Ever Get an “F” in school?

August 11, 2015

Well, if you never received an “F” in school, you are about to get three right now!

  1. Father’s Love
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Faithfulness

These are the three “F’s” for this ministry called ‘Restoring Your Life” a production of Life Application Ministries.

1st F – For over 20 years this has been the same message that we provide. Learning about your REAL Father’s love for you and how to receive it and then apply it. Because it not only is about Jesus Christ and His love, sacrifice, and relationship, but also about the Father in Heaven, and the Holy Ghost. We need all three of the godhead at work in our lives. Not only that, did you know that when Jesus was visiting someone, people came in and said, “Your mother and brothers are outside.” And Jesus responded, “those who do the will of the Father are my mothers, brothers and sisters.” Notice He didn’t say “Father’s” because there is only ONE father… in Heaven. And we need to learn what that looks like and how to receive it. Most of the people I minister to have issues with really knowing the Father’s love personally.

2nd F – is forgiveness. How do we really forgive from our heart? Can we get rid of past pain from  relationship breaches? Is it possible to walk with a clear heart towards others? Can we forgive without conditions? Can we forgive without a …. but? Yes, to all of these questions and more. Jesus was sent to us to provide us with forgiveness. First when we come to Christ we ask for forgiveness of our sins. Then Jesus taught us to forgive and love one another. Many have said, “I forgive you… but….” That is NOT heart forgiveness, but conditional. But God’s love and forgiveness is unconditional. We need to learn how to apply this to our life and practice it daily. This is when our lives can really change. This is when healing really comes. This is when you can be restored.

3rd F – Faithfulness. It’s really Speaking in Truth… but there was no “F” in that, but faithfulness is saying the same thing. You can trust someone who is faithful to tell you the truth and live and walk honestly with you. Many are not walking in truth with one another, but in fear. If you have a hard time telling someone what you really want to say, then you going to lie, and the truth is not in you. Scriptures are very clear that TRUTH is critical for your life. Jesus is the way the TRUTH and he life, we can’t come to Him without these things moving in us because of Jesus. If you deny the truth, you are denying the Lord. We need to learn HOW to speak the truth, in LOVE… This is something we have to learn to do. Many say, “Well I am telling this to you in love” but the person you are talking to is getting offended and defensive. I can tell you right now, that’s not what they see? So how do we prepare ourselves before speaking to others? This is needed in relationships with one another.

These are the basics of this ministry. But in these three “F”s comes from an A! We have already won! We already got an “A” but we need to go through some things to produce that “A.” Jesus said, “I am Always with you, even until the end of the world.” Because we need Him to be able to do these things. In Him we move and have our being, as scriptures say.  We are to do all unto the Lord not unto men. If we can get these “F’s” down, we will see the scriptures come to life for us. We will begin walking in health, in more faith, and belief. It is the power by which we can live.

For more on these, please attend one of our conferences coming up. August 14-15th and October 16th – 17th. See my website at http://www.truthfrees.org for more details.

Like my dear friend says, “WALK WITH THE KING TODAY, AND BE A BLESSING”


Keep Your Eye On The Prize

June 7, 2015

For several years we have been waiting for the house next to us to come up for sale. When it was first built, it was built so close to us that we had to put up a big fence. At that time, it was very hard and even had to repent for getting mad at God for allowing it. But with all that behind us, we ended up having a great neighbor. Why? Because they were never there. They only came up a couple of times of year as it was their vacation home. Tom and I knew there was a reason. First, we didn’t have noisy neighbors, and secondly, the home buyer was a Christian whom we became friends with. It was working out well. We did know though, that one day the house would be ours, as I recall a promise from the Lord that when the house was being built that it was being built for us.

So with that, I trusted God that one day we would get the house. So here we are 8 years later, the house is available again. But they want more than I believe the house is worth AND beyond our abilities to purchase it. So now what? Well, the first thing I did was get made and started blaming. I blamed Tom for not letting us buy it when we had the chance several years ago for 1/2 the price. I began blaming God because He said it would be ours.

See, I was keeping my eyes on the prize, the house, not on God. If God wants me to have it, He will make a way where there is no way. All things are possible with God. And timing is everything. This is what “long suffering” means. To wait in the midst of something that may take some time, patiently and in good faith.

What happened though as I began to doubt was that I started to shut down. When I got the news of the cost of the house, I shut down fast. We have started many awesome outreaches in this ministry, TV, Radio, Conferences, etc., and I just stood looking out the window and said, “I’m done.” What I realized is that when we don’t get that thing we are praying for, and it seems to be out of reach continually, it can cause us to fall into hopelessness. It causes us to give up, and stop caring about anything. I actually started to feel that way, and knowing the Word of God and truth about things, I knew that was not a godly response. I was not trusting God. I was looking at the prize as my prize, not on God who is my blessing giver.

