone, even though it grieves me that healing never occurred between us.
    Thank you for taking time to write this blog, and will be a regular reader now. 🙂 God bless you richly!

    • Linda Lange with Life Application Ministries Says:

      I don’t believe they are in the ground. When the people die, their spirit goes somewhere. The body is in the ground, and when the dead in christ rise, their bodies come out of the graves and reunited in a twinkling of an eye to their spirit. That’s what I read in the word. When everyone was taken to heaven when Jesus went to be with the Lord, it were those souls in hades. They are with the Lord right now awaiting the 2nd resurrection where we are reunited from our vile bodies to incorruptible. Jesus is in heaven in his incorruptible body. The Bible tells us that in that day the dead (bodies) will be raised, those in the sea, and int he gorund, etc. That is what I believe, and that’s what many Christians believe. I’m not sure what faith you are, but as long as we know jesus is our Lord and Savior, we are good to go!

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