February 26 – Cold and Flu

I think that we all know someone that has a cold or a flu right now, perhaps even you?  Do you ever wonder why there seems to be a “season?” Hmm… this is “tax season.” Did you know your being sick depends on how you deal with those seasons in your life? Do you know that many are sick around October – December? Why? Because of all the holidays coming up. So how does this work?

The only reason we get sick is because our immune system has been depleated somewhere, so that when a virus is around us, our body picks it up. However, if you have a healthy immune system, you won’t pick up that virus… it’s as simple as that. So for holidays example. We have to face relatives, get gifts, it’s a frenzy…  We fall into fear of man… What about people? What do buy? Is it going to be accepted? Am I going to be invited to dinner party’s? Will I be rejected from Uncle Joe again? Will I have enough money for gifts? I have to travel to family, will I be able to get the time off or the money to do it? And on and on. All of these things start in our thinking…  And if we dwell on them long enough, it will break down our immune system. What are we supposed to keep our minds on? Things above… things that are lovely, true, of good report… Positive things.

Let me give some examples. Let’s say someone in your house got sick. What is the first thing you say?  I hope I don’t get sick. And you begin “fearing” getting sick. Guess what? You mights just get sick.

Fear opens the door. In the book of Job (in the Bible) he got really sick, it came from his fear for his kids. Are you fearing about your kids? STOP! You are setting yourself up to get sick.

Let’s look at tax season. We start worrying (fearing) about doing the taxes. We have to find time to do them, gather a lot of information, hope and pray we don’t owe a lot, etc.  We are in a state of fear – it doesn’t have to be overwhelming fear, just a little fear opens the door.

So stop for a minute, and if you are sick, ask yourself. What caused your immune system to be depleated? Have you had any worry, anxiety, stress? Have you been resting or working too much? Do you have a relationship problem with someone? Yep, even relationship problems break down our immune system. Because when we have a broken relationship (which actually equals to a broken heart) it opens us up for all kinds of germs. There is a scripture that says, “A Merry heart does good like a medicine but a broken spirit dries up the bones.” Do you have a merry heart? Are you happy? Are you at peace with yourself? Do you love yourself? Are you receiving God’s perfect love right now for you? All these things will strengthen your immune system. But, if you are walking around sad and depressed, confused and unloved, I bet you aren’t feeling so well most of the time.

There are several diseases, not just colds and flu’s, that come through the pathway of fear and doubt and unbelief. Other auto-immune diseases such as Candita, Crone’s disease, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, even AIDS, etc are started because of a broken heart somewhere. With AIDS, it is a virus, but if our immune system was strong, it would be able to fight it off. Also, it is a bit more complicated because there are several ways to get AIDS and depending on which way, sexually transmitted or blood transfusion, etc., will depend on how you need to confess to God. We have to also confess something to God when we get sick. I was working with a person who has AIDS and we had to deal with some unclean spirits, fornication, and other sins as well. But in the area of colds and flu’s, what do we need to repent from? Fear! Fearing whatever the situation you are in, or fearing just getting sick. It’s all fear based! Fear doesn’t produce “medicine” for your body like the scripture says, it produces sickness.

So on a preventive level, the  next time you are around sick people, don’t fear it, love them in it. And the next time a “season” comes upon you, keep your mind on God, and His provision for you, and don’t fear. Know that your Heavenly Father loves you and will work everything out for good.  The next time you are stressed, stop and take back your life and get rid of spirits of fear, frustration, anger, and performance. We do all this to ourselves you know.

So here are some simple steps to apply:

1) Take notice of what you are thinking about when something comes along. Take those thoughts captive, and stay in faith about them, cast out all fearful thoughts, and replace them with God’s thoughts about them.

2) Repent to God for allowing “fear” to enter into your thoughts, that is sin. Tell God you are sorry for entertaining fearful thoughts, and tell that “spirit of fear” to Go NOW in Jesus name.

3) Then pray for the spirit of infirmity and virus to leave. You have the authority, if you are Child of Jehovah God, to do this! We have been given power from the Holy Spirit to take authority over these things in our lives and in the lives of others. But in order to do this, you need to be a Child of the Most High God. (If you aren’t “born again” in God’s family and want to be… email me… and I’ll help you do just that.)

4) Forgive, forgive, forgive… anyone that has hurt you and caused your heart to be broken. Anyone you don’t have relationship with any more. Forgive them all. Forgive uncle Joe for not loving you. Forgive your parents for abandoning you. It seems that most of our problems come up when we have to face these people… like holidays, etc. Confess your fear to God,  and receive His love and forgiveness and THEN forgive yourself. Cause the reason people can’t forgive themselves is that they haven’t first received God’s love and forgiveness.. You have to have it in order to give it – even to yourself

5) Then be thankful. A thankful heart is a joyful heart. And remember, the “Joy of the Lord is your strength.” It strengthens’ your immune system. A merry heart does good like a medicine. Joy is medicine to your body! Follow after peace, it actually balances out your chemicals in your body, bringing your immune system to optimum efficiency!

6) Dwell on God’s love and presence. Perfect love casts out ALL fear and torment. When we dwell in his Presence, we don’t have time to feel sorry for ourselves or have ourselves on our mind, it’s all about Him. Our health will greatly improve. And, His love in you will get rid of all fear and torment – which includes diseases and viruses!

The answers are in the Word of God for us, we just have to decide today to believe them and do them.


One Response to “February 26 – Cold and Flu”

  1. Denielle Says:

    I really appreciated this article Linda.

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