My eyes were on the wrong prize. I was telling my husband how I was feeling and he said, “Why not look at what you do have?” I didn’t like that response, I wanted him to get mad and discouraged with me. And he made me even madder when he had this kind of response. I was deep in the depths of dispair and I was going down fast. So after talking things through about what was in my heart, I came to the conclusion that my eye was on the wrong prize. I repented, and within seconds all that negative thought left. I even began working on something else in the ministry, and just kept on going. If I would have stayed in that mind-set, I would have become oppressed, because the enemy wants to do nothing but kick us more when we are down. I had a moment of doubting God there, and the enemy came in like a flood.

Praise God I have learned a few things in my life, and one of those things is when my attitude takes a nose dive this quick, some repenting is due. Needless to say, I asked God to forgive me for doubting and blaming Him. I asked Tom to forgive me for accusing him and blaming him. And I was restored.

All this took place in a few hours time. If we don’t take care of these kinds of things when they happen, it can truly mess up our life, can’t it. Some of you are carrying around pain of things that never panned out the way you wanted. Well, stop now and repent to God for blaming Him. Forgive everyone who you thought sabotaged your life. Get clean today by forgiving yourself. It can happen that quick! Take the plunge…  today…  into the Word of God that says, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Everything Will Look Better In The Morning

May 27, 2015

Have you ever heard that saying? Well, it’s actually true.

Yesterday I was working on a project, and it just didn’t turn out right. I had to take it apart, and I was getting a little emotionally drained by it. I kept trying to figure out how to make it right. I was getting heavy in my spirit about it. It was getting late, but I just kept thinking about it. Well, I heard the Lord tell me to just go to bed. So I laid the project down (unfinished) and went to bed.

This morning I woke up and the heaviness of my project was gone. Why is that? It’s because during the night our brains do something amazing! There is a glial cell in your brain that when we sleep goes in and erases things what we are not dwelling on. Since this issues was a fresh issue, it didn’t have time to really get stuck into my heart and spirit, so that cell cleaned all those thoughts out. So this morning when I looked at the project, it didn’t “yell” at me! I had fresh new eyes to see it with. Yesterday I wanted to throw it in the garbage, but today, I’ll take another stab at it to get it done! When I looked at it, I no longer felt the pain and dis-ease concerning it. And by the way, the project was no longer as big of a project as it was yesterday.

This cell is amazing. But, what about those thoughts from yesteryear that are still in our brains? Those that keep messing with us. Those that keep coming up to give us pain. Why didn’t that cell work for us then? It did for the most part, but if we get so emotionally attached to a thought, especially unforgiveness and bitterness, that cell by passes those thoughts. Remember, it erases what we are NOT thinking about all the time. It thinks you want that thought in there, so leaves it alone. The only way to clean out those old thoughts is to make new good ones, and dwell on those. That is why the scriptures say to “Think on things that are good…” God knew how our thoughts were going to work and gave us instruction.  If we are not dwelling on good thoughts, any good thoughts we have will be washed away. That is why so many have negative thoughts… that’s all they dwell on!

So, whenever you find yourself in a situation where your mind is going round and round about something, go to bed! (Don’t stay there though, some want to go to bed and never get up! LOL) But, for the every day things of life, a good nights sleep may be all that you really need! But go to bed with GOOD thoughts. Scriptures also say not to go to bed mad… again, so that our glial cell will work!

Asking God Acknowledges His Presence

May 25, 2015

Tom and I were out in the garage, and I started telling Him how God answered a prayer I had last night. I was watching the new Bible series on TV, where Paul was blinded and saw Jesus on the road to Damascus. Then I thought, what about the scripture where Jesus said if anyone says here He is, or there He is, don’t believe it, for He will ascend from the heavens so every eye shall see Him. So I began thinking, ” What if what Paul wrote in the Bible was not true? What if I’m believing a lie? But this has to be true! So I began going back and forth in doubt and belief because Paul saw Jesus on the Road to Damascus. Then I said, “Lord, can you explain that to me?” And within seconds He said, “Paul never said come and see Jesus… he said the Lord spoke to Him… just as I speak to you today.” With that, I smiled, and said, “Thank you Lord…”

I shared this with Tom as he was standing by his motorcycle he was working on. He looked intense, so I said, “Are you in your biker mode?” He said, “I lost a bolt, and can’t find it.” As we were standing there, he said, “Here it is.” He said, “I asked the Lord where it could be, and he took me directly to it.” It was wrapped in a paper towel on the work bench!

