February 15 – What do you avoid?

Boy, all the days are running together! I just looked and 4 days passed by without adding thoughts here. I hope you can keep up with me, it’s just that life is running faster than my fingers can type, I guess.

Okay on with today’s topic, which I call “What do you avoid?” Well, I can tell you what I avoid, the dentist! I have faced so many fears in my life thus far, driving across bridges, getting into an elevator, doing an MRI, climbing a ladder, crowds, etc., all the phobias that the Lord had me face when the “spirit of fear” no longer played havoc in my life. Because before I knew that I had a “spirit of fear” I was in torment. Interesting that the Bible says, “Perfect love casts out all fear AND TORMENT!” Because fear brings torment. So when I say, “What do you avoid?” I’m really asking, “what gives you torment?”

I think Dentists are barbaic. Why haven’t they come up with some laser thing or something like on Star Trek to take care of dental work without all those contraptions, and needles, and numbing and, and, and…

Well, as I was thinking today that I needed to make an appointment soon as I have some work that needs to be done, I asked the Lord, “Why am I so fearful of the dentist?” Then I rephrased it and asked, “Why am I so fearful of the dental procedure?” See, I’m not afraid of the dentist, but the procedure. So I had to see it that way. Then I dug deeper. And I heard myself say, “I am afraid of not having control.” Then I said, “control of what?” (Yes, I’m having a conversation with myself, but really it’s the Holy Spirit speaking to me.) The fact was, I feared not having control of my senses! Feelings of being trapped in the chair once they have all their gizmos in my mouth.

So now that I know the root of the fear, I took them to the Lord just now. I said, “Father, forgive me for having fear of not being in control of all my senses. I have to take care of this body you gave me and cannot let the enemy talk me out of it. Forgive me for not trusting you in this. And if something were to happen that needed emergency care, I would be well taken care of. I will not fear.”

Stay tuned…   I am making that dentist appointment today!

So whatever it is you are “tormented by” do what I did and identify the real root of that fear, confess it to God, then go do it, trusting God’s power, love, and sound mind to be with you.


6 Responses to “February 15 – What do you avoid?”

  1. fearful Says:

    I have developed a fear of driving on the interstate. It is an inexplicable fear that is controlling my life. The peoplein my life are very understanding and have become my enablers in this phobia. I pray I get through this soon.

  2. akolley1 Says:

    I love your blog, it is very helpful! I have interstycial cistitus, a chronic condition of the bladder where the lining has been eroded. Very painful and I have to be miticulous about what I eat or drink. I am wondering what the spiritual side of this might be. God bless.

    • lindalange Says:

      We have some experience in this dis-ease… which is an over-secretion of histamine which causes swelling which produces a proliferation of white corpuscles which in turn causes inflammation and swelling.

      Spiritual Root: Spirits of: fear (as in stress and anxiety); self-bitterness, self-rejection, self-hatred, self-pity and guilt.

      The antidote is to love yourself…. forgive yourself and all those who perpetrated fear and abuse upon you. Your body can’t handle the rejection you are allowing to eat at you… Forgive everyone. If you need to learn how to truly forgive, be sure to go to http://www.truthfrees.org and click on “forgiving others” under teachings link.

  3. akolley1 Says:

    Thank-you for your quick reply. I have always struggled with “being good enough” and self-judgement. And yes I was abused, and I have forgiven my family. But no matter what the rejection from them still hurts. It is very challenging! I try to focus on God and scripture, but the pain drags me away. God bless and thank-you. I have things I need to work on.

  4. lindalange Says:

    There is a way to truly forgive and REMOVE all hurts… that is truly when we are free because those past hurts are still messing with us even though we say we have forgiven. I have a booklet called, “Forgiving from your heart.” It’s only $6.00. I would suggest it to you as it will help you find freedom from all the hurts done and truly find freedom!! Go to my website at http://www.truthfrees.org and order it today.

  5. akolley1 Says:

    Thank-you, I have ordered it and some others! God bless

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