I said, “Isn’t it awesome how God is so involved in every detail of our lives?” Then Tom said, “I believe that is why we ask God things, to help us acknowledge His presence.”

We both just smiled.

Resist not evil…

May 16, 2015

I just completed the previous blog on things being hard. Well, I came across this scripture and shared it with my husband… Matthew 5:39.. But I say unto you, resist not evil.. I was telling Tom, boy this is truly hard to do. Then he explained what that meant by sharing a story: While working as a correctional officer he talked to an inmate who was in for life. He killed a kid who wouldn’t give him his jacket. It was one of those sports team jackets.

What Tom said is that our life is NOT worth any substance, or even pain perpetrated on us. God is more concerned about lives. Now that makes sense and it’s not hard at all to do when we understand, because it’s for the greater good. Then the scripture goes on to tell us how not to resist evil: whoever smites you on the cheek turn to him the other, and if any man will sue you at the law and take away your coat, give him your cloak also. If he asks you to go a mile go with him 2 miles. If someone wants to borrow something, let him, etc.. See if the kid would have given up his coat, he wouldn’t have been killed…

Pain and conflict comes when we want to hold on to stuff, defend ourselves, etc.  God knew that giving beyond what was really going on, may change a person’s life! Going beyond… into the supernatural of God. He just wants us to give it up, THINGS are not worth losing our life over. He is very concerned about the person causing the problems too, and wants to save them as well. And our kindness in return may cause that person to repent and receive the Lord. This may be a hard saying… but will we trust God and believe it? Because when we do, it’s not so hard after all. It’s only hard because it may cost us something….  ourselves…  LOL

Do Things Seem So Hard at Times?

May 16, 2015

I was reading this morning in preparation for my next tv program this week, and found this passage:

2 Timothy 2:3-4  Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.

There are two things I want to share: There is a difference between hardships of life and things being hard. Hardships of life builds character in us. We learn to trust and depend on God. We learn to be an overcomer. James tell us that trials like these produce patience and patience produces peace, which I believe we all want. So without these types of hardnesses, we won’t grow. Keeping hardships from us is not the answer, it’s how we handle the hardships. Will we fall to pieces; will we fall into doubt and unbelief towards God, or will we ENDURE the hardship because we understand it’s to work things for good?

Things only become hard when it’s something we don’t want to do, don’t know how to do, or it may seem too painful. My husband Tom said it this way, “confusion causes things to be hard.” That makes total sense. Things aren’t hard when we know how to do it, what to do, and when to do it, right? So it’s our own thoughts and beliefs that make things hard. But when we trust and rely on God, not looking all around at our problems, we will have what we need to “patiently endure” and exercise “long-suffering” as demonstrations of God’s love in us. We can tell how much we truly have received God’s love and care by how much we think things are too hard to do. After all, scriptures say that we can DO ALL THINGS through Christ’s strength IN us. We limit how much of that is in us by our heart and thoughts.

That is why we need to do 3 things to get free from these wrong mind sets and find freedom, even during hardships of life:

1) Receive God’s perfect love for you, daily. There is so much we can get from God every day, more than what you have now, that we need to keep seeking Him daily for more of what He has for us. Because I can tell you this, to the degree we don’t doubt and fear is the degree we have received His perfect love for us. So we can all grow in this, can’t we?

2) Then forgive everyone. Forgiveness restores us, physically, emotionally and spiritually. When we forgive, even ourselves, things won’t seem so hard. When we are honest with one another, things won’t seem so hard. Remember, we can do all things through Christ’s strength. It only gets hard when we try to do it in our own.

3)  Renewed mind. We have to re-teach our mind to think the truth, think on things above not on things on the earth. Our minds need to be washed daily with the water of the Word. When we truly trust and believe God with all our heart, soul mind and strength, we will be able to endure any hardship with ease.

So stop saying “It’s so hard” because you are telling on yourself! LOL  Replace that by saying, “An opportunity to watch God’s supernatural power work through me in this situation, to change me, to increase my faith, and to use me for His glory, because I can do anything that comes my way because of what Christ did for me.”

Just saying that will make someone FEEL the power within them to do all that they need to do!

What Does Forgiving Look Like?

May 12, 2015

Just today, I had an opportunity to apply what I have been teaching all along. How to forgive, really forgive, and walk in truth with all involved.

I had an opportunity to do something for a friend of mine. I spent hours on this project, only at the end not being what my friend wanted. So, here’s how the emails went:

My email:

Remember when we said we aren’t sure what this “exercise” was all about? But we both know God works all for good? Well, I believe this was a test! To see how we were going to handle things. And we passed!! It was a test of truth. Being truthful with each other is the key to walking in peace.

It’s interesting that we were talking about the forgiveness exercise, because we needed to forgive each other. And I had to forgive myself for not making what you wanted. I actually disappointed myself because I’ve never NOT finished something I started to expectation. Once I realized this and applied forgiveness, I was freed.
I hope you are experiencing the same thing, releasing all this, and looking forward to finding that perfect item!! And I know this ‘exercise’ is still going to play out in our lives, reminding us that we need to remain honest and all times, and walk in forgiveness… no matter what.
Praise the Lord!!!

And her response was:

Last night I was praying that you would not feel any guilt or blame for not making the project to what I wanted. I am so pleased you have forgiven yourself and found freedom! I was able to do the same. I am trusting God with his timing and provision! I value your friendship in my life and I am thankful we can move on with no hardness between us!
Thank you for sharing this with me. I fully agree!

And then I said:

Yeah… actually….. I dreamed about this too. But in that God really spoke to me and I awoke with joy in my heart. I am so glad to be a part of your life too!

Have a wonderful day today, shake off all this stuff. and let’s just see what God is going to do as we go forward!
Love you too!
Now people, that is how we are to do things! We are to be honest, forgiving and loving towards one another. We aren’t to, as my husband would say, “Get Butt hurt.” But that describes what happens, even between friends. See the enemy wants to separate us from each other and he does it through simple relationship things like this. We both knew we had to apply forgiveness, release each other, confirm our love for one another, understand, pray for one another and our relationship remained in tact! (1 Corinthians 2:5-11)
This is what it looks like when we truly forgive and love one another. We stay in peace and our friendship even grows. I like this passage:

1 Peter 4:12-13Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you: But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy.

This morning I woke up free, in joy, and released from any guilt, shame, burden or care. And my friend was also feeling the same way. If we didn’t take care of this, we would have lost a friendship! We have to get a grip not to connect everything we DO with our worth and value. It’s not the same! But if I didn’t know how to handle this, I may have felt bad for days, perhaps never doing another thing for another person, etc. But instead, I practiced what I preached! And it all worked out perfectly for both concerned.

That is a big Hallelujah!! And now we are both looking forward to what is going to come out of this, because when God does something like this, it’s for a greater purpose!

I shared this with my husband and he said,”The purpose in this is preparation for holiness.” Wow!

Be sure to pick up my newly revised version of the book called “Bitterness and Unforgiveness… the deadly duo.”

Old Wants to Be Beautiful Too!

May 12, 2015

My mother is aging, gracefully, I might add. She is 89 years old and I’ve been spending a lot of time with her lately. I have learned something that I never really saw before. She loves to be pretty. She loves to wear sparkly things. I remember her wanting her hair cut just right so that the back of her hair looked full and thick. She got a hearing aid that is hidden. She wears finger nail polish. She waxes the hairs on her face. She is like a young woman wanting to make herself presentable. I would actually say to myself, “Why all the fuss? She’s old.” But inside she is still young. She sees herself as she was when she was 30 years old! That image of herself has actually kept her young at heart. I’m amazed with my mom, because by seeing these things, I now see that others are the same. It’s just that their bodies won’t let them do and be what they used to do and be! But their minds are still free to believe.

God opened my eyes to this and now I see seniors so much differently. They are all young men and women filled with ideas, desires, fears, hurt, memories and more. We need to visit our elderly, we need to love on them and listen to them, they are all libraries each and every one of them that we can learn from. Let’s take the time to do this. Since I have been spending more time with my mom, I’m learning so much I never knew before about my heritage, her up bringing, her relationships, things I never even took notice of. I praise God for my mom! And in light of this being the month to celebrate mom’s, I celebrate her with all my heart!

My challenge for you is to make a call, visit in person with someone in your life that is elderly. Not only will you bless them, you will be blessed too!

Can Being Abandon be a good thing?

April 21, 2015

This morning, I received such a revelation that is going to change the way I think and live, I hope it does for you too.

In ministry, I have received more requests about having been abandoned and rejected than any other issue in life. I had to ask a question. Why is that so? Well, as I dealt with my own abandonment issues, and even wrote several books on it, there is something I failed to see. One thing that no one really wants to hear, until they are ready, and that is we are to abandon ourselves!

Let me explain. For so many years I have taken care of myself. Done things that are good for me. When I would conduct conferences or minister to others, I was still on my mind. I was living in a box I made for myself, and didn’t even know it. But I heard the Lord say, “Go deeper.” That doesn’t mean to dig into insights, but go deeper outside myself, into that area of real love, humility, and selflessness. This is HUGE.

For years I would say that the Lord came to give life and life abundantly. But what we all do, and I have done it too, is say, “The Lord came to give me life and give me life abundantly.” But that’s not what it says. Today I wrote this in my journal: “Enjoy Life.” I left out the “my” as I always would say.  “Enjoy my life.” And when I said, “Enjoy life” this includes everything and everyone. Not just me!

There is a scripture that also says, “All things work for good to those who love the Lord.” And again, we would read it like this, “All things work out for MY good….” Again, we are being self-centered and self-deceived.

This was hard to see today, because as a minister, I’ve given a lot of my time, effort, to everyone I come in contact with who has contacted me for help, but there was always an element of “me” in there. What was in it for me? Would this be a connection with someone who may help me do something? When I would teach in LA, I would want to leave quickly after the meeting so I could go to Disneyland. When I conduct a conference in another city, I look forward to sight seeing. These aren’t bad things, but they have their place. I recall doing a conference once and the woman who held it wanted me to wait until her husband got home to pray for them as a couple. But I didn’t. I said that I had to leave. But the reason I had to leave was because I wanted to go see the ocean! I left a great opportunity of helping a hurting family who just lost their daughter, to go “enjoy myself” by the beach! Now friends, that was hard to admit, but this shows me today that I am wiling to go deeper, OUTSIDE myself, into the things of the Lord. Because abandoning oneself isn’t about being tossed aside, it means to abandon ourselves to the love and care of the Lord, demonstrated by how we love and care for one another.

I know of one such person in my life that actually lives this way. He gives selflessly to me, every day. He is a great example of living deeper, outside himself. It’s been there all along, but I didn’t see it, because I had myself on my mind all the time. And that is my husband Tom. I’ll be having a little talk with him today….

A scripture comes to mind: Prefer others over ourselves.  That means, to think of others more than we think of ourselves. You may already “know” that, but do we “do” it? The truth is, when we do that, our lives will be filled to overflowing, more than we can ever hope or dream. Let’s take that plunge today! Let’s go deeper outside of ourselves in the Lord’s pool of clear clean water, truth, and love.

I had some repenting to do today. How about you?

You Can’t Make People Believe

April 20, 2015

I hope that what I’ll be sharing here is going to free some of you from thinking that “its your job” to get people to believe God. The Lord gave each of us free will, free to believe and not believe. It’s clear in this passage: Mark 6:10-11 10 And he said unto them, In what place soever ye enter into an house, there abide till ye depart from that place. 11 And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear you, when ye depart thence, shake off the dust under your feet for a testimony against them. Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city.

We have a way out of all that burden! If you come to a person, and they don’t accept, or even reject what you have to say, move on! Even Jesus had this happen to him. He went back to his own home town and couldn’t heal very many people because they didn’t believe who He was! They said, “Oh, he’s just that carpenter’s son.” or something like that. They didn’t know He was the Son of God and full of miraculous wonders if they only believed. So be encouraged. It could be that they are not ready to hear. Go to those who are ready to hear so you can help them. I have found that those that weren’t ready, somehow come back to me years later and say,  “Okay, I’m ready now…” Many have asked me to call a loved one that needs help. I don’t do that any more. I found that when I would call them, they aren’t ready at all to hear what I have to say. So I wait for them to call me. It keeps the burden off me, and puts it where it needs to be, on the person needing the help. Jesus didn’t heal everyone either, He healed those who came to Him. There isn’t anywhere in the Bible where it says, “come over here and let me heal you.”  It always says, your faith has made you whole, or something like that. Jesus doesn’t force anything on anyone, even healing. He won’t go against our will. Some of us have said, “But i want to get well…”  But you keep your anger, fear, distrust, broken relationships to yourself. Not willing to address those things in your life.

There is a connection to restoring relationships with God, self and others, that truly impact our health. I have seen it first hand many times, including my own life. I suffered of great anxiety and panic attacks, it crippled my life for over 30 years, 18 of those as a Christian. I kept asking for healing, but it didn’t come. Then one day I learned I had a part to play in all this, and came to the truth about my own heart, repented for what was not of God, learned that “God’s love in me” would cast out all fear, I knew I needed to “receive” His love. I “knew” He loved me, but hadn’t acquired it for myself. (You can read about it in my book “A Matter of the Mind”) But, it caused a transformation, and almost instantaneously, the anxiety stopped. Not that i didn’t have to face stressful or fearful things again, but I didn’t have anxiety and panic attacks concerning them anymore. From there, I was equipped to handle these types of things as they came my way and have been teaching others ever since. See, once a person gets a revelation on their own belief system, they may find the truth that makes them free.